Two policemen have entered the News of the World offices to seize 'items' related to the arrest of James Weatherup, the third individual arrested in connection with phone hacking allegations.

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As Scotland Yard make another arrest in the phone hacking affair, Channel 4 News has learned that two plainclothes officers earlier today seized items from the offices of News of the World.

It is understood to be related directly to the arrest James Weatherup, a former assistant news editor at the paper. The officers involved in Operation Weeting were met by lawyers from the News of the World as part of what a source at News International called the "newspaper's cooperative process with the police".

The officers are believed to have seized equipment related to the case that has now seen three arrests of senior journalists. Weatherup was earlier taken to a central London police station and later released after several hours of questioning relating to two seperate offences. The 55-year-old resigned from his position at the News of the World in January of this year.