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/ Thailand 'Thai police said they'd cut off my son's hands and feet' 24 October 2014 Channel 4 News

The father of one of the Burmese suspects accused of murdering British tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in Thailand says the pair were tortured into confessing to the crime.

Hong Kong protests: ready for talk, nothing to talk about 17 October 2014

We saw both two sides of Hong Kong's intractable political crisis through the steely eyes of the protagonists yesterday afternoon.

Hong Kong: barricades fall but expectations raised 14 October 2014

They tried to force them out with tear gas. They tried to scare them out with talk of 'dire consequences'. Now Hong Kong's police have quietly moved in to strip away barricades.

The powerful art behind Hong Kong's protests 06 October 2014

The main protest site in Hong Kong occupies a large inner-city motorway as well as side streets, bridges and squares and it has been turned into an extraordinary, open-air art gallery.

Big stakes in Hong Kong - are these the final hours? 05 October 2014

Will demonstrators return to work or stay out to prolong their protest? As China stiffens its tone, Hong Kong's chief executive mulls a momentous decision.

World / China Arrests in Hong Kong as rival protesters clash 04 October 2014 John Sparks

Thousands of rival protesters face off in Hong Kong resulting in 19 arrests, prompting fears that the unrest could take a violent turn.

Hong Kong clashes break out after counter-protest 03 October 2014

I am standing next to a hundred or so student protestors who look very young and very scared. Just 15 metres or so away are hundreds of angry people shaking their fists and screaming at them.

Pro-democracy protesters gather in Hong Kong on 'National Day' 01 October 2014

The underlining concern here is that a rapid escalation of the protests may provoke the authorities - and in particular the Chinese government - into using force against the demonstrators.

Hong Kong protests continue - but where are the police? 30 September 2014

Hong Kong's police force fired tear gas and pepper spray at demonstrators on Sunday. But officers have now withdrawn from the city centre, in a move that has disconcerted protesters.

Decision time in Hong Kong 29 September 2014

Hong Kong descends into chaos as the city's youthful protesters decide how far they want to push a pro-democracy movement in order to shut down the global financial hub.