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Politics 'Bedroom tax' - one year on, is it working? 01 April 2014 Channel 4 News

It is 12 months since the government removed its spare room subsidy, dubbed the "bedroom tax" by critics. It is designed to save money and free up under-occupied homes, so what effect has it had?

Politics Budget 2014: what to expect from George Osborne 19 March 2014 Channel 4 News

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his fifth budget on Wednesday. It is bound to include measures that could not have been predicted, but here is what we can expect.

UK Barristers walk out over cuts to legal aid 06 January 2014 Anna Leach

Barristers in England and Wales stage a half-day walkout in protest at government cuts to legal aid, which could leave them paid as little as 20 for a day's work.

Politics / Bulgaria Is UK benefit clampdown targeting Roma people ? - video 02 January 2014 Ciaran Jenkins

As benefits are tightened for migrants entering the UK, are Roma migrants being singled out unfairly by the government?

UK Autumn statement 2013: you be the chancellor 05 December 2013 Channel 4 News

What bright ideas would light up the UK economy for you? George Osborne has set out his plan for economic recovery, but Channel 4 News wanted to find out what people on the street would like to see.

UK Barristers' strike threat over cuts to legal aid 16 November 2013 Channel 4 News

Criminal barristers are threatening strike action if the government does not drop plans to slash legal aid, a leading QC warns.

Politics Labour pledges more free childcare for working families 23 September 2013 Felicity Spector

Twenty-five hours of free childcare funded by the state. Labour is promising to help working families beat the cost of living crisis - with a higher tax on banks to pay for it.

World / United States Detroit: bankrupt, but not without hope? 21 August 2013 Felicity Spector

Detroit: the US city turned failed state, where even the priceless art collection could be up for sale. But there is hope too, with signs of new development and jobs - a contrast to talk of despair.

World / United States Detroit files for bankruptcy - so what happens next? 19 July 2013

"Let me be blunt: Detroit is broke." Michigan's governor says the city has gone bankrupt after 60 years of decline. But can the city that was once a symbol of industrial might bounce back?

UK 10 things Britons think about Britain that are wrong 09 July 2013

Britons dramatically overestimate the amount of teenage pregnancy, crime and benefit fraud in the UK. A new report by Ipsos Mori checks the perceptions against the truth.