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UK / Scotland Campaigners see red over Glasgow Games demolition plans 08 April 2014

"What gives them the right to embarrass Scotland?" Campaigners tell Channel 4 News that plans to blow up Glasgow's iconic Red Road Flats during the Commonwealth Games are a "disgrace".

Politics / Scotland Scotland: please don't go - Eddie Izzard's plea to Scots 04 April 2014 Channel 4 News

Comedian Eddie Izzard says he wants Scotland to remain part of the UK but admits he is expecting foul-mouthed abuse at a comedy fundraiser in Edinburgh.

UK / Scotland Urgent Edinburgh school checks after schoolgirl wall death 02 April 2014

Surveyors are inspecting walls in school buildings across Edinburgh after a 12-year-old pupil died when a wall in a changing room collapsed on top of her.

Culture / Scotland Exclusive: Groundskeeper Willie on Scottish independence 26 March 2014 Channel 4 News

The most famous Scotsman on television - Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons - follows Kermit the Frog in commenting on Scottish independence.

UK / Scotland Inquiry finds helicopter crash could have been prevented 13 March 2014

A North Sea helicopter crash that killed 16 men off the coast of Aberdeenshire could have been avoided, an inquiry finds.

Scottish politician seeks independent woman for voting commitment 12 March 2014

Many more women have been elected to political office in Scotland than at Westminster, but female voters remain sceptical about independence.

Will it always be dreich in an independent Scotland? 12 March 2014

As the Scots vote on independence, one aspect of the country seems to already have gone its own way - its weather. So is the notion of dull drizzle and biting blizzards myth or reality?

UK / Scotland Scottish independence: a decade-long debate - video 09 March 2014 Gary Gibbon

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray may be keeping out of it. But as the debate around Scottish independence heats up, Gary Gibbon looks back at the history of the movement.

UK / Scotland Scotland's original battle for independence - in 3D 09 March 2014 Robert Thomson

Ahead of Scotland's independence vote, a new graphic novel tells the story of the battle of Bannockburn in dramatic comic strip form. Get your red/cyan 3D glasses on for this one.

Culture / Scotland The next king or queen of Scotland 01 March 2014 Robert Thomson

If Scotland goes its own way, Alex Salmond says he'll keep the Queen. But what if she doesn't fancy the job? From Belgium's bonnie prince to Tilda Swinton, Channel 4 News looks at who's next in line.