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World / Scotland Commonwealth Games 2014: what to watch 23 July 2014 Channel 4 News

From Usain Bolt to Bradley Wiggins, it feels like London 2012 all over again. This time though, we're in Glasgow. Here is your Channel 4 News day-to-day guide to the Commonwealth Games.

UK / Scotland Mixing politics and sport ahead of the 'friendly games' 22 July 2014 Channel 4 News

As Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond makes his first appearance on the Commonwealth Games stage, the challenge in the coming days may be to keep the attention of the world on the sport.

Salmond's Scottish sporting surge? Perhaps not 22 July 2014

Is Alex Salmond hoping to ride a wave of patriotic fervour flowing for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games? If history tells us anything, he may be disappointed.

Cameron: Scotland, don't go breaking my heart 03 July 2014

The prime minister has ventured to Perth - known as Scotland's Hampshire - to ask reticent no voters to take heart and campaign openly against independence.

Politics / Scotland David Cameron calls time on 'noisy Nationalists' in Scotland 03 July 2014

In a visit to Scotland ahead of the referendum, David Cameron calls on the "silent majority" of Scots to vote to stay with the United Kingdom - and slips in a jibe at "Alex the unready".

Independence, ghosts and 'Stormont Scotland' 02 July 2014

Prof Sir Tom Devine believes that if the yes side win, it will be thanks to something that was for decades unimaginable: Catholics voting for independence.

Culture / Scotland Tears and cheers for Glasgow's class of 2014 20 June 2014 Daisy Ayliffe

When fire swept through Glasgow School of Art, many of the students' degree projects were destroyed. On graduation day, Daisy Ayliffe hears from two students whose work was lost or badly damaged.

UK / Scotland Wizard news for Better Together campaign 11 June 2014 Channel 4 News

JK Rowling donates 1m to the campaign to keep Scotland part of the UK, saying: "Be warned, this is only of interest to people in Scotland or the UK...there's Death Eaters in paragraph five."

Scotland: 'No thanks,' baby-food and inoculations 09 June 2014

Nine months of relentless focus-grouping have culminated in this slogan: "no thanks." Even the font has been road-tested with voters - a bubbly lettering normally seen promoting baby-food.

UK / Scotland What makes people switch on Scottish independence? 04 June 2014 Channel 4 News

Many Scots are undecided about the merits of a yes or no vote in the independence referendum. Matthew Moore speaks to four Scots who have switched allegiance.