Midterm elections: Vote 2010 placard. (Getty)
Midterm elections: Tea Party takes on Obama 06 April 2011

Midterm elections: Channel 4 News in the US as Obama defends his presidency so far.

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Barack Obama: special report
Barack Obama: US President 06 April 2011

He promised change - but is Obama's balancing act between reform and the "American dream" working?

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The battle for Syria.
The battle for Syria 02 April 2012

Inside a secret civil war, Channel 4 News witnesses Syria's bloody fight for freedom.

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Sri Lanka special report
Sri Lanka: civil war 06 April 2011

A comprehensive investigation of Sri Lanka's brutal civil war and analysis of alleged crimes against humanity.

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The past on trial - special report
The past on trial 08 November 2012

Savile scandal. North Wales abuse. Hillsborough files. As institutional failures of the past dominate the present, Channel 4 News asks whether this is a watershed moment for Britain. #pastontrial

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Where do we find 2.5 million jobs? In this multimedia project we tackle the biggest question facing the UK economy
Channel 4 Jobs Report 13 March 2012

Where do we find 2.5 million jobs? In this multimedia project we tackle the biggest question facing the UK economy

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Data baby - a Channel 4 News investigation of the web.
Data Baby 04 March 2013

Watch how the Data Baby grows as we examine how your searches and clicks are reshaping the web - and you.

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Eurozone crisis special report.
Europe on the edge 23 May 2012

Analysis from Channel 4 News of the financial crisis which threatens the future of the euro.

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Ukraine/Russia crisis: special report.
Ukraine/Russia crisis 03 March 2014

A revolution in Ukraine sparks the threat of war with Russia. Channel 4 News brings you the latest from Ukraine and Crimea.

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NHS uncovered
NHS uncovered 06 April 2011

Inside the NHS with Channel 4 News and Dispatches in an era of reform and cuts.

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Economic crisis: special report
Economy: from crash to cuts 06 April 2011

The global financial crisis from the banking collapse to the credit crunch and a new era of cuts and austerity.

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North Korea Uncovered
North Korea Uncovered 16 October 2013

Inside Kim Jong-un's North Korea - from the posturing of Pyongyang to mulnutrition and concentration camps.

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