post 06 October 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog First British womb transplant 'by spring'

It was the first live birth from a womb transplant - baby Vincent had been born from a womb donated by a 61-year-old friend of the new mother. But when will such transplants come to Britain?

article 10 August 2014 World, Sweden
'Give kids a say about posting their pics online'

It is the world's third most switched-on nation. But young Swedes say kids should have a choice about their photos being posted online. Do they have a point?

article 09 August 2014 World, Sweden
by Spotify: how Tom Waits is like Disney & why it's the future

Not content with 10 million active users, Spotify has set its sights on being able to tell you what music you like. And the small matter of world domination, says the MD of Spotify Nordics.

article 03 August 2014 World, Sweden
Way Out West: Scandinavia's most 'PC' festival ever?

It is vegetarian, has a low carbon footprint, and even the beer is locally sourced: Sweden's Way Out West festival brings original hippy principles to the digital age. But is it fun?

video 03 July 2014 UK, Ecuador

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'The public don't want Assange in the public eye' - video

Ben Westwood is planning a fashion show in the Ecuadorian embassy to "keep Julian Assange in the public eye" but rape survivor Jill Saward brands the stunt as "sick."

article 18 June 2014 UK, Ecuador
Julian Assange 'in prison cell with internet access'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - hiding for two years in the Ecuadorian embassy - is in "a prison cell with internet access" and "yearns to walk in the fresh air," says a close friend.

article 07 April 2014 UK, India
by Shrien Dewani returns to South Africa - what now?

The British man accused of plotting his wife's murder while on honeymoon in South Africa will fly there tonight after losing a three-year legal battle to stay in Britain. What happens now?

post 12 March 2014
Key Cameron EU ally: 'no idea' about UK renegotiation

David Cameron was at pains to get the Swedes onside when he announced his referendum plan last year. So, why do they still have 'no idea' what it is?

article 10 March 2014 UK, France
European nations in dock over Caribbean slave trade

The heads of state of 15 Caribbean nations are gathering in St Vincent to unveil a 10-point plan that demands reparations from European nations which benefited from the slave trade.