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European Union

Channel 4 News reports on the European Union

European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.

article 17 March 2014 World, Ukraine
US and EU impose sanctions on Russia after Crimea vote

America and the European Union impose asset freezes and travel bans on officials from Russia and Ukraine following the referendum in Crimea.

article 30 June 2014 UK, European Union
David Cameron: Tories can 'deliver' on EU reforms

David Cameron says he can "deliver" on European Union reforms, despite a failed attempt to block former Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker's path to the European Commission presidency.

article 12 December 2011 UK
Clegg absent as Cameron defends EU veto decision

As David Cameron makes efforts to smooth the growing Europe rift inside the coalition, Political Editor Gary Gibbon says Nick Clegg's absence in the Commons was the key talking point earlier.

article 19 May 2014 UK, European Union
European parliament elections: the key questions

Parties are campaigning for the European elections - but how much do we really know about what goes on in Brussels and the European parliament?

article 01 March 2012 Science
Google faces EU investigation over privacy

Google is rolling out its new privacy policy from today, despite warnings from EU authorities that its pooling of user data might breach European law.

article 11 January 2013 Politics
Could Britain end up leaving the EU? The key questions

The prospect of Britain pulling out of the European Union is now being openly discussed in capitals across the world. Why is this happening now?

article 23 January 2013 Politics
Cameron pledges in-out Europe referendum

In the most important foreign policy speech of his premiership, David Cameron promises a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union if the Conservatives win the next election.

European Union

The latest news and video on the European Union from Channel 4 News.