article 22 October 2014 World, Canada
Gun attack in Canada
Ottawa shooting: gunman killed after shooting soldier dead

A gunman is shot down inside Canada's parliament building after fatally shooting a soldier guarding the National War Memorial. The city remains under lockdown as police check for more assailants.

video 17 October 2014 UK

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IS 'use social media to get into people's bedrooms' - video

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, Scotland Yard's head of counter-terrorism, tells Channel 4 News that the Islamic State group is spending a lot of money on propaganda to try and recruit people.

article 17 October 2014 UK
Alleged terror plot in London: four men charged

Four men who allegedly planned a terror attack in London carried out "hostile reconnaissance" of a police station and army barracks, Scotland Yard says.

article 17 October 2014 UK
MI6 building in Vauxhall, London (Getty Images)
Simon Israel by Security services deal with '100 terror threats per week'

The UK head of counter-terrorism says British security services are now dealing with 100 potential terror offences each week, with more than half involving referrals into de-radicalisation programmes.

article 05 October 2014 World, Iraq
Pakistan Taliban
by 'We are with you': new allies for Islamic State

The Pakistani Taliban is reported to have pledged to send fighters to support the Islamic State group in the fight against the "enemies who are united against you".

article 01 October 2014 World
Jan Morgan
Kids yes, Muslims no: US shooting range owner sparks outrage

Pro-gun campaigner Jan Morgan declares her Arkansas shooting range a "Muslim-free zone".

article 26 September 2014 World, Iraq
Above: Abu Luqman, Abu Faariss and Abu Dujana - IS fighters in Syria
Where do foreign terrorist fighters come from?

As the UK debates joining a military campaign against the Islamic State, the latest data suggest more than 13,000 foreign fighters have swelled the ranks of the Islamic State.

article 26 September 2014 UK, Iraq
US fighter jets
Britain set to join third Gulf war

French fighter jets hit Islamic State targets in Iraq and the US strikes in Syria, as British MPs debate joining a military coalition against the jihadi group.

article 25 September 2014 World, Iraq
Islamic State jihadi
Depressed and alone: the mental health of radical extremists

Islamic State fighters often present themselves on social media as a fearless band of brothers, but a new report finds radicalised jihadis are more likely to be anxious, depressed and lonely.