article 02 October 2015 World, Russia
Russian Sukhoi Su-25 jet fighters (Reuters)
Syria: Russia launches new wave of air strikes

Moscow says its jets have carried out 18 strikes against the Islamic State group since Thursday, but doubts remain over the real target.

post 01 October 2015
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In President Assad's heartland the Russian decision to start air strikes on Syrian rebel positions is being hailed by ordinary people, who hope they mark the beginning of the end of a long war.

article 30 September 2015 World, Russia
Russia carries out air strikes in Syria

Russia confirms it has begun air strikes in Syria, just hours after parliament granted Vladimir Putin the right to use military force in the war-torn country.

article 11 September 2015 World, Qatar
Syrian refugees (Reuters)
Syria: should countries outside Europe be doing more?

Pressure is growing on countries outside Europe - particularly the Gulf states - to take in more refugees from the Syrian civil war. What are the facts?

article 08 September 2015 World, Russia
Syria denies Russia is escalating military support for Assad

US Secretary of State John Kerry warns Moscow against "enhanced military build-up" in Syria as Bulgaria closes its airspace to Russian planes bound for the war-torn country.

article 31 August 2015 World, Ukraine
Clashes outside parliament in Kiev (Reuters)
National guardsman dies in Ukraine parliament clashes

A Ukrainian national guardsman dies and scores more are injured as grenades are thrown at a demonstration against concessions to pro-Russian separatists.

article 09 July 2015 World, Russia
Russia warns danger: death by selfie

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has published a guide warning Russians about the "increasing incidences of trauma and even death when trying to take a unique selfie".

post 29 June 2015
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All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Syria together again. So now neighbouring countries are preparing to intervene.

article 23 June 2015 World, Ukraine
Ukraine: fighting on both sides of the front line

Fighting in Ukraine has killed more than 6,500 people. Filmmaker Patrick Wells travelled to south east Ukraine and got unprecedented access to forces on both sides of the ceasefire line.