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World / United States Facebook investors sue banks over share flotation 23 May 2012 Channel 4 News

Facebook frenzy turns to fury amid claims banking giants Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and others tipped off a select number of investors about an analyst's negative report days before shares traded.

Science Millions of Barclays card users exposed to fraud 23 March 2012 Benjamin Cohen

Barclays customers using contactless bank cards could have their data stolen without even knowing through readers in new mobile phones, Channel 4 News can exclusively reveal.

Science Android apps share personal data with advertisers 04 March 2012 Benjamin Cohen

Many of the applications which users load onto their Android mobile phones are sharing personal data with advertisers without people's knowledge or permission, Channel 4 News has learned.

Science Facebook: smiling all the way to the stock market? 01 February 2012 Ben King

A crazy bubble price, or a sensational bargain? Channel 4 News Business Producer Ben King assesses rumours Facebook is about to launch on the public stock market, valued at $100bn.

Science Smart TV - the battle for your living room 15 January 2012 Benjamin Cohen

With the UK's analogue signal due to be finally switched off this year, the smart TV industry's biggest players are gearing up for a battle for Britain's living rooms.

Science Hackers publish personal data of top UK officials 09 January 2012 Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News understands a nuclear safety official has joined MPs and MoD staff on the list of thousands of people whose personal data has been leaked onto the internet by hackers.

UK Betfair forced to cancel 23 million horse racing payout 30 December 2011 Benjamin Cohen

A technical hitch on the gaming website Betfair left punters furious after a huge horse racing payout was cancelled, as our technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen reports.

Science Voice recognition and computers that answer back 26 December 2011 Benjamin Cohen

You can already tell a computer what to do - but what if it could answer back? Benjamin Cohen investigates a new wave of voice recognition technology.

UK Apple touch-screen patent war comes to the UK 10 December 2011 Benjamin Cohen

The maker of the iPhone is engaged in a global battle with other mobile phone manufacturers to protect the patented technology used on its smartphones.

Science Facebook forever? Death and the digital legacy 16 October 2011 Benjamin Cohen

Sharing our lives on social networks is now commonplace, but what happens when we are gone? Channel 4 News finds people are thinking more carefully about their digital legacy.