article 27 November 2015 UK, Syria
Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)
Jeremy Corbyn 'should resign' over Syria vote

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing calls for his resignation after telling his MPs that he will not support military action in Syria.

post 26 November 2015
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Jeremy Corbyn's letter against military action in Syria has angered some in his Shadow Cabinet. One has accused him of dishonesty and attempted intimidation.

post 26 November 2015
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David Cameron may have been at his most diplomatic to persuade MPs to back airstrikes on Syria, but his claims over the scale of Syrian opposition ground forces have raised doubts.

article 26 November 2015 UK, Syria
David Cameron: Britain already in 'top tier' of IS targets

Appealing to MPs to back British airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, the Prime Minister says such a move would not make the UK any more of a terror target than it already is.

post 24 November 2015
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There was a time when the French were not so enamoured of the Obama administration's policy on Syria. Now, President Hollande says "there is a new mindset".

post 24 November 2015
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The government has pencilled the Syria vote for Tuesday next week. How many Labour backbenchers will rebel against Jeremy Corbyn? And what will his shadow cabinet decide?

article 24 November 2015 World, Russia
Putin warns of 'serious consequences' after plane downed

Russian President Vladimir Putin describes Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane as a "stab in the back", while Nato holds an extraordinary meeting to discuss the incident.

article 24 November 2015 World, Russia
Turkey shoots down Russian plane on Syria border

Turkish fighter jets shoot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border after it allegedly violated Turkey's air space.

article 19 November 2015 World, France
Abdelhamid Abaaoud (Reuters)
Abdelhamid Abaaoud: the life and crimes of Paris mastermind

The name Abdelhamid Abaaoud will always be synonymous with the deaths of 129 innocent people in the Paris terror attacks, but he had achieved notoriety before then.

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