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article 12 July 2012 UK
Police use water cannon to break up Belfast protesters

Politicians on all sides appeal for calm as police use a water cannon to disperse protesters after an Orange march passes through the mainly Nationalist area of north Belfast.

article 04 December 2012 UK, Ireland
Was Belfast flag riot part of a loyalist backlash?

Violent scenes outside Belfast city hall show that sectarian divisions remain strong in the city. As Sinn Fein gain more ground, are they provoking a backlash by loyalists?

article 05 January 2013 UK
Shots 'fired at police' after Belfast flag protest

A man is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder as police investigate reports of gunfire and use water cannons against protesters throwing missiles and fireworks, after a flag rally in Belfast.

article 08 December 2012 UK, Ireland
Belfast protest: loyalists torch Irish tricolour

Some 2,000 demonstrators rally at City Hall where loyalists torch an Irish tricolour but there were no immediate reports of clashes. Police blame paramilitaries for violence over the flag.

article 06 September 2011 UK
High alert in Belfast as loyalist 'supergrass' trial begins

At one of the biggest paramilitary trials in decades, loyalist Mark Haddock is accused of ordering the murder of a rival.

article 28 September 2012 UK
Tensions rise in Belfast ahead day of Ulster parades

The Ulster Covenant wasn't the only thing that led to the birth of Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom, but it was one of the main ones.

article 07 December 2012 World, United States
Clinton uses visit to condemn Belfast violence

Speaking in Belfast, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says violence is "never an acceptable response" to political disagreement. But is she using her visit to launch a bid for the White House?

article 11 August 2013 UK, Ireland
Six charged over Belfast Loyalist riots

Police have charged six of the seven people arrested during riots in Belfast on Friday evening but tensions remain high over an IRA commemoration.

article 13 July 2013 UK
MP hit by brick in Belfast clashes - video

Democratic Unionist Party MP Nigel Dodds and seven police officers are among those injured after a night of violence in Northern Ireland.

article 04 September 2012 UK, Ireland
Trouble flares for second night in Belfast

A second night of serious disorder in Belfast injures 15 police officers - posing an immediate challenge for Theresa Villiers, the new Northern Ireland secretary.