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article 31 August 2015 Politics
EU ministers to hold extraordinary meeting on migrant crisis

The European Union has called for an emergency meeting to tackle the escalating migrant crisis.

European Union

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European Union

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article 02 July 2015 World, Italy
'It's unthinkable that Britain could leave the EU'

Italy's foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni, tells Matt Frei he cannot contemplate a UK exit from the EU. He also warns that migration could become a "great problem".

article 25 June 2015 World, Syria
Migrant crisis sets nation against nation within EU

With hundreds of migrants being rescued daily from overloaded boats in the Mediterranean, the EU is struggling to agree on an adequate response to the new arrivals.

article 25 August 2015 World, Germany
Dublin Procedure: Germany says EU rule 'not working'

Germany has finally publicly acknowledged that one of the cornerstones of EU migration management policy - the Dublin procedure - does not work any more.

article 31 May 2015 UK, Russia
Russia blacklist: EU criticises 'unjustified' travel ban

Nick Clegg is among 89 European Union politicians and other senior figures who have been banned from entering Russia, according to a confidential Russian "stop list".

video 21 October 2014 UK, Germany

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The Mogg, the EU and the Munich beer festival - video

Should Britain stay in the EU? Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg heads down to Munich to canvas opinion from revellers at the Oktoberfest.

article 28 June 2014 Politics
Hunt accuses EU leaders of 'cowardice' for backing Juncker

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says European leaders went back on private promises to back Prime Minister David Cameron in his battle to block an appointee for EU Commission president.

article 07 June 2015 UK
Fifty Tories 'to lead EU exit bid'

A group comprising dozens of Conservative MPs is poised to campaign against Britain's EU membership if David Cameron fails to secure radical reform.