article 24 November 2015 World, Russia
Putin warns of 'serious consequences' after plane downed

Russian President Vladimir Putin describes Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane as a "stab in the back", while Nato holds an extraordinary meeting to discuss the incident.

article 24 November 2015 World, Russia
Turkey shoots down Russian plane on Syria border

Turkish fighter jets shoot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border after it allegedly violated Turkey's air space.

article 18 November 2015 World, Russia
IS publishes photo of 'bomb that destroyed plane'

Islamic State has published a picture of what it claims is the bomb used to blow up a Russian passenger plane over Sinai, killing all 224 people on board.

article 10 November 2015 World, Russia
Russia: athletics doping allegations are 'groundless'

The Kremlin dismisses allegations that Russian athletes engaged in widespread, state-sponsored doping that sabotaged the London 2012 Olympic Games.

article 09 November 2015 World, Russia
Athletics doping: 'Russia should be suspended'

A World Anti-Doping Agency commission is recommending that Russia should be suspended from international athletics following doping claims.

article 06 November 2015 World, Russia
Vladimir Putin (Reuters)
Putin suspends Russian flights to Egypt

Moscow suspending passenger flights to Egypt after the Sinai air crash, just a day after suggesting Britain had acted prematurely by grounding jets.

article 03 November 2015 World, Russia
Russian plane crash: 'unusual sounds' in cockpit

Transcripts of cockpit recordings from the Metrojet plane which crashed in the Sinai desert with the loss of 224 lives are reported to reveal unusual sounds just before the disaster.

video 02 November 2015 Russia

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What could have caused Russian plane to crash?

What could have caused this Russian plane to crash in the desert with the loss of 224 lives? Was it technical failure, pilot error or terrorism?

article 02 November 2015 World, Russia
Russian plane crash due to "external activity", airline says

A terrorist attack on the Russian plane which was brought down over the Egyptian desert cannot be ruled out, the Kremlin's spokesman added.