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World / United States North Korea urges joint Sony hack inquiry 20 December 2014

North Korea denies any involvement in the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures and offers to hold a joint inquiry with the United States.

World / Cuba Is the US-Cuban cold war coming to an end? 17 December 2014 Channel 4 News

They have been ideological enemies since the 1959 revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power. Now US President Barack Obama announces he wants to normalise relations with Cuba.

World / United States Obama speaks out on CIA torture report 10 December 2014

President condems the actions of the CIA, after the release of a damning report into the services use of torture, but will not be drawn on whether action should be taken against the service.

World / United States CIA torture report details 'ugly truth' - video 09 December 2014

Investigators deliver a damning indictment of CIA interrogation practices after the 9/11 attacks. Senate intelligence committee chair Dianne Feinstein calls the findings a stain on America's history.

World / United States No 'presidential pardon' for Republican aide Lauten 01 December 2014 Channel 4 News

Republican party staffer Elizabeth Lauten resigns after making scathing comments about the appearance and behaviour of the Obama daughters at the annual White House turkey pardoning event.

World / United States Ferguson braced for more unrest after night of violence 25 November 2014 Kevin Rawlinson

A night of rioting follows a grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer over the killing of black teenager Michael Brown. More National Guard reinforcements are being drafted in.

Ferguson braced after decision on Michael Brown shooting 25 November 2014

Preparations are in place in Ferguson, Missouri, to step up action on the streets after it was decided not to press charges against the policeman who killed teenager Michael Brown.

Free at last? Obama finally acts on US immigrants 21 November 2014

Obama could have made his big move on immigration years ago, but now faces a tough fight with congress over who should be allowed to stay.

World / United States Is President Obama serious about climate change? - video 15 November 2014

President Obama called on every nation to reach a global climate agreement. But in America, the new Congress has just taken the first step to approve a huge oil pipeline.

World / Pakistan Who shot Osama bin Laden? 07 November 2014

Members of the US navy Seal team that killed Osama bin Laden at his hideout in 2011 are making conflicting claims about who actually shot the al-Qaeda leader.