post 28 April 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Brussels Commission: in the Belly of the Beast

If there is optimism about the outcome of the referendum in Downing Street they most definitely have not communicated it to Brussels successfully.

article 19 April 2016 UK
EU referendum: Gove attacks Remain's 'bogeymen' tactics

Justice Secretary Michael Gove accuses the Remain campaign of treating voters like children and trying to scare them into voting to stay in the EU in June's referendum.

post 19 April 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Vote Leave's 'squeamishness about pressing the immigration button'

In Michael Gove, the Leave team have a joint convenor and leading voice who has never been comfortable with the Theresa May line on immigration.

post 14 April 2016
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Sexism and the sisterhood in the corridors of power

Female journalists at Westminster should speak out about the sexism they encounter - I wish I had.

article 14 April 2016 Politics
'Nothing half-hearted' about Labour EU campaign says Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn admits that he has had his doubts about the EU in the past, but insists he and his party are fully behind the campaign to stay in Europe ahead of the 23 June referendum.

article 13 April 2016 UK
Vote Leave designated as EU referendum out campaign

The Electoral Commission designates Vote Leave as the leading Brexit campaign group in the run-up to June's referendum on EU membership, but it may face a legal challenge.

article 13 April 2016 UK
John Whittingdale under pressure over prostitute revelations

Labour is demanding that Culture Secretary John Whittingdale withdraws from decisions about press regulation after confirming he had a relationship with a sex worker.

article 07 April 2016 UK
David Cameron talking to young people (Reuters)
Cameron urges young people to vote in EU referendum

David Cameron warns young Britons they would be hit hardest if Britain votes to leave the EU on 23 June, telling them it is "probably the most important political decision of our lifetimes".

article 04 April 2016 UK
Panama papers: huge Mossack Fonseca leak

Governments across the world began investigating possible financial wrongdoing by the rich and powerful on Monday following a leak of documents from a Panamanian law firm.