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article 30 July 2013 Politics
Disabled campaigners lose 'bedroom tax' challenge

Judges rule that the government's new "bedroom tax" does not unlawfully discriminate against disabled people in social housing.

article 15 July 2014 Politics
'Bedroom tax' study raises serious questions

The day of a major cabinet reshuffle can often be used for other purposes, for example quietly unveiling a report into the much-criticised "bedroom tax". So is the much-maligned policy working?

article 30 January 2013 UK
The 'bedroom tax' - the key questions

From April, an under-occupation penalty will be served on housing benefit claimants with a spare room or rooms. Dubbed the "bedroom tax", Ciaran Jenkins explains how it works.

article 19 September 2013 UK
How to beat the 'bedroom tax'

Social housing tenants in Fife are using housing law from the 1980s to successfully challenge demands for extra rent under the so-called bedroom tax.

article 06 February 2013 UK
'Bedroom tax' will cost taxpayers more

The government's controversial new "bedroom tax" will cost rather than save money in parts of the country, it has been claimed. Reporter Ciaran Jenkins explains.

article 22 February 2013 UK
'Bedroom tax': no U-turn, says DWP

The Department for Work and Pensions says there will be "no change" to its controversial housing benefit reform, dubbed the "bedroom tax".

article 05 September 2014 Politics
Coalition split over controversial 'bedroom tax'

The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives clash over a Commons bill that is seeking to reform the government's so-called "bedroom tax".

article 19 September 2013 UK
Tenants in arrears 'because of bedroom tax'

Half of tenants hit by the so-called "bedroom tax" have been pushed into rent arrears just weeks after its introduction, according to the body representing housing associations.

article 21 February 2014 UK
Bedroom tax 'unlawful' appeal rejected by court

The court of appeal upholds the legality of government cutbacks in the benefits system, as judges reject accusations that the so-called "bedroom tax" unlawfully discriminates against the disabled.

article 28 February 2013 UK
'Bedroom tax' is 'appalling' says paediatrician

Cuts to housing benefit for families with disabled children are "ludicrous", "unfair" and "appalling", according to a group of medical experts speaking exclusively to Channel 4 News.