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Does Facebook really know all about you? 01 April 2015

Facebook allows you to see why it's sending you the ads it selects for you. But just how accurate is the world's best-informed social network?

Taylor Swift buys domain name to thwart smut obsessives 23 March 2015

I have a sense that Taylor Swift has become the latest high profile victim of a bizarre phenomenon that borders on blackmail.

Does GCHQ really only use 'a fraction' of its data? 12 March 2015

The findings in today's intelligence and security committee report seem at odds with the picture presented by documents from the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Surveillance declared legal - but would a new law change anything? 12 March 2015

There are different rules about what the spy agencies can do in Britain, compared to the rest of the world - will a replacement law give the same protection within and outside the UK?

Apple Watch: why it isn't the new iPhone 09 March 2015

The depressing truth: the watch doesn┐t have to be a killer product to keep its place in Apple's stable.

Why hacking is not a victimless computer crime 06 March 2015

I contacted some of those affected by the hacking of Yahoo! emails in 2012. The responses show that it caused distress, frustration and, in some cases, tangible loss.

The empty middle - and why your job's not as safe as you thought 03 March 2015

By removing barriers to entry into markets like music recording, the internet is polarising traditional businesses between haves and have-nots. And don't think you won't be affected.

Ex Machina: a dangerous diversion in the AI debate 02 March 2015

Ex Machina was meant to be a thrilling expose of the dangers of artificial intelligence - in fact the film simply revealed how limited our conceptions of AI really are.

Phone employees in GCHQ's sights 20 February 2015

According to the latest Snowden claims, British spies can hack into your personal and work email, hack sales team records for customer information and then later hide their trails. All all of this is

Politics Tax avoidance experts PwC are Labour's biggest donor 19 February 2015 Geoff White

The Labour party received hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of consultancy help from an accountancy firm accused of promoting tax avoidance.