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Data privacy gets the West End treatment 23 April 2014

Ten years ago, if you'd said you were writing a play about privacy, people would probably have assumed you were looking at camera-wielding paparazzi or grubby red-top newspaper hacks.

Google, 'Rebecca Taylor' and the mysterious art of SEO 11 April 2014

Getting to the top of Google can mean the difference between success and failure for a business on the web. And getting a good ranking might be about to get a little bit trickier.

Heartbleed: why you should change passwords 10 April 2014

The latest online bug has been around for some time - but now we know it's out there, we should all act to protect our data.

Did UK spooks use NSA data to spy on Britons? 08 April 2014

A new report on how GCHQ and the UKs other spy agencies used NSA data is published - but it leaves many questions still unanswered.

Hull city council considering bitcoin-like currency 01 April 2014

Hull's decision to launch its own cyber-currency, called Hullcoins, may sound like an April fool's joke, but it shows the kind of traction virtual currencies are gaining in the real world.

UK Nuisance calls crackdown planned 30 March 2014 Channel 4 News

Ministers want to make it easier to fine telemarketing companies that bombard people with unwanted calls.

Google and Facebook fight for web supremacy with drones and balloons 29 March 2014

Pilotless drones and high-altitude balloons are some of the ideas being mooted by the internet giants keen to dominate the infrastructure of the web.

More than meets the eye: phones at the heart of retail technology 25 March 2014

Do companies need to use technologies like iris recognition when it's our mobile phones that have, in effect, become extensions of ourselves?

Technology Inside the shopping centre that tracks your every move 25 March 2014 Geoff White

A UK shopping centre is one of the first to track where shoppers go and what shops they visit, through their phones: Channel 4 News paid a visit to find out what it is doing with the data.

Technology Tracked as you shop... through your smartphone - video 25 March 2014 Geoff White

Shopping centres are now known to track customers through their Wi-Fi signals, but what are they doing with the data? Technology producer Geoff White reports.