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Koh Tao: why have an 'unusual number' of foreigners died there? 28 January 2015

Tourists take the boat to the island of Koh Tao to get away from it all but after a pair of brutal murders, two mysterious deaths, many people may feel inclined to keep well clear.

'National revolt' in Australia as Prince Philip awarded knighthood 26 January 2015

Online, Tony Abbott's decision has been treated with a large dollop of incredulity. It has been likened to an April Fool's Day prank.

World / Israel Thai workers' rights 'abused on Israeli farms' 21 January 2015 Channel 4 News

Thai farmers in Israel face low pay, hazardous working conditions and excessive working hours, according to a human rights group.

Meet the islanders stranded at sea for four months 20 January 2015

When a group of men from Papua New Guinea jumped in a boat and began a trip to a neighbouring island, they thought no further ahead than what they'd be eating for dinner.

Chained in cells: the plight of some of Cambodia's mentally ill 19 December 2014

The people of Cambodia have suffered like few others, but according to Father Kevin Conroy there are only 15 beds for psychiatric patients in the entire country.

In the Philippines, super typhoons are 'the new normal' 07 December 2014

Locals say climate change is making tropical storms more intense, as mass evacuations ahead of Typhoon Hagupit put most Fiilipinos out of harm's way.

Memories of Haiyan as Philippines braces itself for super typhoon Hagupit 06 December 2014

Like most people in the Philippines, we are waiting with some anxiety for the great collision - the moment when super typhoon Hagupit makes landfall on the archipelago's eastern shore.

Escaping China: the perilous journey of the Uighurs 22 November 2014

Nearly 300 Uighurs have been found sitting in silence on a mountain in Thailand. Asia correspondent John Sparks investigates and traces the escape route of thousands of Uighurs desperate to flee China

What's a political awakening worth? #OccupyCentral protests near end 21 November 2014

As the protest numbers dwindle, it's time to take stock. If the demonstrators decide to pack up their tents, what will they have to show for their efforts?

'Triads' behind spike in Hong Kong protest violence, gang leader claims 19 November 2014

A senior member of a one of Hong Kong's notorious gangs tells Channel 4 News triad members receive money to disrupt the protest movement and the police do not try to stop them.