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/ United States Obama's clarion call for justice reform 15 July 2015 Felicity Spector

"That's not a justice system. It's an injustice system". In a sweeping call for reform - President Obama says too many Black Americans are locked up in jail.

World / United States Hillary Clinton's presidential bid: is America ready? 12 April 2015 Felicity Spector

Ready for Hillary? It seems America is so very, very ready. For the most important thing about a political journey is a story. And Hillary Clinton certainly has a story.

World / United States Grimm, Blair and Love: the new faces of Republican power 05 November 2014 Felicity Spector

The first black woman Republican in Congress, the 18-year-old legislator and a man being investigated for fraud: Channel 4 News looks behind the headlines of the US midterms.

World / United States Midterms 2014 - the $4bn bunfight for US power 04 November 2014 Felicity Spector

Democrat and Republican candidates across the United States have been trading insults in the most expensive midterm campaign ever. We look at six of the most close-fought contests.

UK From school lunch to office lunch: beyond the sad sarnie 17 June 2014 Felicity Spector

Bored with your dreary al-desko sandwich? As the government pledges to make school lunches healthier, what kind of choices are we making for our office lunch? And how could we do better?

World / Iran My enemy's enemy? US considers Iran co-operation 17 June 2014 Felicity Spector

They have been called state sponsors of terrorism - but now the United States is considering working together with Iran, as both countries try to stop Iraq disintegrating into chaos.

Culture / United States Philip Seymour Hoffman death highlights heroin spike 04 February 2014 Felicity Spector

The untimely death at the weekend of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has drawn attention to the unprecedented rise in the use of heroin across the United States.

World / United States State of the Union: Obama's middle class promise 28 January 2014 Felicity Spector

The economy has never been better - but his approval ratings have never been lower. As Barack Obama prepares for his State of the Union address tonight, what can he hope to achieve?

World / United States NY mayor de Blasio pledges radical change 24 January 2014 Felicity Spector

In charge of America's biggest city, with a budget of 45bn, New York's new mayor Bill de Blasio is less than a month into his job. So how is his fight against inequality going so far?

World / South Africa The power of forgiveness: Mandela's legacy to the world 06 December 2013 Felicity Spector

"The time for the healing of the wounds has begun." There was to be no revenge, no retribution. Instead Mandela showed the world another way to truth and justice: forgiveness.