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UK Charlotte Church: 'I'd pay 70 per cent tax to save services' 04 June 2015

The singer Charlotte Church has said she would be prepared to pay a 70 per cent top rate of tax if it would end the governments austerity measures.

UK How big a homelessness problem does Britain have? 23 December 2014

The charity Crisis opens its doors to an expected 4,000 Christmas guests amid claims that benefit cuts are driving up homelessness.

UK Have street lighting cuts made roads more dangerous? 22 December 2014

Labour's Hilary Benn tells Channel 4 News that cuts in street lighting have made roads more dangerous and people feel unsafe walking home in the dark.

Business After the crisis: how the UK economy bounced back 25 July 2014

From the Northern Rock collapse, to crashed markets via bust banks, coalitions cuts and painful austerity, this clickable graphic tracks how the British economy recovered.

Business Why does my house earn more than me? - video 17 June 2014 Paul Mason

News that UK house prices are soaring echoes economist Thomas Piketty's warning that in the west we can now earn more by owning things than by working. Will the social fabric disintegrate as a result?

Business Why not everyone is benefiting from economic growth 29 April 2014 Channel 4 News

After years in the doldrums, Britain appears to be in the midst of sustainable growth. But it's not good news all round.

Politics 'Bedroom tax' - one year on, is it working? 01 April 2014 Channel 4 News

It is 12 months since the government removed its spare room subsidy, dubbed the "bedroom tax" by critics. It is designed to save money and free up under-occupied homes, so what effect has it had?

Politics Budget 2014: what to expect from George Osborne 19 March 2014 Channel 4 News

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his fifth budget on Wednesday. It is bound to include measures that could not have been predicted, but here is what we can expect.

UK Barristers walk out over cuts to legal aid 06 January 2014 Anna Leach

Barristers in England and Wales stage a half-day walkout in protest at government cuts to legal aid, which could leave them paid as little as 20 for a day's work.

Politics / Bulgaria Is UK benefit clampdown targeting Roma people ? - video 02 January 2014 Ciaran Jenkins

As benefits are tightened for migrants entering the UK, are Roma migrants being singled out unfairly by the government?