article 27 May 2015 UK
CCTV (Reuters)
How councils were given 42,000 days to spy on public

Pigeon feeders and drivers were among thousands of surveillance targets approved by courts under legislation expected to be strengthened by the government's so-called "snooper's charter".

article 27 May 2015 UK
Protesters gather after Queen's speech to 'fight austerity'

A few hundred protesters marched through Westminster to oppose austerity measures announced in today's Queen's speech - including restrictions on immigration and strikes.

article 27 May 2015 UK
Queen's speech: unions attack Javid strike action crackdown

Trade unions representing more than 4.1 million people attack Tory plans to make it more difficult for public sector workers to carry out legal strikes, Kevin Rawlinson and Sahra Ajiba report.

post 27 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Queen's Speech: a Tory 'kaleidoscope' government's programme

Former minister Simon Burns said it was a joy to be in office in a Tory kaleidoscope government. It was through, he said, a kaleidoscope that all was blue and blessedly without yellow, purple or red.

article 27 May 2015 World
Tony Blair to step down as Middle East envoy

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has submitted his resignatiom as Middle East peace envoy.

article 27 May 2015 UK
Royal crown (Reuters)
Queen's speech 2015: adopting 'a one nation approach'

Delivered by the Queen in her speech at the state opening of parliament, the government outlines its political priorities, promising to "bring different parts of the country together."

post 26 May 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Long term debt deal could break Greek logjam

Running short of cash to pay public sector salaries, pensions and debt obligations, Greece's Syriza has laid out what it will and will not negotiate with its creditors, but will it be enough?

article 26 May 2015 UK, Greece
Pablo Iglesias (Getty)
Europe's anti-austerity movements: from Podemos to the SNP

The surge in support for the radical left Podemos party in Spain's regional elections is the latest manifestation of a spectre haunting Europe: the rise of the anti-austerity movement.

post 26 May 2015
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Tampons should not be taxed. Period.

Australia appears to be leading the way in abolishing the so-called "tampon tax" - so why does the UK taxman still class "sanitary products" as "luxuries"?