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UK / Scotland Has the UK 'watered down' Scotland's devolution proposals? 22 January 2015

David Cameron hails legislation to deliver new powers for Scotland as "built to last, securing our united future." But is it what Scotland was hoping for? Channel 4 takes a look.

UK / Scotland SNP MPs would vote on English matters - Sturgeon 21 January 2015 Channel 4 News

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon causes a stir ahead of the election after saying that nationalists elected in May would be prepared to vote on the English NHS at Westminster.

World / Iraq Sturgeon: 'matter of concern' for Chilcot to be published 18 January 2015

Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon says it is a matter of "public interest" that the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war is published without further delay.

Business / Scotland Ministers urged to back crisis hit oil industry - video 15 January 2015 Siobhan Kennedy

An urgent commission is being set up to consider the impact of plunging global oil prices on the North Sea, as energy giant BP reacted to the drop by axing hundreds of jobs.

I'd unleash Ant, Dec and Darcey Bussell on our wilting political class 14 January 2015

I would drag these guys kicking and screaming into a public debate. I would make the presenters the bad-est ass inquisitors in Britain.

UK / Scotland SNP councillors suspended for burning Smith report 07 January 2015 Channel 4 News

Four SNP councillors filmed setting fire to a copy of the Smith Commission report on new powers for Scotland are suspended from the party for two months.

UK / Scotland Likely 'catastrophic failure' of sunken cargo ship - video 04 January 2015

The absence of a distress call suggests that whatever caused the Cemfjord cargo ship to sink off Scotland "happened very quickly", says oceanographer Dr Simon Boxall.

UK / Scotland Memorial service held for Glasgow lorry crash victims 24 December 2014

The Archbishop of Glasgow tells a memorial mass how he tried to comfort a woman whose parents and daughter were killed in the bin lorry crash in the city.

UK / Scotland 'Surreal carnage' of tragic Glasgow lorry crash - video 22 December 2014

Janey Godley was at the scene of the crash moments after it happened and "never believed for a minute it was a terrorist attack", but added: "I walked away, so I'm the lucky one."

UK / Scotland 'English votes for English laws' plans unveiled - video 16 December 2014 Michael Crick

The Commons leader, William Hague, spells out to MPs a series of options for meeting the prime minister's pledge of "English votes for English laws".