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Anders Behring Breivik 35 items found

World / Hungary The rise of far-right politics in Hungary - video 27 May 2013 Paraic O'Brien

Far-right Hungarian party Jobbik is one of the country's most successful political parties. It is anti-Semitic, anti-EU and anti-Roma and is described by some as the incarnation of the new Europe.

World / Germany Germany's 'biggest postwar Nazi trial' opens 06 May 2013 Channel 4 News

The surviving member of an underground neo-Nazi cell has gone on trial in Germany accused of being involved a series of racist murders, in the country's biggest postwar terror trial.

World / Norway Breivik: CCTV footage shows killer planting van bomb 27 November 2012 Channel 4 News

New CCTV film shows a van bomb parked by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo exploding, leaving eight dead. Breivik then went on a shooting spree, killing 69 people, mostly teenagers.

World / Norway Forensic psychiatrist: Breivik is not a monster 24 August 2012 Simon Israel

Anders Breivik's psychiatrist speaks to Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel about how she found Breivik to be "a normal man with quite weird ideas".

World / Norway Oslo court declares Anders Breivik sane 24 August 2012 Channel 4 News

A panel in Oslo declares Anders Behring Breivik sane and sentences him to 21 years in jail after he admitted killing 77 people including dozens of young people on the island of Utoya and in Oslo.

World / Norway Norway remembers massacre victims one year on 22 July 2012 Channel 4 News

Thousands of Norwegians gather in Oslo to remember the 77 people killed by Anders Behring Breivik in a bomb and gun massacre a year ago.

World / Norway Norwegians hold musical demo in defence of tolerant society 26 April 2012 Channel 4 News

Tens of thousands of Norwegians hold musical protests in towns across the country, following days of defiant testimonies by Anders Behring Breivik during his trial for the murder of 77 people.

UK / Norway Anders Breivik: 'I'm a nice person' 20 April 2012 Channel 4 News

Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik says he is a "nice person" who de-humanised his victims to carry out the bombing and shooting rampage that led to the deaths of 77 people.

World / Norway Breivik planned to decapitate former Norway PM 19 April 2012 Channel 4 News

Anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Breivik planned to capture and decapitate former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland during his massacre of 77 people last July.

World / Norway Acquittal or death, Anders Breivik demands in court 18 April 2012 Channel 4 News

The Norwegian, who's accused of murdering 77 people last summer has been giving evidence at his trial again today, refusing to answer questions about his alleged 'network' of far right extremists.