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The future of crime? 21 July 2016

Welcome to the future of crime: high volume, low margin.

The real Bitcoin scandal: revolutionary technology could end up in private hands 23 June 2016

Businesses allegedly connected with Craig Wright are still pursuing patent claims around the technology that created Bitcoin.

NHS Trust shares information of 1.6 million patients with a service run by Google 04 May 2016

News that an NHS Trust has shared the information of 1.6m patients with a service run by Google has raised concerns about how health data is being treated.

Arrests at TalkTalk subcontractor over personal data breaches 27 January 2016

Indian police have arrested three employees of a sub-contractor of TalkTalk, who are accused of stealing customers' data and using it to con them out of thousands.

Bitcoin 'inventor': the key facts 11 December 2015

What would you do for £300m? That¿s the current worth of the Bitcoin stash allegedly due to Dr Wright.

How scammers conned TalkTalk customers out of thousands of pounds 07 December 2015

A Channel 4 News investigation has identified two of the people behind the scamming of British customers of the telecoms giant TalkTalk.

Is Isis planning murderous cyber attacks? 17 November 2015

I've been covering cyber security for several years, but very, very rarely come across incidents that directly resulted in physical harm, let alone death.

UK TalkTalk hack - new details emerge 05 November 2015 Geoff White

It was one of the biggest hacks in recent history - more than a million people's sensitive data stolen and tonight - we've got inside information about how it could have been carried out.

What is Safe Harbor? 06 October 2015

Safe Harbor - as the spelling suggests, it's a US-focused invention. But what on earth is it, and why does today's European Court of Justice decision on it matter?

Terrorist hunters face awkward realities 05 October 2015

Most tech companies have a laser-like focus one goal: growing customer numbers. Complying with requests from foreign law enforcement agencies is not a priority