article 26 June 2016 UK
Warsi condemns 'divisive and xenophobic' Brexit campaign

The Conservative peer Baroness Warsi is warning that immigrants and their descendants are being targeted on the streets following the vote to withdraw from the EU.

article 26 June 2016 UK
Corbyn hit by Labour resignations after Brexit vote

Jeremy Corbyn is hit by mass resignations from his top team as his position as Labour leader is challenged by some of his MPs, with Hilary Benn calling on him to resign.

post 25 June 2016
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While Brussels and Berlin teemed with reaction, Edinburgh too... London seemed strangely silent.

article 24 June 2016 UK, Ireland
UK Government rejects Sinn Fein referendum call

The Government rejects a demand from Sinn Fein for a referendum to be held on Irish unity in the wake of the UK vote to pull out of the EU.

post 24 June 2016
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In England, Leave voters (39 per cent) were more than twice as likely as Remain voters (18 per cent) to describe themselves either as "English not British" or "more English than British".

post 24 June 2016
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It was sombre, almost funereal in tone. One Vote Leave staffer said there was plenty of time for the UK to start exploratory work.

article 24 June 2016 Politics
Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)
Margaret Hodge calls for no confidence vote in Jeremy Corbyn

The veteran Labour backbencher has tabled a motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn as party leader after he failed to convince voters to back Remain.

article 24 June 2016 UK
Cameron announces resignation as UK votes to leave EU

David Cameron says he will stand down as Prime Minister as the UK votes to leave the European Union, while Scotland's First Minister says a second independence referendum is "highly likely".

post 24 June 2016
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That's not unusual if organised protestors have got together but some of these people were well-to-do Londoners on their way to work.