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World / Ukraine 'My heart is broken' MH17 mother's tears - video 21 July 2014 Channel 4 News

Silene Fredriksz-Hoogzand, whose son died in in the MH17 crash, says when she closes her eyes she sees her son lying on the ground. "He has to come home," she adds.

World / The Netherlands MH17 reaction: 'What can you do? Start a war?' - video 20 July 2014 Jonathan Rugman

Jonathan Rugman reports from the town of Hilversum, which lost three families. People there were angry, but also very cautious as to how to respond four days after the disaster.

A study in courage - mourning Pim de Kuijer 20 July 2014

Jonathan Rugman went to meet the family of Pim de Kuijer, a 32-year-old Dutch man who lost his life when flight MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine.

World / Ukraine Netherlands: mourning loved ones lost in MH17 crash - video 19 July 2014 Jonathan Rugman

Jonathan Rugman meets the family of 32-year-old Pim de Kuijer, an Aids campaigner who also worked as an election observer in Ukraine: who died in the very country where he'd campaigned for freedom

World Netherlands: a nation numbed by grief - video 18 July 2014 Jonathan Rugman

The Netherlands lost at least 173 Dutch nationals when flight MH17 crashed into a field in Ukraine. But how are the Dutch dealing with their grief and controlling their anger following the disaster?

World / Palestine 'Israel has violated the laws of war' - video 17 July 2014 Jonathan Rugman

David Mepham, UK director at Human Rights Watch, tells Channel 4 News Israel has "violated the laws of war" in its Gaza campaign which has left dozens of children dead.

When a cicada tried to get into my boxer shorts on live TV 15 July 2014

Sky News's Adam Boulton swallowed a fly during a live broadcast today. It reminded me of an incident 10 years ago, in the US, when a cicada edged towards my underwear as I spoke on camera.

World / Israel Why an Israel-Palestinian ceasefire is possible - video 11 July 2014 Jonathan Rugman

As the conflict escalates in full view of the world, Channel 4 News Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Rugman says the story you cannot see is more important than the story you can.

Yemen's top bombmaker: the world's most dangerous man? 03 July 2014

Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri can lay claim to being the most world's most dangerous man. And he has been linked to bomb fears which have seen the US step up airport security.

The time has come for a Kurdish state 01 July 2014

With Baghdad battling Isis militants, will Iraqi Kurds finally achieve the goal of an independent Kurdish state?