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Has doping row left Mo Farah exposed to guilt by association? 19 June 2015

The deafening silence from coach Alberto Salazar after accusations that he encouraged athletes to dope leaves Mo Farah exposed to something almost as damaging as guilt itself.

Mo Farah: do two missed dope tests really prove anything? 18 June 2015

The fact that Mo Farah missed two doping tests proves nothing. But given the fact that eyebrows have been raised for decades about Alberto Salazar's methods, why was he sent to Oregon?

UK Swimming numbers sinking fast despite Olympic ambitions 29 January 2015 Channel 4 News

Despite being the country's most popular sport, swimming in England has seen participation numbers plummet, with almost a quarter of a million fewer people heading for the pool in the last year.

UK 'A long way to go' - Paralympian on attitudes to disability 05 July 2014 Channel 4 News

As a survey suggest major improvements in attitudes towards disability as a result of the 2012 Paralympics, gold medalist Sophie Christiansen tells Channel 4 News it is time to stop focusing on sport.

Culture Do you need to be privileged to do well in sport? 21 June 2014 Mauro Galluzzo

A new report says white working-class children are failing at sport because they are not being encouraged enough in schools - but does class really matter when competing on the field?

World / United States Mo Farah collapses at end of New York half marathon 16 March 2014 Channel 4 News

Olympic champion Mo Farah collapses as he finishes second in the New York half marathon and is taken away in a wheelchair.

Politics / Scotland Salmond: UK social union set to continue - video 07 February 2014 Channel 4 News

Scotland's First Minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond disputes David Cameron's claim that independence north of the border would make the rest of the UK weaker.

UK Murray in pole position for Sports Personality - surely? 15 December 2013 Malcolm Boughen

The BBC's Sports Personality of the Year award is rarely won by a team player, but Wimbledon champ Andy Murray may not be a shoo-in.

UK / Switzerland London 2012 stuntman dies in Alps accident 15 August 2013 Channel 4 News

Mark Sutton, who parachuted into the Olympic Stadium dressed as James Bond during the London 2012 opening ceremony, dies in an apparent wingsuit accident in the Swiss Alps.

World / Somalia Farah: Barclays remittance plans 'two steps back' - video 06 August 2013 Cathy Newman

Olympian Mo Farah describes how Barclays' plans to close bank accounts of remittance services, used by foreign workers to send money home, will lead to Somali families going hungry.