article 08 September 2016 World, Syria
Inside Aleppo

Welcome to Aleppo, Syria. The relentless bombardment. The curse of barrel bombs. The growing list of casualties. Behind every statistic, there is almost unimaginable human suffering.

post 05 September 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Theresa May talks trade at G20 summit in China

Until Theresa May mentioned, in her closing press conference, how her predecessor shared her opposition to a points based system, I hadn't heard David Cameron's name mentioned here once.

article 03 August 2016 UK, Syria
British actor returns to Syria to fight Isis

A British actor who abandoned his Hollywood career to fight Islamic State has returned to Syria for a second time as a volunteer.

article 25 July 2016 UK, Syria
'Jihadi Jack': 'If they want to bomb me, they'll bomb me'

The middle-class Briton dubbed "Jihadi Jack" tells Channel 4 News in an exclusive interview that he travelled to Syria to study and has "no regrets"- while insisting he is "currently" not a fighter.

article 15 March 2016 World, Russia
Russia begins Syria military withdrawal

Russian forces begin pulling out of Syria after a six-month military campaign supporting President Bashar al-Assad's government.

article 09 March 2016 World, Syria
Syria's children: barrel bombing, shelling and air strikes

More than a quarter of a million children are living in besieged parts of Syria and are enduring constant fear because of the deadly violence around them, according to Save the Children.

article 16 February 2016 World, Russia
Russia denies war crimes in Syria after hospital bombings

Russia rejects Turkish claims is has committed "an obvious war crime" following the deaths of up to 50 people in bombing attacks on hospitals and schools in Syria.

article 08 February 2016 World, Greece
Migrants die as boat sinks off Turkish coast

More than 20 refugees drown while trying to reach Greece, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Turkey to discuss how to respond to the latest migrant surge caused by fighting in Syria.

article 04 February 2016 UK, Syria
Jack Letts
Darshna Soni by 'Jihadi Jack' has mental health condition, say parents

Jack Letts, nicknamed "Jihadi Jack" by some newspapers, suffers from a serious mental disorder, according to his parents, Channel 4 News can reveal.

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