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article 23 November 2010 UK
Rail fares face 6.2 per cent increase

Train passengers face a rise in rail fares of an average of 6.2 per cent in January - an "outrageous" figure that masks the real rise from individual companies, campaigners tell Channel 4 News.

article 22 October 2010 UK
Train fares hiked despite manifesto promise

Commuters face a rise in rail fares following cuts to the transport budget despite promises in one coalition partner's manifesto. A Liberal Democrat MP tells Channel 4 News the hike is "regrettable".

article 02 January 2013 UK
Rail fare rises take effect on UK trains

As rail fare price hikes kick in on trains across the country, campaigners call for an end to above-inflation rises amid widespread anger at continuing increases.

article 13 August 2013 UK
Rail protests over 4.1 per cent train fare hike

With train fares set to rise by an average 4.1 per cent in January, campaigners say the rise will be the sixth time in seven years that rail fares have outstripped wages.

article 02 January 2013 UK
Rail fare rises: Is commuting becoming 'an extravagance'?

As passengers face inflation-busting fare rises on the first working day of 2013, Channel 4 News reveals the extent that commuting by rail has become unaffordable for many low income workers.

article 14 August 2012 UK
Protests over rising rail fares

Unions, transport campaigners and rail passenger groups launch a day of action to protest at "massive" fare increases and cuts to jobs and services.

article 14 August 2012 UK
Inflation shock as train fares set to soar

Hard-hit rail commuters face a greater-than-expected 6.2 per cent hike in average fares in the new year after official figures revealed a shock rise in the inflation rate.

article 16 August 2011 UK
Rail fares set to jump 8 per cent

Commuters face more train travel misery as high inflation means ticket prices will increase by 8 per cent or more.

article 09 October 2013 UK
Government targets rail fares in cost of living blitz

Rail passengers struggling with yearly inflation-busting fare increases are being offered some respite by the government, but will still be hit in the pocket.

article 04 January 2013 UK
Avoid rush-hour rail fare increases, report warns

Plans to raise fares for commuters travelling at the height of rush hour should be ruled out, according to a report by MPs published today.