article 05 March 2015 UK, United States
Diane Foley, mother of murdered hostage James (Getty)
Foley mother: 'how could he use his talents for such evil?'

Diane Foley, mother of murdered hostage James Foley, tells Channel 4 News the transformation of model student Mohammed Emwazi to Jihadi John, who is believed to have killed her son, is "frightening".

video 02 March 2015 World, Kuwait

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'Jihadi John' - a model worker? - video

Channel 4 News has tracked down the Kuwaiti IT company that once employed Mohammed Emwazi - now known as "Jihadi John" - and where fellow workers regarded him as a sound colleague.

article 27 February 2015 UK, Iraq
What do we still not know about Mohammed Emwazi?

The identity of masked Islamic State militant "Jihadi John" was revealed on Thursday. But what we have since learnt about Mohammed Emwazi throws up as many questions as answers.

article 27 February 2015 UK, Iraq
How west London became an extremism hotbed

Mohammed Emwazi grew up in Shepherd's Bush and Queen's Park, areas of north west London that have had a long and uncomfortable history of radical extremism. Channel 4 News looks back.

article 27 February 2015 UK, Somalia
Jamal Osman by Security services and the road to radicalisation

It has been commented on that - like the Woolwich killers  the British security services had a file on Mohammed Emwazi. Here, Channel 4 News Africa reporter Jamal Osman describes his own experiences.

article 27 February 2015 UK, Iraq
Mohammed Emwazi 'will have nowhere to hide'

A friend of US hostage Steven Sotloff, who was murdered by Islamic State militants, says that family take some comfort from having a name for the "masked face they have seen in their nightmares".

article 26 February 2015 World, Iraq
Darshna Soni by 'Jihadi John' and the security services: the background

It is understood that the security services have long known the identity of the man dubbed Jihadi John. On Thursday they have faced accusations that MI5 tried to recruit him before he left for Syria.

article 21 February 2015 World, Denmark
Watch how the Norwegians are tackling religious extremism

Hundreds of Norwegian Muslims form a human ring around Oslo's synagogue - showing solidarity with the city's Jewish community a week after a gunman attacked a synagogue in neighbouring Denmark.

article 21 February 2015 UK
New law puts onus on universities to tackle extremism

The new counter-terrorism and security act forces academics to prevent students being radicalised, but many think that the powers go too far.