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Whisper it quietly: who can you trust online? 17 October 2014

The reason so many online services are free is because they are selling your data out the back door: to advertising agencies or, in the case of Whisper, to websites like Buzzfeed.

How your desk is a jackpot for spies... 17 October 2014

The humble desk has a double life. On the one hand it is home to coffee rings and chewed biros. On the other, it is a window spies can use to access your private information. So how safe are you?

Snapchat: what your kids need to know 13 October 2014

The leaking of thousands of Snapchat users' photos online gives parents a valuable opportunity to talk to their kids about privacy.

Can Apple's 'two sizes fit all' watch make customers tick? 09 September 2014

The launch of Apple's new watch had the audience in Cupertino on their feet. Hopefully, the company's product supply chain proves more robust than its live webcasts.

Technology How phone users risk exposing themselves - video 02 September 2014 Geoff White

After leaks of celebrity nudes exposed the downside of cloud-based image storage, Geoff White explains to how avoid the same thing happening to you.

You don't have to be a nude celebrity to be caught under a 'dark cloud' 01 September 2014

Celebrities or not, the devices in our hands are a window onto vast amounts of data gathered and stored all over the world.

Technology Real-life pop-up ads: coming to a phone near you 25 August 2014 Geoff White

New smartphone technology can pick up adverts when shoppers pass nearby "beacons". It is government funded, but privacy campaigners are worried about what happens to the data collected.

The perils of not owning your mobile phone 15 August 2014

Got your phone? It's in your bag, right? Along with all the other things you own. Not quite: in fact, the vast majority of us don't actually own our phones at all, we rent them.

Technology Data Baby at Latitude - how much would you share? 21 July 2014 Geoff White

How much would you share with a stranger? Pictures of your children? Your home address? Financial details? Channel 4 News took the Data Baby to meet Latitude festival-goers.

Technology Data Baby: internet snooping at Latitude festival 19 July 2014 Geoff White

Channel 4 News takes the Data Baby to Latitude and surprises festival-goers with their own online lives.