Sri Lanka


article 14 January 2015 Sri Lanka
The civil war that 'tore open heart' of Sri Lanka - Pope

Pope Francis visits a former war zone in northern Sri Lanka, preaching forgiveness at a Catholic shrine that was shelled during the country's long ethnic conflict.

article 09 January 2015 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's defeated president Mahinda Rajapaksa
Sri Lanka votes out Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka's Mahinda Rajapaksa, a man accused of presiding over multiple war crimes, has lost his bid for a third term as Sri Lanka's president.

article 08 January 2015 World, Sri Lanka
A police officer outside a Sri Lankan polling station (Reuters)
by Sri Lanka's election: dog heads, threats and Charlie Hebdo

As voting closes in Sri Lanka's elections, the biggest challenge to Mahinda Rajapaksa's presidency in 15 years, there are accusations of violent intimidation and misuse of public property.

article 07 January 2015 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka presidential election candidates Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa
Sri Lanka's election could change everything... and nothing

On Thursday, Sri Lanka goes to the polls in an extraordinary presidential election which could change everything but, perversely, change nothing, writes Callum Macrae.

video 26 December 2014 World, Indonesia

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The Boxing Day tsunami 10 years on - video

Remembrance ceremonies have been held to commemorate the Boxing Day tsunami which swept across the Indian Ocean in 2004, killing an estimated 230,000 people.

video 29 October 2014 UK, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka landslide: hundreds feared dead - video

A landslide in Sri Lanka is believed to have killed more than 100 people after hitting a village after days of heavy monsoon rain, burying scores of houses. Over 300 people are listed as missing.

article 08 July 2014 World, Australia
Australia backs down, but Sri Lanka refugees trapped

More than 150 Sri Lankan asylum seekers will remain stuck at sea on a boat while an Australian court decides their fate - but the government says it will not send them back without 72 hours' notice.

article 07 July 2014 World, Australia
Australian government blocked over Tamil asylum seekers

Australia's high court stops the mid-ocean transfer of 153 Tamil asylum seekers to the Sri Lankan navy, days after 41 others were handed straight to the Sri Lankan police on their return.

article 04 July 2014 World, Sri Lanka
by Tamil woman raped by Sri Lankan soldiers to be deported

Weeks after William Hague's summit on sexual violence in conflict, the British government is to deport a Tamil woman back to Sri Lanka, despite claims she was repeatedly raped by Sri Lankan soldiers.

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