post 21 April 2015
Read more on Michael's blog Politicians should follow John Major's example and get a soapbox

John Major, who speaks in the West Midlands today, energised his 1992 election campaign by speaking from a soapbox. It's the sort of thing modern-day politicians should try.

post 20 April 2015
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Will Milimania end the way Cleggmania did?

Labour spinners frantically retweeting the hen party selfies (#Ed #henparty #adorable #lovely) should remember what happened to Cleggmania in the privacy of the ballot box.

post 20 April 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog SNP manifesto launch: you can take the mountain metaphors too far

What the SNP have to guard against is Acquired Sheffield Syndrome and one N Kinnock's disastrous triumphalism.

article 17 April 2015 UK
Unveiled: Europe's plan to tackle migrant crisis

As the European Union prepares to unveil its agenda to tackle the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, Channel 4 News learns that plans are being made to unify efforts between member states.

post 16 April 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog A clubby, chummy, synthetic encounter with Cameron

What is billed as 'life on the campaign trail' is actually an antiseptic exercise in keeping our party leaders away from real voters.

article 16 April 2015 World, South Africa
South Africa: police move to stop anti-migrant violence

Police in the South African capital fire rubber bullets and tear gas on protesters who had been staging an anti-immigrant demonstration and pelted vehicles and police with rocks.

post 16 April 2015
Read more on Michael's blog Election 2015: not exactly the golden age of campaigning

Ed Miliband's latest election stop was far from the open campaigning of years gone by, when Harold Wilson or Ted Heath would do genuine walkabouts.

article 15 April 2015 World, Italy
Mediterranean migrant deaths: where British parties stand

Ukip says rescuing migrants off Europe "may actually be making matters worse", while the Tories want to "dissuade migrants from making these perilous and illegal journeys in the first place".

article 14 April 2015 UK
Michael Gove
Jon Snow by Michael Gove: Tories' 'win-win-win' policy on housing

On the day the Conservatives launch their manifesto, the Tory chief whip tells Channel 4 News that money from council house sales will be used to build more homes and transform brownfield land.