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article 11 April 2014 UK, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Jonathan Miller by Controversial MP trip to Sri Lanka cancelled at 11th hour

An all-expenses-paid trip by five UK MPs and their partners, including business-class travel to and from Sri Lanka, is cancelled amid cross-party recriminations - hours before departure.

article 27 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka war crimes: the evidence
Sri Lanka 'war crimes': the evidence

As the UN prepares to launch an inquiry into allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, Channel 4 News presents the evidence collected by this programme over the past five years.

article 27 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka soldier under UN sign
Jonathan Miller by 'Victory for Sri Lankan people': UN to probe 'war crimes'

The United Nations is to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes and continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

article 26 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Mahinda Rajapaksa and Tamil civil war victim
Jonathan Miller by UN to vote on 'monumental' Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

Almost exactly five years after Sri Lanka's civil war ended, the UN Human Rights Council is preparing to vote on a US and UK-led resolution which would mandate the UN to launch a war crimes inquiry.

article 26 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Doctor Varatharajah Thariajah
'I cried every day': inside Sri Lanka's 'No Fire Zones'

Five years ago Dr Varatharajah Thariajah was given his freedom in exchange for refuting war crimes allegations against the Sri Lankan government. Today he tells Channel 4 News a different story.

article 17 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Ruki Fernando
Arrests of Sri Lankan activists condemned by Foreign Office

The arrest of two prominent human rights activists in Sri Lanka is condemned as "not acceptable" by British Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire, writes Callum Macrae.

article 14 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka arrest for missing son's campaigning mother

Balenderan Jayakumari campaigned to find her son, who went missing during Sri Lanka's civil war. Now she herself has been arrested, along with her 13-year-old daughter.

article 09 March 2014 UK, Sri Lanka
David Cameron in Sri Lanka in November 2013 (picture: Getty)
Sri Lanka inquiry: genuine progress or diplomatic fudge?

David Cameron is pushing for the UN to set up an international, independent inquiry into war crimes and human rights abuses allegedly carried out by the Sri Lankan military.

article 09 March 2014 World, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka - shocking new video evidence
Sri Lanka: new video evidence of grotesque violations

There has been no shortage of distressing images emerging from the final two or three years of Sri Lanka's awful civil war. But this footage is amongst the worst I have seen, writes Callum Macrae.

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