article 27 July 2015 Business
Can Scotland have another referendum?

Alex Salmond says that it is 'inevitable' that Scotland will have another referendum, but what could actually spur another vote on the country's future in the UK?

article 27 July 2015 UK
Lord Sewel urged to resign from House of Lords

Lord Sewel requests a leave of absence from the House of Lords until investigations into newspaper footage, that appeared to show the peer taking drugs with prostitutes, are complete.

article 26 July 2015 Politics
Jeremy Corbyn (Getty)
Labour urged to stop leadership race over 'infiltrators'

Labour MP John Mann urges the party to halt its leadership contest amid fears that hard-left groups are signing up to back Jeremy Corbyn.

article 24 July 2015 UK
Sturgeon wants assurances MSPs are not spied on

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has written to David Cameron asking for assurances that MSPs' communication has not been intercepted by the intelligence agencies.

post 24 July 2015
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Is Andy Burnham really the best bet to see off Jeremy Corbyn?

Lord Falconer thinks Andy Burnham has the best chance of seeing off Jeremy Corbyn's challenge to be Labour leader. But Burnham's pitch to voters is no clearer than his female rivals'.

article 24 July 2015 World, Turkey
Islamic State militant pictured in Turkish holiday resorts

An Isis fighter who has been shown inside Syria alongside dead bodies and the flag of the self-styled Islamic State has been pictured at Turkish resorts in the last week.

article 24 July 2015 UK
John Bercow claims 172 for 0.7 mile journey

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has been accused of "obscene waste" after billing 172 to be chauffeur-driven to a conference just 0.7 miles away from parliament.

post 24 July 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog How is the EU 'out' campaign planning to win?

There's a riff you hear around the top of government that the referendum on Europe is won. But the campaign for the UK to leave is gearing up...

article 24 July 2015 UK
Labour leadership contenders
What are the policies of Labour's leadership contenders?

Labour is having an internal battle about the sort of party that it wants to be. Can you tell the difference between what the four Labour leader candidates believe on the key issues?