article 17 September 2014 UK, Syria
Islamic State hostage Alan Henning
Darshna Soni by Last video of hostage Alan Henning before his kidnap

The men who travelled to Syria with Islamic State hostage Alan Henning praise his commitment to the humanitarian cause in a video tribute they filmed on Christmas Day 2013, a day before his kidnap.

article 12 September 2014 Politics, Ireland
Reverend Ian Paisley Democratic Unionists DUP Northern Ireland (Reuters)
Revd Ian Paisley: from defiance to compromise

A dominant presence in British politics for half a century, the Reverend Ian Paisley has died aged 88. He was a party leader, an MP and an MEP, and went on to become NI's first minister in 2007.

post 11 September 2014
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Our obligation to the memory of the victims of 9/11

Have we learned from 9/11? From my own experience reporting sporadically across the region for over three decades, my fear is that we have not.

article 09 September 2014 UK, Iraq
How British Kurds are heading to fight IS

The UK arm of Kurdish guerrilla army the PKK, proscribed by the Home Office as a terrorist organisation, has had a resurgence since its war with IS. Is it time to de-list and arm them?

article 08 September 2014 UK, Syria
British female jihadi wants 'Cameron's head on a spike'

Channel 4 News finds a British teenager in Syria making threats against David Cameron, praying for his head to "be put on a spike" for "waging war" on IS.

article 08 September 2014 UK
Luton airport (Image: James Blake)
Luton airport reopening after bomb scare

Police carry out a controlled explosion at Luton airport after a suspicious package triggered a security alert - disrupting travel plans for thousands.

article 08 September 2014 World, Iraq
Ocalan flags
by Kurdish spring: what are the PKK fighting for?

The PKK could play a key role in the battle against Islamic State, but their roots as Marxist guerrillas leaves the west wary. Channel 4 News looks at how the group is pursuing a Kurdish Spring.

article 04 September 2014 World, Iraq
Islamic State leader's right hand man reportedly killed

As the UK weighs up joining the US in airstrikes targeting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Iraq's government says that an airstrike has killed the right-hand man of the leader of IS.

post 03 September 2014
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Archbishop: we must counter the 'obscene simplicity' of IS ideology

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby deplores the lack of a global strategy from world leaders for what he said could not be understood as a local problem.