article 19 March 2015 UK, Ukraine
by Ukraine conflict: why is the UK training Ukraine's soldiers?

Britain has flown 35 military advisers to Ukraine to help fight pro-Russian separatists - with America set to follow suit. But what can the British army offer that Ukraine doesn't have already?

article 18 March 2015 World, Russia
US tanks mass in Poland for Nato exercise - video

US military tanks arrive in Poland to take part in a Nato military exercises as tensions continue to simmer in eastern Europe.

article 16 March 2015 Russia
Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)
Vladimir Putin reappears - but where did he go?

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears in public for the first time in 11 days at a meeting with the president of Kyrgyzstan in St Petersburg.

article 08 March 2015 World, Ukraine
Women's Day in Ankara (Getty)
World celebrates Women's Day

From beauty contests to angry protests, events are held around the world to mark International Women's Day.

article 08 March 2015 World, Russia
Zaur Dadayev (Reuters)
Suspect 'admits involvement in Nemtsov killing'

A man detained on suspicion of murdering the prominent Putin critic Boris Nemtsov has told investigators he was involved, a Russian judge says.

article 07 March 2015 World, Russia
Boris Nemtsov (Reuters)
'Scapegoat' fears as two are detained over Nemtsov shooting

Two suspects are held over the killing of Putin critic Boris Nemtsov near the Kremlin. Colleagues say they fear whoever ordered his death will escape justice.

article 03 March 2015 World, Russia
Mourners gather for Boris Nemtsov funeral in Moscow

Hundreds of Russians, many carrying red carnations, attend the funeral of Boris Nemtsov, the Kremlin critic who was shot dead last week.

article 02 March 2015 World, Russia
Boris Nemtsov in 2013 (Getty Images)
Russia's opposition after Nemtsov - the key questions

What does the future hold for Russian politics after one of its most prominent opposition activists was gunned down in front of CCTV cameras, just 200 metres from the Kremlin?

article 01 March 2015 World, Ukraine
Thousands march in Moscow to remember Boris Nemtsov

Tens of thousands of supporters march through Moscow in memory of Kremlin opposition figure, Boris Nemtsov, whose murder has increased concern about Russia's future among opponents of President Putin.