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The perils of not owning your mobile phone 15 August 2014

Got your phone? It's in your bag, right? Along with all the other things you own. Not quite: in fact, the vast majority of us don't actually own our phones at all, we rent them.

Technology Data Baby at Latitude - how much would you share? 21 July 2014 Geoff White

How much would you share with a stranger? Pictures of your children? Your home address? Financial details? Channel 4 News took the Data Baby to meet Latitude festival-goers.

Technology Data Baby: internet snooping at Latitude festival 19 July 2014 Geoff White

Channel 4 News takes the Data Baby to Latitude and surprises festival-goers with their own online lives.

How the government controls your data: a timeline of data law 10 July 2014

The government has announced emergency legislation concerning the storing of our metadata. Here is a round-up of previous data laws - and how it has changed.

Which tech company is dominant in a globalised world? 05 July 2014

Does humanity have enough common ground to support truly global tech companies? Are there countries where Angry Birds just simply wouldn't fly?

Whose right is it to be forgotten, anyway? 04 July 2014

The story surrounding Google's removal of a link to BBC journalist Robert Peston's blog becomes ever more intriguing.

The truth about Facebook: it plays with your emotions all the time 30 June 2014

It's not just a clever use of technology, or a one-off experiment: tracking and manipulating your emotions are at the very heart of Facebook's success.

The man behind the 'Swiss Army knife' for hackers - GameOver Zeus 05 June 2014

The life of Evgeny Bogachev, the inventor of the GameOver Zeus virus, offers a fascinating glimpse into the development of computer viruses from bedroom business into global industry.

Five ways to protect your computer from cyber attack 04 June 2014

If you saw the story earlier this week about the foiling of some of the world's biggest cyber criminals, you might be on the hunt for tips to protect yourself online. Here are mine.

Technology How cyber criminals can steal your money - video 02 June 2014 Geoff White

Cyber crime expert Don Smith shows Channel 4 News how criminals remotely get into your computer ("they almost certainly have better access to your computer than you do") in order to steal "hard cash".