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Thai PM says sorry after beach deaths 'bikini' comment 18 September 2014

After insensitive comments by Thailand's PM about the deaths of two Britons, the Thai government expresses regret and insists the safety of foreigners is of "highest priority".

Thai beach deaths: British brothers questioned 17 September 2014

Two British brothers who left the Thai island of Koh Tao where police are investigating the brutal murders of two British backpackers are stopped by police before boarding a London bound flight.

Thai beach deaths: police focus on Burmese community 16 September 2014

Police investigating the deaths of two young Britons, whose bodies were found on a beach on Thailand's Koh Tao island, are focusing their inquiries on the Burmese migrant community.

Two Britons found dead on Thai island beach 15 September 2014

A man and a woman have been found dead with head wounds on a beach in Koh Tao.

Canada becomes interesting! Thanks to Scotland's #indyref 15 September 2014

As a rule, the UK does not take much notice of Canada - so it comes as a pleasant surprise that for once, thanks to the Scottish referendum, recent Canadian history is now being discussed.

Meet the Grannies of China who won't stop dancing 07 September 2014

Life has never been so good for retirees in China. They have time, money and no shortage of people to socialize with and the number one activity is dancing.

Has Imran Khan lost Pakistan's latest political match? 06 September 2014

Imran Khan and Tahir ul-Qadri want a "popular coup" against Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif. But their experiment in democracy has encountered several basic glitches.

Pakistan election crisis - is history repeating itself? 31 August 2014

Pakistan seems to lurch from one political crisis to another and perhaps inevitably, it has got another full-blown emergency on its hands.

Flying Malaysia Airlines: something only 'brave travellers' do 26 August 2014

Passengers on Malaysia Airlines flights have been busy posting photos on Twitter of deserted cabins and rows and rows of empty seats.

Vietnamese communists call for end to... Vietnamese communism 30 July 2014

We don't spend much time talking about Vietnam, other than its allure as a holiday destination. But the time has come to talk about politics in this sickle-shaped nation.