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European Union

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European Union

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article 17 April 2014 World, Ukraine
US, EU and Russia urge 'de-escalation' of crisis in Ukraine

After international talks in Geneva, the Russian foreign minister and the US Secretary of State both call for "de-escalation" in Ukraine and agree to expand an international monitoring mission.

article 21 March 2014 World, United States
EU leaders sign agreement with Ukraine

David Cameron and other European leaders sign an association agreement with Ukraine that extends the EU's sphere of influence but risks antagonising Russia.

article 15 January 2014 UK, European Union
George Osborne warns the EU to 'reform or decline'

George Osborne emphasises Tory determination to reform the European Union, saying Europe is at risk of falling behind Asia's economic titans.

article 12 March 2014 World, European Union
EU referendum 'unlikely' under Labour - Ed Miliband

A future Labour government would not hold an in/out referendum on EU membership unless there are moves to transfer fresh powers to Brussels, Ed Miliband says.

article 27 November 2013 UK, Kenya
Cameron vows to 'change the rules' on EU benefits

David Cameron's plans to make it harder to stop new arrivals from the EU getting out-of-work benefits for three months in a bid crack down on immigration have been criticised by a top EU official.

article 12 December 2011 UK
Clegg absent as Cameron defends EU veto decision

As David Cameron makes efforts to smooth the growing Europe rift inside the coalition, Political Editor Gary Gibbon says Nick Clegg's absence in the Commons was the key talking point earlier.

article 17 March 2014 World, Ukraine
US and EU impose sanctions on Russia after Crimea vote

America and the European Union impose asset freezes and travel bans on officials from Russia and Ukraine following the referendum in Crimea.

video 21 February 2014 World, Ukraine

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EU throws weight behind new Ukraine deal - video

Former US national security adviser Samuel Berger praises the EU's role in the Ukraine peace deal. But the Voice of Russia's Dmitry Linnik says the EU should have accepted tripartite talks last year.