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European Union

Channel 4 News reports on the European Union

European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.

article 10 January 2014 European Union
'Stop stoking up fears about immigration' - EU chief

British ministers are stoking fears about European Union migrants to distract voters from the real problems, a top EU official claims.

article 30 June 2014 UK, European Union
David Cameron: Tories can 'deliver' on EU reforms

David Cameron says he can "deliver" on European Union reforms, despite a failed attempt to block former Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker's path to the European Commission presidency.

article 19 May 2014 UK, European Union
European parliament elections: the key questions

Parties are campaigning for the European elections - but how much do we really know about what goes on in Brussels and the European parliament?

article 13 May 2014 Culture
EU ruling on Google data risks 'opening the floodgates'

An individual's "right to be forgotten" is backed by the EU high court, which rules that Google must remove data from its search listings if asked, leaving lawyers, tech firms and Google reeling.

video 07 February 2014

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US and EU 'on the same page' on Ukraine - video

Michael McFaul, the US ambassador to Russia, plays down reports of a rift between Washington and Brussels over the future of Ukraine.

European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.

article 28 June 2014 Politics
Hunt accuses EU leaders of 'cowardice' for backing Juncker

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says European leaders went back on private promises to back Prime Minister David Cameron in his battle to block an appointee for EU Commission president.

article 18 May 2014 UK, European Union
The United States of Europe: EU's answer to Russia?

Only a strong single European state would be able to fend off the threat from Russia and solve the euro crisis, a prominent supporter of a federal Europe tells Channel 4 News.