post 28 October 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Can Jim Murphy save Scottish Labour?

Jim Murphy is expected to declare his candidacy for the leadership of Scottish Labour in the next 48 hours, but some commentators say he has too much Blairite baggage to carry off the job.

article 25 October 2014 UK, Scotland
What's happening to the Labour party?
What's happening to the Labour party?

Tony Blair trashes claims he said Ed Miliband will lose the general election, while Johann Lamont, leader of the Scottish Labour party, steps down after attacking colleagues in Westminster.

article 25 September 2014 UK, Scotland
Ryder Cup golf wives and girlfriends (Reuters)
by Golf's great Ryder Cup spectacle - plus Nigel Farage

Europe and the US are ready for battle in golf's Ryder Cup. Oh, and Ukip leader Nigel Farage has popped up in a pretty odd Paddy Power ad for the contest too.

article 24 September 2014 UK, Scotland
by Rise of Nicola Sturgeon: from 'nippy sweetie' to SNP leader?

She was the public face of the Yes campaign and is now running for SNP leader - just as her party becomes the UK's third biggest. Meet the woman who used to be known as "scary".

article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
Lower voting age to 16, says Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond says the referendum proved 16- and 17-year-olds can be trusted to vote, and tells Scottish politicians they need to hold Westminister's "feet to the fire" over devolution promises.

article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
Yes or no? Will the real Andy Murray please stand up?

Andy Murray says his tweet backing the Scottish independence yes campaign was "out of character" - but this is not the first time that Murray has left fans confused about where his allegiances lie.

article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
SNP UK's third biggest party after surge in members

Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party says over 22,000 people signed up since the referendum vote last Thursday, putting the party's membership size ahead of the Liberal Democrats.

post 22 September 2014
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Did this man help secure victory for the #indyref no campaign?

Does the name Jean Chrétien sound familiar? Perhaps it should. It certainly is to the Westminster politicians who sought his advice as they fought to keep Scotland a part of the union.

video 21 September 2014 UK, Scotland

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Alex Salmond: movement to independence is 'irresistible'

Alex Salmond tells Channel 4 News that the movement to independence is "irresistible" as it is backed by the younger generation - and adds that older scots were "scared" into voting no.