article 17 December 2014 World, Central African Republic
Children in arms of man
Jonathan Miller by Children: victims of war

The deliberate targeting of so many children has caused outrage across the world. And it's part of an increasing - and horrifying - trend.

article 17 December 2014 UK, Syria
Police stop Syria-bound teen as plane nears take-off

A teenage girl is stopped from travelling to Syria by counter-terrorism police, who staged a last-minute intervention, removing her from a flight that had begun taxiing down the runway at Heathrow.

article 14 December 2014 World, Iraq
free shami witness Mehdi Masroor Biswas india is isis isil
IS supporters demand police #FreeShamiWitness after arrest

Supporters of pro-Islamic State tweeter take to Twitter in their hundreds to demand the release of a man arrested after a Channel 4 News investigation.

article 13 December 2014 World, Iraq
shami witness twitter Mehdi Masroor Biswas is isis isil
Top IS Twitter propagandist arrested after investigation

Indian police arrest a man suspected of operating the most influential pro-IS Twitter account, following a Channel 4 News investigation.

article 12 December 2014 UK, India
Shami Witness
Shami Witness unmasked: 'I will not resist arrest'

The man behind the most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account tells Channel 4 News he is "ready to surrender" after Indian police report they are investigating him.

article 11 December 2014 UK, India
Unmasked: the man behind top Islamic State Twitter account

The most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account to be followed by foreign jihadis - Shami Witness - is shut down after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovers the identity of the man behind it

article 07 December 2014 World, Israel
Israeli fighter (Reuters)
State TV: 'Israeli jets' bomb Syria

Syrian television says Israel warplanes bombed targets near Damascus airport and the town of Dimas, near the border with Lebanon.

article 05 December 2014 UK, Syria
Fatima Manji by Two Britons jailed over Syria terror offences

Two British men who travelled to Syria to join rebel fighters have been jailed for 12 years and 8 months.

article 03 December 2014 World, Mali
Migrant shoe
Why are migrants so desperate to reach Europe?

One in every 50 migrants who try to reach Europe across the Mediterranean Sea will die on the journey. What is so terrible in their home countries to force people into such a desperate voyage?

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