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Why May's greater data powers plan is given a cautious thumbs-up 23 November 2014

The home secretary announces new proposals she believes will help police track wrongdoers among the mess of internet traffic.

UK / Germany Spy cable revealed: how telecoms firm worked with GCHQ 20 November 2014 Geoff White

One of the UK's largest communications firms had a leading role in creating the surveillance system exposed by Edward Snowden, it can be revealed.

UK 17 arrested over dark web drug deal claims - video 07 November 2014 Geoff White

Six Britons are among those arrested across Europe and America on suspicion of selling drugs on illegal online market places on the Dark Web.

Why your credit cards aren't as safe as you think 06 November 2014

Where does a cybercriminal go to fence their virtual stolen goods? is a giant store of stolen credit card information, freely accessible to anyone who wants to buy.

Technology Thousands at risk from credit card fraud website 06 November 2014 Geoff White

Thousands of British bank customers are at risk of fraud thanks to a website which offers a "one-stop shop" for anyone to buy credit card details stolen by hackers.

Why GCHQ boss's comments on internet security are a good thing 04 November 2014

In public is precisely the place where the question of internet security should be decided - not in the secrecy of the Cheltenham doughnut, nor in Silicon Valley's boardrooms.

Kerching! The tech battle for your wallet 03 November 2014

Tech giants hope to consign the grubby leather wallet/purse to the dustbin of history. The US is leading the charge and it's a three-way fight.

Whisper it quietly: who can you trust online? 17 October 2014

The reason so many online services are free is because they are selling your data out the back door: to advertising agencies or, in the case of Whisper, to websites like Buzzfeed.

How your desk is a jackpot for spies... 17 October 2014

The humble desk has a double life. On the one hand it is home to coffee rings and chewed biros. On the other, it is a window spies can use to access your private information. So how safe are you?

Snapchat: what your kids need to know 13 October 2014

The leaking of thousands of Snapchat users' photos online gives parents a valuable opportunity to talk to their kids about privacy.