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Presidential debate: the verdict on campus 27 September 2016

I watched the Presidential debate with about 100 students at Stony Brook University, Long Island, where Iżm on a one-semester fellowship. At least here they were allowed to cheer and clap, unlike the

Sanders time: why is America feeling the Bern? 31 August 2015

Bernie Sanders, America's answer to Jeremy Corbyn, is giving Hillary Clinton a scare in the campaign to get the Democratic nomination for next years US presidential election.

World / United States Hillary Clinton's presidential bid: is America ready? 12 April 2015 Felicity Spector

Ready for Hillary? It seems America is so very, very ready. For the most important thing about a political journey is a story. And Hillary Clinton certainly has a story.

World / United States How long will the US wait to see Hillary Clinton's emails? 05 March 2015 Channel 4 News

Hillary Clinton breaks her silence over her use of personal email for work when she was secretary of state, but it could be months before the emails are released, officials say.

US congressman: 'We rely on Britain like no other country' 16 September 2014

On UK independence, it's clear where Washington sits. It's all about ensuring that the country with which it enjoys a "special relationship" stays as strong and reliable as possible.

World / United States Clinton: I've run for president - but never been a granny 04 July 2014

With two years before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is coy about whether she will run. But the ex-first lady tells all about US policy on Putin: "If he will talk to us, we talk to him."

Arming Syria: when two sides go to war 28 May 2013

America has been split over what to do about Syria. Arm the rebels - or do nothing? President Obama wants to pull troops out - not put more in. But it could all become a nightmare.

World / United States Hillary Clinton: the report card 28 January 2013

As Hillary Clinton nears the end of her role as secretary of state, Bruce Riedel, former CIA strategist and presidential advisor, debates her record with Baroness Pauline Neville Jones.

World / United States Hillary for President? Mrs Clinton's secret weapon 28 January 2013 Felicity Spector

She has the experience, the support and an unrivalled fundraising team. Hillary Clinton would make a formidable candidate in 2016, but does she have what it takes to run a presidential campaign?

World / United States Hillary Clinton: goodbye or just see you later? 23 January 2013 Emma Clark

Hillary Clinton faces tough questions over Benghazi today. But with a new poll showing she is more popular with the public than ever, will she use this momentum for a 2016 presidential bid?