article 03 March 2015 World, Russia
Mourners gather for Boris Nemtsov funeral in Moscow

Hundreds of Russians, many carrying red carnations, attend the funeral of Boris Nemtsov, the Kremlin critic who was shot dead last week.

article 02 March 2015 World, Russia
Boris Nemtsov in 2013 (Getty Images)
Russia's opposition after Nemtsov - the key questions

What does the future hold for Russian politics after one of its most prominent opposition activists was gunned down in front of CCTV cameras, just 200 metres from the Kremlin?

article 01 March 2015 World, Ukraine
Thousands march in Moscow to remember Boris Nemtsov

Tens of thousands of supporters march through Moscow in memory of Kremlin opposition figure, Boris Nemtsov, whose murder has increased concern about Russia's future among opponents of President Putin.

article 28 February 2015 World, Russia
Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow

US President Barack Obama condemns the "brutal murder" of Boris Nemtsov, the most prominent opposition figure of Vladimir Putin's 15-year rule, who was found shot dead outside the Kremlin.

post 25 February 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: is the UK set to break its Nato defence spending obligations?

Will Britain stick to its commitment to spend at least 2 per cent of GDP on defence?

article 25 February 2015 World, Ukraine
Life in eastern Ukraine: under the ceasefire

Many displaced residents in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk still cannot return to their home despite an ongoing ceasefire agreement.

post 24 February 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Mariupol - the next front in the Ukraine war?

The war has come south. The prize? Why, Mariupol, of course, whose steelworks must surely be one of the biggest industrial plants on earth.

article 24 February 2015 World, Ukraine
From ceasefire to retreat: 10 days on Ukraine's front line

Seven days ago, fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine was running down ahead of the Minsk ceasefire. One week on, Debaltseve has fallen and Kiev is humiliated.

article 24 February 2015 World, Ukraine
Has he read the news? Putin says Ukraine war 'unlikely'

Russian President Vladimir Putin rejects the "apocalyptic scenario" of war with Ukraine, amid continued reports of a crumbling ceasefire.