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World / Cuba Obama removes Cuba from terrorism list 15 April 2015 Channel 4 News

Barack Obama says he plans to remove Cuba from America's list of state sponsors of terrorism, as he seeks to restore diplomatic relations after a decades-long freeze.

Iran nuclear deal: the final scene set as deadline looms 31 March 2015

Politics as much as scientific detail will dictate in the next three months whether a nuclear deal with Iran will be the crowning glory of Barack Obama's presidency.

World / Israel The US-Israeli 'special relationship': the key questions 03 March 2015 Channel 4 News

Binyamin Netanyahu appeals to the US congress to reject a nuclear deal with Iran that Barack Obama is hoping to strike. Where does that leave US-Israeli relations?

Jeb Bush sets sail for 2016 presidential campaign 19 February 2015

Team Bush has set sail - but will have to wait more than 18 months to know whether it chose the right course.

World / Ukraine Ukraine conflict: US 'may supply arms to Ukraine' 09 February 2015

US President Barack Obama says he has not yet decided whether to send "lethal defensive weapons" to Ukraine, but this option is being "examined".

World / Saudi Arabia No cover-up: Michelle Obama's political message to Saudis 28 January 2015

Within moments of arriving in Saudi Arabia, US first lady Michelle Obama causes a Twitter furore by ignoring Saudi Arabia's strict dress code for women.

World / United States Video shows unarmed man shot dead by police in New Jersey 22 January 2015 Channel 4 News

A new video is released showing a black man being shot dead by US police officers as he steps out of a car with his hands raised. Warning: the video contains distressing images.

No Chilcot report on Iraq: absolutely no surprise 21 January 2015

No one knows how to delay an urgent inquiry into serious misjudgments, mistakes, and misdoings, than the British 'system'.

Obama: the president who will not go quietly 21 January 2015

it was an unscripted aside that ended up revealing the most in President Obama's State of the Union address: "I have no more campaigns to run."

David Oyelowo: Hollywood's problem with powerful black characters 19 January 2015

Revealing nominees for its major awards last week, the Academy suffered a massive diversity failure. elcome to post-racial America.