article 31 July 2015 World, Syria
YPG fighter
'Turkey has hijacked the fight against IS'

The Kurdish YPG were hailed heroes in the fight against Islamic State. But one Brit who fought alongside them says that Turkey's crackdown on Kurdish separatists will put their entire mission at risk.

article 27 July 2015 World, Syria
YPG fighters in Hasakah, north east Syria
Turkey accused of shelling Kurds in Syria

Turkey denies claims it shelled Kurdish fighter positions in a village in northern Syria, as Ankara continues its campaign against so-called Islamic State and Kurdish militants.

article 26 July 2015 World, Syria
Syrian army soldier holds picture of Assad (Reuters)
Assad: Syrian regime is short of troops and losing ground

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad admits his forces are suffering from a "shortfall in human capacity" as Turkey launches airstrikes against the Islamic State group.

article 20 July 2015 World, Syria
Suicide bomb attack in Turkey
Suruc attack: 28 activists killed in Turkey border bomb

At least 28 people, mostly students, are killed in a suicide bomb attack on a town near Turkey's border with Syria.

article 13 July 2015 UK, Israel
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn: 'I wanted Hamas to be part of the debate'

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn explains why he described the Islamist militant organisations Hamas and Hezbollah as "friends" and says he does not agree with them.

post 13 July 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Why an Iran nuclear deal could have unintended consequences

A deal on Iran's nuclear programme would be a historic event - but it could come at the expense of angering some of the US's staunchest allies.

article 09 July 2015 World, Syria
Syrian crisis: 4 million refugees and counting

The number of refugees fleeing Syria has topped 4 million, according to the UN refugee agency, in what has been described as the world's biggest refugee crisis.

article 04 July 2015 World, Iraq
Anti-government forces prepare to fight Syrian Army units in Aleppo (Getty)
Islamists squeezed as Kurds and Syrian government attack

Kurdish fighters reportedly advance to within 30 miles of the Islamic State group's stronghold of Raqqa, while pro-Assad forces battle Sunni militants on the Lebanese border.

article 04 July 2015 UK, Syria
CCTV footage of three girls apparently travelling to Syria
Two schoolgirls who went to Syria 'married to IS fighters'

Two of the three teenage girls from Bethnal Green who went to live in the 'Islamic State' have become jihadi brides, according to their families.

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