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World Malaysia Airlines MH370 families demand answers - video 30 March 2014 John Sparks

With chants of "tell us the truth" families of missing passengers from the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 are demanding answers with mounting anger.

Flight MH370: looking for haystacks in the wrong field 28 March 2014

The recovery teams are quickly losing their best opportunity to find the plane. They have to find what is left of it to have any chance of understanding what really happened.

On the lookout 'indefinitely' for flight MH370 22 March 2014

We're walked to the edge of the runway, where the pilot tells us what he and rest of the crew saw - or in today's case what they didn't see.

World / Australia Australia dampens hopes of finding 370 debris - video 21 March 2014 John Sparks

After a day when there were no further sightings of possible wreckage from Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the extent of the challenge in trying to recover the plane and black boxes is becoming clear.

Missing Malaysia flight: deliberate and well-thought through? 17 March 2014

Last night Malaysia's transport minister told me flight MH370's data communication system had been deliberately disabled before the last verbal communication from the aircraft.

Missing Malaysia flight MH370: focus shifts west 14 March 2014

Once again, the Malaysian authorities offer little new information about the search for flight 370 at a well-attended press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

World / Malaysia Malaysia flight MH370: more confusion over missing plane 13 March 2014 Channel 4 News

Six days after the disappearance of flight 370, the awkward truth is that we are no closer to discovering what happened to this sophisticated jetliner and the 239 people on board.

Flight MH370: the puzzle gets even more perplexing 11 March 2014

The head of Malaysia's aviation authority called the disappearance of flight 370 an "unprecedented mystery" - on Tuesday the puzzle got even more perplexing.

The plane that disappeared 08 March 2014

There wasn't much that officials from Malaysian Airlines were able to say, other than the fact that flight MH 370, "had gone missing."

Burma's Rohingya suffering 'architecture of abuse' - report 26 February 2014

No one gets to decide where they are born, but if people had the power to choose, no one would want to be a Rohingya from north-west Burma.