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UK MP to quiz health regulators over practitioners defying bans 23 March 2012 Johnny McDevitt

The chair of the influential health select committee is to quiz medical regulators over dangerous medical professionals who defy sanctions handed down in order to protect the public.

UK Doctors still working despite being restricted or banned 19 March 2012 Johnny McDevitt

A Channel 4 News investigation has discovered doctors who have carried on working despite being suspended or having restrictions placed on their practices by the General Medical Council (GMC).

UK Doctor who prescribed Nurofen to baby with meningitis 18 March 2012 Johnny McDevitt

Dr Godwin Duru, was working as a locum doctor in Barnet hospital in in north London in 2005, when the parents of nine-month-old Joshua Davis brought him in to A&E, believing him to be seriously ill.

UK Doctor who injected heroin into patient with headache 18 March 2012 Johnny McDevitt

In 1996, Stuart Green, now 47, was working as a locum GP in Camberwell Green surgery in south London. Unknown to his colleagues, he had developed an addiction to heroin.

World / Libya 'Spy' journalists reported killing of black Libyans 06 March 2012 Johnny McDevitt

Two British journalists detained in Libya and accused of being spies were reporting on atrocities meted out against black people by the same forces that arrested them.

UK Abu Qatada supporters post hate sermons 13 February 2012 Johnny McDevitt

As Abu Qatada is released from jail, British followers of the radical cleric post online sermons calling Britons "enemies of Allah" and lauding the preacher in the same breath as Osama bin Laden.

UK Taser firings: the inside story 01 December 2011 Johnny McDevitt

Last year, two-thirds of the country's police forces fired Tasers significantly more - some by up to 800 per cent - than in the preceding year, a Channel 4 News investigation can disclose.

World / Libya 'Thousands illegally held in Libya,' says UN chief 24 November 2011 Johnny McDevitt

Thousands of people are being illegally jailed and abused by Libya's ex-rebels, a UN report says. Channel 4 News speaks to a Ghanaian woman who has seen friends detained or die trying to flee Libya.

World / Libya 'Mutassim was in charge not Gaddafi', says bodyguard 21 October 2011 Johnny McDevitt

Gaddafi's bodyguard claims that the former dictator's son, Mutassim, was "in charge of eveything" from the start of the war, as questions emerge about how the Colonel was killed.

Culture Rapist's sculpture sparks prisoner profit debate 14 October 2011 Johnny McDevitt

The display of a sculpture created by one of Britain's most dangerous sex offenders in a major exhibition has renewed the debate on whether criminals should be allowed to profit from their art.