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Phone hacking: media scandal

Inside the phone hacking claims which have brought an end to the News of the World after 168 years as Britain's biggest Sunday paper.

article 29 November 2012 UK
Cameron wary of law to curb 'reckless' press
Cameron wary of law to curb 'reckless' press (G)

"Outrageous", "reckless" and "frankly appalling": Lord Justice Leveson delivers a damning verdict on the press. But David Cameron says he has "serious concerns" about the proposal of a new press law.

video 29 November 2012 UK
VIDEO: Lord Leveson's report on media standards

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Lord Leveson delivers his report into media standards and ethics on a defining day for British journalism.


article 11 October 2013 UK
Britain's three major parties agree a number of changes to the Royal Charter on press regulation (picture: Getty)
Main political parties agree deal on press regulation

The UK's three main political parties reach an agreement on establishing a new system of press regulation, a government source says.

article 08 October 2013 UK
The newspaper industry's proposals for press regulation will be rejected, it has been suggested (picture: Getty)
Newspapers' plans for press regulation rejected

Culture Secretary Maria Miller tells the Commons that the newspaper industry's proposals for self-regulation have been rejected - and that the government will now press ahead with its own charter.

article 12 September 2013 UK
Mirror Group Newspapers under investigation over alleged phone-hacking (picture: Getty)
Sunday Mirror publisher probed over alleged phone hacking

Police tell Mirror Group Newspapers it is under investigation over alleged illegal phone hacking carried out by former employees of the Sunday Mirror.

article 31 July 2013 UK
Theresa May announces that it will become illegal to operate as a private investigator without a licence (picture: Getty)
Eye spy: crackdown on rogue private investigators

Operating as a private investigator without a licence is to become a criminal offence, under plans announced by Theresa May to tackle rogue elements in the industry.

video 09 July 2013 UK

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Is Murdoch's recall to parliament just posturing? - video

Former MP Louise Mensch says Rupert Murdoch's recall to appear before MPs is "partisan peacocking". Lawyer Charlotte Harris says he must explain the discrepancy between his public and private views.

article 04 July 2013 UK
Secret Murdoch tapes should be investigated by police and questions asked if Murdoch is fit to run News Corp (Getty)
Murdoch tape: MP calls for police investigation

An MP says that a tape revealing what Rupert Murdoch really made of the scandal that engulfed his empire should be in the hands of the police.

article 18 June 2013 UK, United States
Angelina Jolie stunt double sues News Corp over hacking (G)
Angelina Jolie stunt double sues over phone hacking

The first US lawsuit against News Corp is launched by the stunt double for Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie, over allegations that the Sun and the News of the World hacked her phone.

article 06 June 2013 UK
Andy Coulson denies phone hacking charges

David Cameron's former spin doctor denies charges of phone hacking and bribing of public officials while working as editor of the News of the World.


It appears to have been prevalent across newspapers for years.