post 28 August 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog New peers: time for a constitutional commission

Bloated and undemocratic, the current House of Lords is a nonsense. It's time for a re-think.

article 27 August 2015 UK
Border gates at Gatwick
Net migration to UK reaches record high

Despite a Tory pledge to bring net migration to the UK down to 100,000, new figures show it has reached record levels.

post 26 August 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Chilcot Iraq war report: a timetable for a timetable

Sir John Chilcot has relented and said he will publish a timetable for his report ... but not just yet.

article 26 August 2015 UK, Ireland
Ulster Unionists to leave NI power-sharing executive

The party announced their intention to resign from Northern Ireland's mandatory coalition bringing the future of the administration into serious doubt.

article 26 August 2015 UK
Jeremy Corbyn criticised over women-only train carriage idea

Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn is criticised over a proposal to introduce women-only train carriages to protect women from harassment.

article 25 August 2015 UK
Harvey Proctor: 'I have not murdered anyone'

The former Tory MP tells Channel 4 News he does not believe there was a paedophile ring at Westminster, as he denies allegations he raped and murdered children.

article 24 August 2015 UK
Unions suspend London Tube strikes

Three unions suspend planned strikes on London Underground, with Unite calling the move a "gesture of goodwill".

article 23 August 2015 World, Iran
British embassy in Iran reopens

The British embassy in Iran has reopened four years after it was stormed by protesters in 2011. It comes as Briton held hostage in Yemen is freed by UAE forces.

article 22 August 2015 World, Greece
Macedonia refugee emergency: thousands run across border

Thousands of migrants broke through a police line in Macedonia as the government struggles to control the border. Many are still stranded in "dangerous" conditions.