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First film from ground level of RAF strike in Iraq 02 October 2014

We don't know if there were civilian casualties: the peshmerga said they feared the jihadists had forced women to accompany them as human shields.

British strikes on Islamic State group begin: the view from Iraq 30 September 2014

As RAF Tornados carry out their first strikes against Islamic State militants, I report on what this means on the ground from Dohuk, northern Iraq.

Syrian town appeals for help 25 September 2014

The controversy over bombing inside Syria has left one town appealing for foreign help. Kurdish militia defending Kobane say they need coordinated air strikes to stop the IS advance.

World / Turkey Turkey: caught in the horns of a Kurdish dilemma 24 September 2014 Jonathan Rugman

Turkey is struggling to deal not only with thousands of Kurdish refugees fleeing Islamic State militants in Syria, but also re-energised ambitions among Turkish Kurds for their own independent state.

World / Syria Syrian refugees continue to cross into Turkey - video 23 September 2014 Jonathan Rugman

The United Nations Refugee Agency says almost 140,000 people - mainly Kurds - have crossed the border from Syria into Turkey since Friday.

Does new IS video offer some sort of grim good news? 18 September 2014

The latest Islamic State film, of Briton John Cantlie, does not show his last moments. Is this a major change in the jihadist group's tactics?

Putting a Muslim face on a new coalition of the willing 05 September 2014

The emphasis at the Nato summit has been on forming a new Iraqi government and putting a Muslim, regional face on any "coalition of the willing".

IS top of agenda at Nato summit 03 September 2014

It began as an offshoot of Al-Qaeda barely 18 months ago. Now Islamic State are more successful than Al-Qaeda ever were, with over 10,000 men under their command - and a self -declared caliphate in wh

Chilling message of the latest IS murder video 02 September 2014

The timing of the release of the latest Islamic State video, showing Steven Sotloff's murder, suggests the lives of other western hostages could be at risk.

World / Iraq Looking back at life in Iraq after IS captures Mosul - video 17 August 2014 Jonathan Rugman

In June, C4 News spoke to Christians forced into hiding after IS militants captured the city of Mosul in Iraq. They told refugees they should "trust" them , and promised not to hurt them.