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Culture Not a concert but an experience: in rehearsal with John Cale 11 September 2014 Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Rehearsing his latest show, music pioneer John Cale discusses using drones on stage, his turbulent relationship with Lou Reed, the sexual abuse he suffered as a child and Scottish independence.

Politics / Israel 'The Israeli military does not target civilians' - video 16 July 2014 Jon Snow

As four boys die in a shell attack in Gaza, Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev says: "The story with these four boys is a tragedy - let's be clear the Israeli military does not target civilians."

World / United States US sends armed drones to Iraq 'to protect its troops' 28 June 2014

The US military says it has deployed armed manned and unmanned aircraft over Iraq to protect its soldiers, and may consider targeting "high value individuals".

World / United States Drone captures yacht engulfed in huge flames - video 22 June 2014

A 10m luxury yacht in California is destroyed by a giant blaze - all filmed by a drone deployed by the captain of a nearby boat when he saw a plume of black smoke pouring into the sky.

World Science fact and science fiction: a timeline of AI 09 June 2014 Jennifer Rigby

From Terminator to the Turing test, a timeline of the most significant developments in artificial intelligence (plus some pretty cool, and prescient, sci-fi books and films).

UK / United States US spy drone flies in UK airspace for the first time 29 May 2014 Sophie Robehmed

The Ministry of Defence reveals that an unmanned US spy drone flew through UK airspace three times recently as part of the Nato trial, Unified Vision.

World / United States 'Innocent' child's face targets drone operators 07 April 2014 Channel 4 News

A giant portrait of a child - intended to be seen by drone operators and US satellites monitoring the region - is unveiled on the ground in Pakistan in an attempt to "save innocent lives".

World / South Korea South Korea drone crash - did it come from the North? 01 April 2014 Channel 4 News

An unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, has crashed in South Korea, officials say, raising suspicions that it is a part of North Korea's burgeoning espionage arsenal.

Google and Facebook fight for web supremacy with drones and balloons 29 March 2014

Pilotless drones and high-altitude balloons are some of the ideas being mooted by the internet giants keen to dominate the infrastructure of the web.

UK / United States Need for 'more clarity' over UK drones programme 25 March 2014 Channel 4 News

MPs defend the UK military's controversial drones programme, saying pilots are not video-gaming "warrior geeks", and call for more clarity around their secretive use.