article 19 December 2014 Ireland
Viable explosive device found under soldier's car in Armagh

A controlled explosion is carried out on device found under soldier's car in Northern Ireland, while a suspect device is found in a park in Cork

article 17 December 2014 UK, Syria
Police stop Syria-bound teen as plane nears take-off

A teenage girl is stopped from travelling to Syria by counter-terrorism police, who staged a last-minute intervention, removing her from a flight that had begun taxiing down the runway at Heathrow.

article 17 December 2014 World, Pakistan
Grieving relatives beside a coffin of a victim of the Peshawar school massacre (Reuters)
'Does Islam allow this?' Peshawar massacre: a father's story

We spent much of yesterday at Channel 4 News trying to get hold of our friend and former colleague Mushtaq Yusufzai in Peshawar. Late last night he finally posted the following on Facebook:

article 17 December 2014 World, Pakistan
Taliban threatens more attacks as Peshawar funerals begin

Pakistan lifts its moratorium on the death penalty for terrorists as the funerals of the 141 people killed in the Taliban's attack on a Peshawar school begin.

article 16 December 2014 World, Australia
Sydney siege 'may have happened', despite checks

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott reveals the gunman behind the Sydney cafe siege was not on a government watchlist - despite his radical views and charges linked to the murder of his ex-wife.

article 14 December 2014 UK, United States
Sir Malcolm Rifkind
UK to request CIA material over Britain's role in torture

The chair of the inquiry into British intelligence agencies' complicity in the CIA's interrogation programme demands the US hand over material that was redacted from the report.

article 12 December 2014 UK, India
Shami Witness
Shami Witness unmasked: 'I will not resist arrest'

The man behind the most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account tells Channel 4 News he is "ready to surrender" after Indian police report they are investigating him.

article 12 December 2014 UK, United States
Did the UK seek changes to CIA torture report?

UK intelligence agencies asked for changes to be made in the Senate report on the CIA's use of torture after 9/11, Downing Street says.

article 11 December 2014 UK, India
Unmasked: the man behind top Islamic State Twitter account

The most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account to be followed by foreign jihadis - Shami Witness - is shut down after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovers the identity of the man behind it