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article 17 May 2011 World, Ireland
Queen makes historic Ireland visit amid IED threat

As the Queen begins her historic state visit to Ireland, Carl Dinnen in Dublin writes that the majority are pleased to see her there - but those who are not will be trying to make themselves heard.

article 18 May 2011 World, Ireland
Queen gets Guinness lesson on Ireland visit

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are served a pint of Guinness on day two of their visit to Ireland - but the royal couple resist the temptation to try Ireland's most famous export.

article 01 March 2014 Culture, Scotland
The next king or queen of Scotland

If Scotland goes its own way, Alex Salmond says he'll keep the Queen. But what if she doesn't fancy the job? From Belgium's bonnie prince to Tilda Swinton, Channel 4 News looks at who's next in line.

article 11 April 2013 UK, Argentina
The Queen and Jeremy Clarkson among Thatcher funeral guests

As details of the guests at Margaret Thatcher's funeral emerge, the decision of the Queen to attend remains controversial, as does the scale of the ceremony.

article 16 May 2011 UK, Ireland
Queen's Ireland visit aims to heal old wounds

Security is on high alert across Ireland as the country prepares for its first-ever visit from the Queen. Carl Dinnen says the success of the trip is crucial for both Ireland and the UK.

article 19 May 2011 World, Ireland
Queen speaks of 'regret' during Ireland visit

The Queen offers her "deep sympathy" for those who suffered as a result of the troubled past and "regrettable reality" of Britain and Ireland but stopped short of an apology.

article 17 May 2011 UK, Ireland
Queen's visit to Ireland: 'We are ready now to move on'

Irish historians tell Channel 4 News the Queen's visit to Ireland is "momentous", showing all sides are ready to move on - not least because of the global political and economic realities.

article 18 May 2012 UK
Protests over 'tyrants' at Queen's Jubilee lunch

Human rights activists are outraged that the King of Bahrain will lunch with the Queen today at Windsor Castle - after his regime was accused of a brutal crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners.

article 25 December 2010 UK
Queen's speech focuses on sport to build communities

The Queen highlighted the importance of sport as a medium to help build communities and create harmony in her Christmas Day message to the nation.

article 05 June 2012 UK
Queen thanks nation for 'humbling' jubilee

On the final day of the Diamond Jubilee holiday, the Queen thanks the nation for a "humbling experience" and says she has been "deeply touched" by the celebrations.