article 27 September 2014 UK, Somalia
Jamal Osman by Joining the police crack-down on banned drug khat

Popular among East African communities, the amphetamine-like drug khat was outlawed in the UK in June. Channel 4 News joined police in a crackdown on sellers.

article 05 July 2014 World, Somalia
Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for car bomb in Somalia

Al-Shabaab militants, who threatened to step up attacks during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, say they were behind a blast that killed four people near the Somali parliament building.

article 17 June 2014 Somalia
Jamal Osman by Who should govern Somalia: Somalis or the UN?

Al-Shabaab's attack on Kenya over the past two nights, in which more than 60 were killed, shows the group still poses serious threat to the region's stability, writes Jamal Osman.

article 04 June 2014 World, Somalia
Jamal Osman by Somalia mental health: one story of hope

Last year, we filmed with Abdullahi, a mentally ill Somali man who had been in chains or 17 years. But one mental health nurse has changed his life forever.

article 27 May 2014 Somalia
Jamal Osman (Channel 4 News)
Jamal Osman by I am a British citizen - so please treat me like one

Coming through passport control is an ordeal. I am followed on the street and hassled by security services. Not all citizens enjoy the same rights, writes Jamal Osman.

article 15 May 2014 World, Somalia
Jamal Osman by My refugee journey: Jamal Osman's video diary

From Somalia to South Africa, our reporter Jamal Osman retraces the journey he took as a desperate refugee, fleeing Somalia's brutal civil war 18 years ago. Follow his interactive video diary here.

article 14 May 2014 World, Somalia
Jamal Osman by On the refugee road: my story

Every year, thousands flee their country to escape war, drought or poverty. In 1996 in Somalia, Africa Reporter Jamal Osman was one of them. Here, he retraces his steps and meets those trying it now.

article 12 May 2014 UK, Somalia
Channel 4 News journalist Jamal Osman.
When will security services stop harassing Jamal Osman?

In 10 years only one of our journalists has been stopped at Heathrow and questioned but it happens virtually every time he goes through the airport, writes Channel 4 News Editor Ben de Pear.

article 11 May 2014 World, Somalia
Jamal Osman by After Westgate, Kenya goes to war against al-Shabaab

Since the Westgate shopping mall attacks, many Kenyans now live in fear. But the government's anti-terror crackdown has angered many Muslims, some of whom have flocked to al-Shabaab.

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