The battle for Syria.
The battle for Syria 02 April 2012

Inside a secret civil war, Channel 4 News witnesses Syria's bloody fight for freedom.

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Ukraine/Russia crisis: special report.
Ukraine/Russia crisis 03 March 2014

A revolution in Ukraine sparks the threat of war with Russia. Channel 4 News brings you the latest from Ukraine and Crimea.

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Eurozone crisis special report.
Europe on the edge 23 May 2012

Analysis from Channel 4 News of the financial crisis which threatens the future of the euro.

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Who are the rebels? How are they fighting? What do they believe? Channel 4 News takes an interactive look at the men running Syria.
Syria Files 04 June 2013

Who are the rebels? How are they fighting? What do they believe? Channel 4 News takes an interactive look at the groups running the show in Syria.

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Arab revolt: Middle East uprisings
Arab revolt: Middle East uprisings 06 April 2011

Unprecedented scenes of people power from Tunisia to Egypt - Channel 4 News reports from the heart of the uprisings.

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The state of the housing market in the UK in 2013
Broken ladder 24 September 2013

From the housing bubble to benefits, why getting a roof over your head in the UK is more difficult than it sounds.

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It's crunch time. If Scotland says yes to independence, it will mean the biggest change in the United Kingdom's political set-up for 300 years.
Indy Scot or not? 21 February 2014

The final countdown: is this the end of Great Britain? Follow all our coverage of Scotland's #indyref here.

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Afghanistan: taking on the Taliban.
Afghanistan war: taking on the Taliban 06 April 2011

After almost 10 years of conflict, Channel 4 News reveals real war stories as British troops battle the Taliban and IEDs.

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NHS uncovered
NHS uncovered 06 April 2011

Inside the NHS with Channel 4 News and Dispatches in an era of reform and cuts.

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Sri Lanka special report
Sri Lanka: civil war 06 April 2011

A comprehensive investigation of Sri Lanka's brutal civil war and analysis of alleged crimes against humanity.

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No Go Britain
No Go Britain 27 March 2012

Channel 4 News investigates the difficulties faced by disabled transport users.

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Data baby - a Channel 4 News investigation of the web.
Data Baby 04 March 2013

Watch how the Data Baby grows as we examine how your searches and clicks are reshaping the web - and you.

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