article 26 September 2014 World, Iraq
Above: Abu Luqman, Abu Faariss and Abu Dujana - IS fighters in Syria
Where do foreign terrorist fighters come from?

As the UK debates joining a military campaign against the Islamic State, the latest data suggest more than 13,000 foreign fighters have swelled the ranks of the Islamic State.

article 26 September 2014 UK, Iraq
US fighter jets
Britain set to join third Gulf war

French fighter jets hit Islamic State targets in Iraq and the US strikes in Syria, as British MPs debate joining a military coalition against the jihadi group.

article 25 September 2014 World, Iraq
Islamic State jihadi
Depressed and alone: the mental health of radical extremists

Islamic State fighters often present themselves on social media as a fearless band of brothers, but a new report finds radicalised jihadis are more likely to be anxious, depressed and lonely.

video 24 September 2014 UK, Iraq

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Up to five British jihadis reported dead in US airstrikes

With airstrikes on militants in Iraq and Syria set to intensify, reports emerge that British-born jihadis have died in the attacks in Syria. One is named as 19-year-old Ibrahim Kamara from Brighton.

article 24 September 2014 World, Syria
Pentagon speech
Air strikes in Syria hit Khorasan group - but who are they?

When President Obama announced that US and Arab warplanes had begun strikes against IS in Syria, he also said the US strikes had targeted the little-known Khorasan group. But who are they?

post 24 September 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Commons to vote on Iraq IS attacks on Friday

Seeking parliamentary approval before military action has brought in a new era that inhibits prime ministers in a way that would be unthinkable to their predecessors.

article 24 September 2014 UK, Jordan
Abu Qatada walks free from prison in Jordan (Reuters)
Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges in Jordan

Abu Qatada, the radical Islamic preacher deported from Britain after an eight-year legal battle, is released from prison after being found not guilty of terrorism offences.

article 17 September 2014 UK, Syria
Islamic State hostage Alan Henning
Darshna Soni by Last video of hostage Alan Henning before his kidnap

The men who travelled to Syria with Islamic State hostage Alan Henning praise his commitment to the humanitarian cause in a video tribute they filmed on Christmas Day 2013, a day before his kidnap.

article 12 September 2014 Politics, Ireland
Reverend Ian Paisley Democratic Unionists DUP Northern Ireland (Reuters)
Revd Ian Paisley: from defiance to compromise

A dominant presence in British politics for half a century, the Reverend Ian Paisley has died aged 88. He was a party leader, an MP and an MEP, and went on to become NI's first minister in 2007.