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State-level hacking: who's got your back? 20 April 2015

Governments are unleashing viruses often designed to take complete control of a computer, giving police and intelligence agencies access to its webcam and microphone.

Interpol plays cyber crooks at their own game 14 April 2015

In the fight against cyber crime, no matter how smart the technology gets, it's often human relationships that dictate success.

Back to the future with Blade Runner 13 April 2015

The re-release of Blade Runner, with its humanoid replicants and Pac-Man computer screens, offers a warning about the hazards of future-gazing.

Up Periscope? Get ready for a new data overload 08 April 2015

Live-streaming video is building up a head of steam, but how will we deal with it all? And who owns the rights?

Large Hadron Collider 2.0: the dark matter 05 April 2015

Rebooted and ready to face a new challenge. The Large Hadron Collider has been running at half power since it hummed into life in 2008. Next on the mystery-solving list: dark matter.

Will Britons need a government-approved 'porn pass'? 04 April 2015

The outgoing government is creating a system in which British citizens will have their identity - and maybe even their porn access - confirmed by a private company.

Does Facebook really know all about you? 01 April 2015

Facebook allows you to see why it's sending you the ads it selects for you. But just how accurate is the world's best-informed social network?

Taylor Swift buys domain name to thwart smut obsessives 23 March 2015

I have a sense that Taylor Swift has become the latest high profile victim of a bizarre phenomenon that borders on blackmail.

Does GCHQ really only use 'a fraction' of its data? 12 March 2015

The findings in today's intelligence and security committee report seem at odds with the picture presented by documents from the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Surveillance declared legal - but would a new law change anything? 12 March 2015

There are different rules about what the spy agencies can do in Britain, compared to the rest of the world - will a replacement law give the same protection within and outside the UK?