article 28 January 2015 World, Ireland
Apple logo and an i-phone (Reuters)
Will Apple's extraordinary profits hasten tax reforms?

Campaigners call for more action to clamp down on the tax avoidance of multi-national companies as tech giant Apple records the biggest quarterly profit in corporate history.

post 21 January 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Does Dave King deserve a second chance at Rangers?

Scottish football faces its own Ched Evans syndrome. Should a man with a past be given a second chance to have a high-profile position in (potentially) big-money football?

article 23 October 2014 UK
Have new government tax rules made any difference at all?

Introduced after the Google, Facebook and Starbucks tax scandals, new tax rules are doing very little to curb similar legal tax avoidance, it is claimed. Is public disquiet having more influence?

article 11 July 2014 UK
Is Net-a-Porter getting away with an under-sized tax bill?

Millions buy its clothes. But online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter is using clever tax planning to pay a fraction of the money demanded from most of us. It is legal. But is it moral?

article 09 July 2014 UK
Celebrities accused of tax avoidance
Celebrity investors named in 1.2bn tax avoidance scheme

George Michael, Katie Melua and four members of the Arctic Monkeys are among more than 1,600 people who have been named in a 1.2 billion tax avoidance scheme.

video 17 June 2014 France

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'These issues are beyond left and right' - video

French economist Thomas Piketty and Ryan Bourne, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, debate the Frenchman's call for a global tax on high earners to ensure a fairer distribution of wealth.

article 12 May 2014 UK
Now tax what I call music - the fantasy festival line-up

Three members of Take That are reported to have invested in a tax avoidance scheme - so will they join our festival line-up of stars who, through schemes or leaving the country, have avoided tax?

article 09 May 2014 UK
MPs 'concerned' that taxman can raid your bank account

An influential group of MPs says it has "considerable concern" over Chancellor George Osborne's plans to allow the taxman to seize money directly from millions of personal bank accounts.

article 12 April 2014 UK
Jail threat for overseas tax evaders (Getty)
Taxing issue: jail threat for overseas tax evaders

Chancellor George Osborne is talking tough on tax evasion - again - this time threatening that those who avoid tax by hiding their money overseas could face prison. But will it work?