article 05 October 2015 World, Syria
Palmyra: Arch of Triumph destroyed by IS

The director of Syrian antiquities tells Channel 4 News Russia and the US should work together to save Palmyra, where Islamic State extremists have destroyed a 2,000-year-old Roman arch.

article 04 October 2015 World, Syria
Assad: US-led air strikes in Syria are 'counterproductive'

President Bashar al-Assad says only Russia, Syria and its allies can decide the fate of the Middle East, and that terrorism has actually spread as a result of the US-led airstrikes.

article 04 October 2015 UK, Syria
UK to 'double number of drones' used to combat Isis

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to double the number of British drones used to fight militants for the so-called Islamic State, as well as "enhance" the involvement of the SAS.

article 02 October 2015 World, Russia
Russian Sukhoi Su-25 jet fighters (Reuters)
Syria: Russia launches new wave of air strikes

Moscow says its jets have carried out 18 strikes against the Islamic State group since Thursday, but doubts remain over the real target.

article 02 October 2015 World, Syria
Hany Al Moliya: meet the blind photographer who fled Syria

Hany Al Moliya never imagined he'd become a refugee. After members of his family were murdered in their homes, his relatives fled Syria. He is legally blind and tells his story through photography.

post 01 October 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Tartus, the town where Syrians believe Putin should be king

In President Assad's heartland the Russian decision to start air strikes on Syrian rebel positions is being hailed by ordinary people, who hope they mark the beginning of the end of a long war.

article 01 October 2015 World, Iraq
Syria: child soldiers of the caliphate

An exclusive film reveals how Isis in Syria and Iraq systematically recruits children as young as eight to become soldiers and suicide bombers, and exacts brutal punishment on those who defy them.

article 30 September 2015 World, Russia
Russia carries out air strikes in Syria

Russia confirms it has begun air strikes in Syria, just hours after parliament granted Vladimir Putin the right to use military force in the war-torn country.

article 29 September 2015 World, Syria
Four British jihadis hit with UN sanctions

Four high-profile British jihadis who have joined Islamic State fighters in Syria have been hit with international sanctions at the UK's request.

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