article 29 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Have soldiers' selfies given away Russia's role in Ukraine?

Russia continues to deny its soldiers are operating officially in Ukraine. Russian soldiers have been rushing to delete information on Instagram that may tell a different story.

article 28 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Satellite image of Russian troops in Ukraine (Digital Globe)
Nato images - 'proof' Russian soldiers inside Ukraine

Nato releases satellite imagery which it says shows well over 1,000 Russian combat soldiers operating inside Ukraine, armed with sophisticated weaponry.

post 28 August 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Ukraine: is Mariupol the new front in separatist war?

The chimneys of Mariupol - where one the the biggest integrated steelworks in the world dominates the city skyline outside for miles - the new strategic significance in Ukraine.

article 27 August 2014 World, Ukraine
'Roadmap' for peace? Ukraine to seek ceasefire after talks

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promises to work on an urgent ceasefire plan with Russia's Vladimir Putin to defuse the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine.

article 26 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Ukraine: Poroshenko meets Putin as tensions rise

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko holds talks with his Russia counterpart, Vladimir Putin, at a summit in Minsk, capital of Belarus, as tensions continue to mount in eastern Ukraine.

video 24 August 2014 World, Ukraine

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Parading captured troops in Donetsk - video

Around 100 captured Ukrainian troops are paraded through Donetsk by pro-Russian separatists. The episode - which may breach the Geneva Convention - came as Ukraine celebrated its independence day.

article 23 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russian trucks cross back over the frontier from Ukraine into Russia (Reuters)
Aid convoy trucks cross back from Ukraine into Russia

Some 100 trucks from a Russian aid convoy which crossed into Ukraine on Friday have crossed back into Russia. The incursion had been described as a "direct invasion" by Kiev.

article 22 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russian convoy approaches Ukraine border (Reuters)
Kiev accuses Russia of 'invasion' as convoy crosses border

A column of Russian trucks crosses the border into eastern Ukraine without permission in what Kiev called a "direct invasion" of its territory.

article 20 August 2014 World, Ukraine
Russians pull down Ukrainian flag from Stalin landmark

Four protesters are arrested after a Ukrainian flag appears on a famous Russian landmark in Moscow and a golden Soviet star is painted blue.