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Phone employees in GCHQ's sights 20 February 2015

According to the latest Snowden claims, British spies can hack into your personal and work email, hack sales team records for customer information and then later hide their trails. All all of this is

Politics Tax avoidance experts PwC are Labour's biggest donor 19 February 2015 Geoff White

The Labour party received hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of consultancy help from an accountancy firm accused of promoting tax avoidance.

The porn dilemma facing Twitter 17 February 2015

Twitter faces a porn dilemma: introduce age controls and force every user to re-register, or ban porn from the site and monitor as many as 25 million images a day.

Technology One in every thousand tweets is porn 17 February 2015 Geoff White

Twitter publishes hundreds of thousands of pornographic images every day, potentially allowing children open access to one of the world's largest stores of explicit photos.

Spying: who's got your back? 06 February 2015

The people who are supposed to be protecting our privacy from the spies are mostly former judges and politicians. Transparency doesn't appear high on their list.

Apple iPhone: profit but where's the vision? 28 January 2015

What we have under Tim Cook is a company with rock-solid accounts, but a serious case of creative drought.

Crime is changing, and technology is playing a major role 27 January 2015

News last week that crime rates had fallen to a record low gives an indication as to how that shift is taking place.

Does Three + O2 = lower prices? 23 January 2015

Is today's announcement that Three's owner is in exclusive talks to take over O2 going to bring the days of cheap mobile deals to an end?

Technology City of London police get power to tap into CCTV 22 January 2015 Geoff White

City of London police are to trial a new technology that allows officers to receive CCTV film in real time - an innovation used ahead of French police storming the besieged kosher store in Paris.

Is Cameron really planning on 'banning' Snapchat? 16 January 2015

David Cameron says he's prepared to strike an "unprecedented" deal to tackle network attacks with Barack Obama in talks at the White House today. But is he planning to "ban" Snapchat?