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article 02 December 2012
Starbucks in talks with taxman

Starbucks is reviewing its tax position following talks with HMRC and a public outcry led by UK critics who say the US coffee giant isn't paying its fair share of tax.

article 19 November 2014 World, United States
Is Bob Marley about to become the Starbucks of cannabis?

The reggae superstar's family team up with a private equity firm to launch Marley Natural, selling his favourite strain of weed (where it's legal in the US), plus skin creams and accessories.

article 11 May 2011 World, United States
Starbucks boss Schultz attacks high coffee prices

The current high price of coffee on commodity markets is down to "financial institutions orchestrating an unnatural acute rise" Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz complains to Channel 4 News.

article 12 November 2012 Business
Starbucks, Amazon and Google grilled by MPs on tax

Representatives of the three international companies are called before MPs to face charges that they were using legal but undesirable methods to minimise tax payments in the UK.

article 24 January 2012 World, United States
An extra shot with that? Starbucks to sell booze

The giant coffee chain is turning its baristas into bar staff by offering wine and beer in a selection of US stores. But do customers really want alcohol alongside their soy decaff latte?

article 09 October 2013 Business
Baking bad - how Starbucks provoked a duffin backlash

Is it a doughnut? Is it a muffin? No - it's a David vs Goliath trademark dispute as the owner of a small London bakery chain takes on the might of Starbucks UK over a recipe she claims as her own.

article 16 October 2012 Business
Starbucks 'paid no UK income tax' since 2009

The international coffee chain reported losses in the UK and has paid no corporation tax since 2009 despite sales of 1.2bn, prompting renewed calls for changes to the UK tax system.

article 06 December 2012 Business
Starbucks: 'We'll pay extra tax'

Starbucks pledges to pay around 20m in corporation tax over the next two years after being accused of "immorally" slashing its tax bill.

article 23 June 2013 Business, United States
Starbucks pays UK corporation tax for first time since 2009

Coffee shop chain Starbucks pays 5m in corporation tax - its first such payment since 2009, the company confirms.

article 18 September 2013 World, United States
One shot or two? Guns not welcome here, says Starbucks

The coffee chain Starbucks bans customers from carrying guns openly in its stores across the United States.