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Aung San Suu Kyi: a painful metamorphosis 18 June 2015

For so long Burma's chief dissident, now the leader of a political party, Aung San Suu Kyi strongly denies any complacency against persecution.

Exposed: why naked photos offended many in Malaysia 12 June 2015

When travelling abroad it is a good idea not to make the locals mad. A lesson learned, perhaps, by four backpackers who pleaded guilty to committing an "obscene act in a public place" in Malaysia.

China cruise ship disaster: hundreds missing 02 June 2015

The ship sank within two minutes and no distress call was issued, although the captain and chief engineer are reported to have survived the incident. They are currently being questioned by police.

Malaysia's human traffickers adapt to survive - and are back in business 29 May 2015

Speed boats ferry people to shore from a giant ship hovering off the coast after the ransom is paid - and those who die onboard are simply tipped over the side.

Rohingya will not be saved by the new 'no push-back' policy 21 May 2015

As odious as the business of smuggling people across the Andaman Sea is, the traffickers and the "boat people" fleeing Burma and Bangladesh share a common cause.

Nightmare at sea ends for the 'green boat' migrants 20 May 2015

The mystery of the 'green boat' was solved this morning when 400-odd occupants of a rickety fishing trawler turned up on the Indonesian coast in the early hours of this morning.

Fears for remote areas of Nepal after more earthquakes 12 May 2015

Thousands run out on to the streets of Kathmandu as another deadly earthquake rocks Nepal.

Trafficking death camp in Thailand may be tip of the iceberg 05 May 2015

Four days ago a camp was found on the Thai-Malaysia border containing the graves of dozens of would-be migrants - and some believe there may be at least 60 more such camps.

Shocking discovery of Rohingya graves on Thai-Malaysia border 01 May 2015

The discovery on the Thai border of around 50 bodies, thought to be members of the marginalised Rohingya community, underlines the brutal nature of the trade in humans.

Indonesia's executions: a weak president acting tough 29 April 2015

The execution of eight convicted drug traffickers by Malaysia is a demonstration of the underlying weakness of the country's President.