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European Union

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European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.

article 02 July 2015 World, Italy
'It's unthinkable that Britain could leave the EU'

Italy's foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni, tells Matt Frei he cannot contemplate a UK exit from the EU. He also warns that migration could become a "great problem".

article 25 June 2015 World, Syria
Migrant crisis sets nation against nation within EU

With hundreds of migrants being rescued daily from overloaded boats in the Mediterranean, the EU is struggling to agree on an adequate response to the new arrivals.

article 03 November 2015 UK, Germany
George Osborne: what UK wants from new EU deal

George Osborne sets out what the UK hopes to achieve from its EU renegotiation, saying that countries that are not members of the euro should not be discriminated against.

article 28 June 2014 Politics
Hunt accuses EU leaders of 'cowardice' for backing Juncker

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says European leaders went back on private promises to back Prime Minister David Cameron in his battle to block an appointee for EU Commission president.

video 21 October 2014 UK, Germany

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The Mogg, the EU and the Munich beer festival - video

Should Britain stay in the EU? Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg heads down to Munich to canvas opinion from revellers at the Oktoberfest.

article 18 July 2011 Business
EU Leaders still divided on debt crisis

Europe's leaders remain divided over how to respond to the debt crisis which threatens the very existence of the Euro. Three days before a summit they must agree a second bailout package for Greece.

article 22 September 2015 World, Syria
Migrant crisis: EU ministers agree plan

European ministers agree a plan to share out 120,000 asylum seekers across the EU, despite opposition from former communist countries.

video 24 October 2014 UK, France

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'We can't just stay in the EU and complain' - video

Britain's new 1.7bn EU bill has given the UK "1.7 billion very good reasons to seek a different kind of relationship", says Tory Eurosceptic MEP Daniel Hannan.