video 23 April 2014 World, South Sudan

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'Stop the killing': David Miliband on South Sudan - video

Channel 4 News speaks to the former foreign secretary, now chief executive of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband, about the crisis in South Sudan.

article 23 April 2014 World, Nigeria
Boko Haram: Nigeria faces Islamist war of attrition

The Nigerian government seems to be no closer to finding the missing girls seized in an attack on a school last week. Channel 4 News looks at the questions the crisis raises.

video 23 April 2014 UK, Ukraine

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Tony Blair issues warning on radical Islam - video

Former prime minister Tony Blair warns that the greatest threat to world security is Islamist extremism. He says: "The Middle East is in turmoil. The threat of this radical Islam is not abating."

article 23 April 2014 UK
Police crime figures whistleblower faces dismissal

The police whistleblower who exposed the manipulation of crime figures faces being put on a public register of disgraced officers, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 23 April 2014 World, Ukraine
Pro-Russian armed men stand guard outside a regional government building seized by them in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine (Reuters)
Moscow threatens response if Russians attacked in Ukraine

As Kiev announces the end of an Easter truce and re-launches its "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine, Russia warns it will retaliate if its citizens are threatened.

article 22 April 2014 UK
Brown calls on Scotland to reject independence

The former prime minister Gordon Brown makes his first major intervention in the Scottish referendum debate with a speech calling on the country to vote no to independence.

article 22 April 2014 Politics
Ukip poster (Reuters)
Farage shrugs off racism claims to promise 'earthquake'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage claims critics who say the party's Euro election posters are racist are "outraged because we're actually telling the truth".

article 22 April 2014 UK, South Africa
Tough acts to follow
by Six tougher acts to follow than Sir Alex Ferguson

As David Moyes licks his wounds, a victim of his predecessor's success, Channel 4 News would like him to take heart - there are many who have been forced to live in the shadow of "giants".

article 21 April 2014 UK
Ukip anti-immigration posters - what do they actually say?

Ukip's posters have caused a bit of a stir, and the party has branded comparisons with the British National Party as "ridiculous". But what do they actually say, and how do they compare with others?