article 28 March 2015 World, Syria
Image posted by rebel group from Idlib
Syria conflict: Islamist rebels 'capture' Idlib

Syrian rebels, including the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusrah Front, claim to have seized control of Idlib - capital of Syria's northwestern province.

article 22 March 2015 UK, Syria
Nine UK medical students feared to have 'crossed into Syria'

Nine British medical students and doctors are feared to have travelled to Syria to work in areas controlled by Islamic State militants.

article 17 March 2015 UK, Syria
Brent Councillor Mohammed Butt
Simon Israel by London teenagers 'wanted to go to Syria to help'

Two of the London teenagers stopped in Turkey at the weekend were heading to Syria "to do some good", says Mohammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, who has spoken to the boys and their families.

post 17 March 2015
Read more from Jonathan Rugman his blog We must face down Putin threat with power, says former MI6 chief

The UK's emphasis on Islamist terrorism has meant it has ignored the traditional threat from nation states like Russia, according to a former head of MI6.

article 17 March 2015 UK, Syria
New CCTV of British teenagers at Turkey airport

Sabiha Gokcen airport releases footage of three teenagers - two cousins aged 17 and a man aged 19 - from London being detained as they allegedly attempt to travel to Syria to join Islamic State.

post 16 March 2015
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog On the front line of Islamic State's war on history

Graffiti sprayed last year on the ruins of Cyrene, in Libya, reads: "Destroy the Idols". Islamists, including Islamic State militants, see such pre-Islamic structures as sacrilege.

article 16 March 2015 UK, Syria
London teenagers who tried to go to Syria bailed

A 15-year-old, 17-year-old and 19-year-old from north-west London arrested at Istanbul airport and returned to UK, while an 18-year-old is arrested in Birmingham on suspicion of travelling to Syria.

article 15 March 2015 World, Iraq
British teens 'travelling to Syria' back in the UK

Three British teenagers who were stopped in Turkey on their way to Syria are back in the UK and are being held at a central London police station, Scotland Yard says.

article 14 March 2015 UK, Syria
First British teen to join Islamic State in Syria named

The father of a British teenager who fled to Syria to join Islamic State militants before three school friends from east London warned police to monitor them.

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