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article 22 September 2011 UK
Black Rod, snow shoes and shaving foam

Snow shoes, handcuffs and shaving foam are among the more unusual items confiscated from visitors to the Palace of Wesminster, as revealed by a freedom of information request.

article 29 August 2012 UK
Public sector outsourcing: the political connections

In the final part of our special series into the private companies who run some of our public services, Channel 4 News looks at the connections between the firms and government.

article 15 July 2011 UK
Squeeze on mortgage lending pushes rents over 700 per month

Average rents in England and Wales have broken the 700 per month barrier, with rents in London averaging over 1,000 per month.

article 26 August 2011 UK
Sabotage to blame in Nurofen Plus drugs mix-up?

An investigation is under way into how some packets of Nurofen Plus were swapped for the prescription anti-psychotic drug Seroquel.

article 26 September 2011 World, United States
US police 'maced peaceful protesters' in New York

Demonstrators taking part in the "Occupy Wall Street" campaign against corporate greed accuse New York police of heavy-handed tactics, including the use of mace spray.

article 19 September 2012 World, Colombia
Cops catch 'Colombian coke king Crazy Barrera'

Police in Venezuela arrest Daniel Barrera, one of Colombia's most wanted men, who is believed to be part of a gang responsible for smuggling 10 tonnes of cocaine each month to a Mexican drugs cartel.

article 22 July 2011 UK
Solicitors' phones 'hacked by News of the World'

Channel 4 News learns that media lawyer Mark Stephens may have been a target of phone hacking by the News of the World, as police investigate alleged attacks on the voicemails of solicitors.

article 11 July 2012 UK
Who cares about social care?

We all hope to grow old one day. So why does the question of how we'll pay for our social care fail to light the political touchpaper.

article 20 August 2012 World, China
China v Japan islands row - why should we care?

Japan and China are in dispute over rights to a group of uninhabited islands in the East China sea. Channel 4 News examines what is behind the flare-up and why the islands are so important.

article 15 August 2012 UK
Do you know who runs your world?

Desperate to cut costs, the NHS, police and councils are outsourcing more work to private firms. In the first of a special series, Channel 4 News asks if saving money means losing transparency?