article 10 May 2016 World, Germany
Germany: deadly knife attack at train station

A man who stabbed a passenger to death at a German train station and injured three others appeared to have mental health problems, according to the authorities.

article 23 March 2016 World
Teen injured in Brussels survived Paris and Boston terror

An American teenager who was wounded in the Brussels terror attack had previously escaped injury in the Paris and Boston bombings.

post 02 March 2016
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Does Britain's membership of the EU makes us less safe? That's what Leave campaigners Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson have suggested, among others. Mr Duncan Smith said last month that a Paris-s

article 20 January 2016 World, Pakistan
Rescuers stretcher away a man injured in Taliban attack on university (Getty)
Pakistan: students and police killed in attack on university

Militants open fire on students and staff at a university in Charsadda, in north-west Pakistan, killing at least 19 and injuring scores more.

article 14 January 2016 World, Indonesia
Jakarta attack: at least seven killed by bombs and gunfire

Isis claims responsibility after six explosions are followed by gun battles in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Five attackers are believed to be among the dead.

post 30 December 2015
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The attacks in France dominated the headlines, while the media were accused of ignoring other victims of the so-called Islamic State's global campaign of terror.

article 23 December 2015 World, United States
MP demands answers over Muslim family denied entry to USA

Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy calls on the Prime Minister to demand more information about why a British Muslim family were barred from flying to California for a holiday that had cost them 9,000.

post 07 December 2015
How the outcasts of French politics have joined the mainstream

Did the apparent political unity that ensued after the terror attacks represent only affluent Paris rather than the concerns and fears of France as a whole?

article 03 December 2015 UK, Syria
RAF Tornado taking off (Reuters)
RAF Tornados bomb Syrian oil field

Within hours of MPs voting for air strikes over Syria, RAF jets have taken part in raids targeting an oil field under the control of so-called Islamic State (IS) militants.