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video 28 October 2014 Politics

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Ukip targets PCC victory in South Yorkshire - video

After the child abuse scandal in Rotherham forced former South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright to resign, Ukip believes it can pull off a shock win in the Labour stronghold.

article 11 September 2014 UK
Shaun Wright being questioned by Channel 4 News reporter Cordelia Lynch
Rotherham child exploitation still 'on industrial scale'

Children in Rotherham continue to be sexually exploited "on an industrial scale", South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright says as he faces calls to resign at a public meeting.

article 20 May 2014 UK
Simon Israel by 'Battered and bruised' police body attempts reboot

Burnt by scandals like "plebgate" and bullying allegations, the Police Federation is meeting in Bournemouth to elect a new leader and put in place reforms to get the organisation back on track.

article 23 April 2014 UK
Police crime figures whistleblower faces dismissal

The police whistleblower who exposed the manipulation of crime figures faces being put on a public register of disgraced officers, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 27 March 2014 UK
Graphic image of a woman held in a man's hand (Getty)
Police response to domestic violence often 'left to chance'

Inspectors find "alarming and unacceptable weaknesses" in the investigation of domestic abuse cases in England and Wales and say only eight out of 43 forces respond well.

video 09 January 2014 UK

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Hogan-Howe: 'black people have a bad experience' - video

Bernard Hogan-Howe, Met police chief, admits that black people have a bad experience with the police. He is asked if he owes the Duggans an apology, and whether Londoners can trust the police.

article 19 December 2013 UK
Police chief's 'concern' over crime stats manipulation claim

There is a "cause for concern" over allegations that officers manipulate crime statistics, the head of the UK's largest police force admits.

article 27 August 2013 UK
Simon Israel by Cumbria suspended police chief told to 'retire or resign'

A 400,000 inquiry has found no evidence of misconduct by Cumbria's suspended chief constable but has been told by the police and crime commissioner to resign or retire.

post 14 June 2013
Read more on Michael's blog Police send election file on Michael Mates to CPS

During his unsuccessful campaign to become a police and crime commissioner, the Conservative politician Michael Mates was accused of making a false declaration about where he lived.