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article 13 October 2011 World, Thailand
Thailand's floods threaten Bangkok

As authorities in Bangkok attempt to defend Thailand's capital from severe flooding, Channel 4 News Asia Correspondent John Sparks reports from north of the city where swathes of land are inundated.

article 17 August 2015 World, Thailand
Bangkok bomb: blast kills at least 16

A bomb on a motorcycle kills at least 16 people and injures dozens more at a Hindu shrine in central Bangkok.

article 19 August 2015 World, Thailand
Bangkok bomber 'part of terror network'

Thai police say they believe the bomber who killed 20 people at a Bangkok shrine was part of a network, as they identify two new suspects.

article 18 October 2011 World, Thailand
Bangkok still on alert as Thai floods continue

Despite escaping a deluge from heavy monsoon rains and high tides, Thailand's capital remains in danger from flooding, says Bangkok's governor. Channel 4 News's John Sparks is there.

article 16 October 2011 World, Thailand
Bangkok battles Thai floods

A third of the country is underwater, but officials in Thailand are confident that the capital Bangkok will be protected from the floods. From Bangkok our Asia Correspondent John Sparks reports.

article 21 October 2011 World, Thailand
Bangkok braced for flooding

The Thai capital Bangkok is under threat from the country's worst flooding in 50 years.

article 18 August 2015 World, Thailand
British woman among Bangkok bomb attack dead

A British national was killed in the attack on the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond confirms.

article 22 May 2015 World, Thailand
Bangkok: students protest against military rule

Students stage protests against the Thai authorities, a year after the army seized power from an elected government.

article 22 October 2011 World, Thailand
Battle to save Bangkok from deadly floods

The authorities are fighting to save the Thai capital from being submerged under three metres of water.

article 14 February 2015 World, Thailand
Only in Bangkok: the world's weirdest Valentine's Day ritual

Forget chocolates and flowers: death, rebirth, cross-dressing and chariot rides come together in a very Thai celebration of love.