article 21 April 2014 UK
Ukip 'anti-immigration' campaign poster
Ukip criticised over anti-immigration campaign posters

Ukip has come under fire after the party unveiled a series of anti-immigration European election campaign posters that is plans to display in "hundreds" of sites.

article 20 April 2014 World, Ukraine
by After the Ukrainian revolution - what next for Femen?

The Ukrainian pressure group scaled church steeples and ambushed President Putin. But that was before the Ukrainian Revolution. Channel 4 News speaks to Femen about what happens next.

article 18 April 2014 UK
Can Obama's Axelrod help Labour? 'Yes he can' - video

David Axelrod, the man who masterminded President Obama's two election victories, will advise Labour ahead of the 2015 election. Can he do the same for Ed Miliband?

article 17 April 2014 UK
Ciaran Jenkins by Deposit protection scheme flaws leave tenants at risk

For almost a decade landlords have been obliged by law to protect their tenants' deposits. But Channel 4 News finds the protection on offer can't stop a rogue letting agent in his tracks.

article 17 April 2014 Politics
by Will Christianity win it for Cameron?

Writing in the Church Times, David Cameron insists we should be 'evangelical about Christianity' and 'pull together to change the world'. Will voters heed his message?

article 17 April 2014 UK
Ciaran Jenkins by How safe is my deposit? What renters need to know

In a dispute with your landlord over a rental deposit and don't know what to do? Ciaran Jenkins answers the key questions about the rules landlords should be following.

article 17 April 2014 World
Novorossiya: is Ukraine part of Putin's 'resurgent Russia'?

President Putin pledges to do all he can to protect fellow Russians living in what he's called "Novorossiya" - the historic name for part of Ukraine. How great a threat do his words represent?

article 16 April 2014 UK
Repower Balcombe publicity photo
Balcombe: 'now everyone's working towards the same goal'

Made famous by a high-profile anti-fracking protest camp last year, the Sussex village of Balcombe is now embarking on a renewable energy project that villagers say is promoting community cohesion.

post 16 April 2014
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Life of a food bank user: no gas, no cooker, benefits delayed

Benefit delays or benefit sanctions are the major factor driving people to use food banks says the charity that runs hundreds of them across the country.