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Putting a Muslim face on a new coalition of the willing 05 September 2014

The emphasis at the Nato summit has been on forming a new Iraqi government and putting a Muslim, regional face on any "coalition of the willing".

IS top of agenda at Nato summit 03 September 2014

It began as an offshoot of Al-Qaeda barely 18 months ago. Now Islamic State are more successful than Al-Qaeda ever were, with over 10,000 men under their command - and a self -declared caliphate in wh

Chilling message of the latest IS murder video 02 September 2014

The timing of the release of the latest Islamic State video, showing Steven Sotloff's murder, suggests the lives of other western hostages could be at risk.

World / Iraq Looking back at life in Iraq after IS captures Mosul - video 17 August 2014 Jonathan Rugman

In June, C4 News spoke to Christians forced into hiding after IS militants captured the city of Mosul in Iraq. They told refugees they should "trust" them , and promised not to hurt them.

World / Iraq Iraq: IS 'killed over 350 men' in Yazidi massacre - video 16 August 2014 Jonathan Rugman

In an exclusive interview, Yazidi leader Mirza Dinnayi claims Islamic State jihadists killed more than 350 men - far more than the 80 previously reported - and abducted 1,000 women and children.

Iraq crisis: talking to the Yazidi refugees 15 August 2014

Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect fleeing violence in Iraq take refuge in camps across Dohuk. Channel 4 News has been on the ground speaking to the refugees.

How many Yazidi refugees are still stranded on Mount Sinjar? 14 August 2014

The Sinjar mountain range is over 45 miles long. Are the Americans saying that the refugees are not spread out any more but have been moved into a concentrated area where they can be counted?

World / Iraq Iraq crisis: Yazidi refugees keen to leave for good - video 13 August 2014 Jonathan Rugman

In northern Iraq, the UN estimates that some 30,000 Yazidi refugees are on the move - driven from their homes and villages by the Islamic State fighters. And many of them want to flee Iraq for good.

Iraq: piles of aid lie idle as Yazidis starve and crews battle militants 12 August 2014

So far today I have only seen one Iraqi helicopter take off; the others were deployed on bombing missions against IS jihadists. Instead of being loaded with water, they were armed with rockets.

Helicopter carrying aid to Yazidis crashes in Iraq 12 August 2014

The pilot told me before he took off that he was worried he had too many passengers on board.