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UK Should the role of the Gurkhas be widened? 27 September 2016 Doug Beattie

If the Gurkhas really want equality then their usefulness should be subjected to the same objective scrutiny lavished on other regiments and corps, writes former soldier Doug Beattie.

World / Afghanistan Dodging bullets from a Taliban marksman 04 March 2011 Doug Beattie

"The Taliban marksman was off his game. The bullet landed short at the feet of a young soldier it was meant to kill." Captain Doug Beattie writes from Helmand on the changing threat of the insurgency.

World / Afghanistan Afghanistan: the relentless search for hidden bombs 28 February 2011 Doug Beattie

Captain Doug Beattie writes from the Afghan frontline on the relentless search for IEDs and recounts the courage of those whose job is to unearth the hidden bombs.

World / Afghanistan Afghanistan: nearly ten years, what progress in Helmand? 10 February 2011 Doug Beattie

As the war in Afghanistan approaches a milestone, Captain Doug Beattie writes from the Helmand frontline on how progress only comes with a price paid by both soldiers and the local population.

World / Afghanistan Afghanistan: the fight against fear 18 January 2011 Doug Beattie

For British troops in Afghanistan - and soldiers everywhere - the first battle to win is with themselves, writes Captain Doug Beattie in his latest blog from Helmand.

World / Afghanistan Afghanistan: rest and recuperation from the frontline 03 January 2011 Doug Beattie

R&R: part of a package needed to keep soldiers sane. Captain Doug Beattie MC writes for Channel 4 News on his short respite from fighting on the frontline in Afghanistan.

World / Afghanistan Afghanistan: providing for those caught in the crossfire 23 December 2010 Doug Beattie

As war rages in Afghanistan Captain Doug Beattie writes from the frontline for Channel 4 News on how efforts to provide basic necessities for the local population affect the success of the insurgency.

World / Afghanistan Killing and aiding the enemy: the work of war in Afghanistan 15 December 2010 Doug Beattie

Death is a full stop - it's the fate of the wounded that raises questions. Capt Doug Beattie writes exclusively from the frontline on the dilemma of helping those once intent on taking his life.

World / Afghanistan Return to Afghanistan: anguish of impending deployment 01 December 2010 Doug Beattie

"Should I be killed, this is what they will say about me". Captain Doug Beattie, awarded the Military Cross for bravery in Afghanistan, writes for Channel 4 News on his return to the frontline.