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European Union

Channel 4 News reports on the European Union

article 30 August 2016 World, Ireland
Apple and Ireland pledge to fight EU tax ruling

Apple and Ireland say they will contest an EU tax ruling that has landed the American tech giant with a 13 billion euro bill.

European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.

article 31 October 2012 Politics
Government loses vote on EU budget

David Cameron fails to persuade enough rebels to back down on demands for a real-terms cut in the EU budget, losing a Commons vote by 307 to 294.

article 25 June 2015 World, Syria
Migrant crisis sets nation against nation within EU

With hundreds of migrants being rescued daily from overloaded boats in the Mediterranean, the EU is struggling to agree on an adequate response to the new arrivals.

article 10 December 2011 UK, France
Cameron at crossroads after EU veto

As Conservative backbench MPs welcome David Cameron home from Brussels after his decision to veto EU treaty changes, is the euro actually any closer to being saved?

European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.

video 21 October 2014 UK, Germany

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The Mogg, the EU and the Munich beer festival - video

Should Britain stay in the EU? Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg heads down to Munich to canvas opinion from revellers at the Oktoberfest.

article 01 March 2012 Science
Google faces EU investigation over privacy

Google is rolling out its new privacy policy from today, despite warnings from EU authorities that its pooling of user data might breach European law.

article 12 January 2014 Politics
Conservative MPs call for UK veto over EU laws

More than 90 Conservative MPs write to David Cameron urging him to give parliament a national veto over current and future EU laws.