article 24 July 2014 World, Philippines
Left to right: soldier in Iraq, doctor in Guinea, father in Syria, children in Philippines, security forces in Libya
by Gaza, Israel, MH17. And now for the rest of today's news...

As the news channels focused on violence in Gaza and the tragedy of MH17, what else happened? Channel 4 News finds out.

article 16 July 2014 Philippines
Liam Dutton by Thousands flee as typhoon hits Philippines - video

At least 10 people have been killed by a typhoon as it hit the Philippines on Wednesday, packing damaging winds and torrential downpours of rain.

article 15 May 2014 World, Philippines
Vietnamese protester (Reuters)
by Why the South China Sea is the latest global flashpoint

While the world's eyes are on Russia, its ally China continues to clash with neighbouring countries over competing claims to the oil-rich South China Sea. Will there be war?

article 17 April 2014 UK, Philippines
Happy - from Haiyan to British Muslims
'Because I'm happy': UK Muslims to typhoon survivors - video

Videos of people dancing to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" are pouring onto the web: most recently in a "viral" British Muslims video - but videos are also emerging from the most unlikely of places.

post 08 April 2014
Read more on Liam's blog Tropical troublemakers heading for Australia and the Philippines

Two tropical troublemakers are heading for Australia and the Philippines in the next few days, threatening heavy rain, strong winds and flooding.

article 16 January 2014 UK, Philippines
NCA led investigation cracks Philippines paedophile ring
Police smash Philippines live-streaming paedophile ring

British police, alongside US and Australian investigators, smash an international paedophile ring that streamed child abuse live from the Philippines.

video 25 December 2013 World, Philippines

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Christmas in the Philippines amid typhoon wreckage - video

Children in the Philippines find toys from discarded goods on Christmas day as more than 4 million people still remain displaced by Typhoon Haiyan.

video 27 November 2013 UK, Philippines

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Animals rescued in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan - video

A nature reserve in the Philippines care for animals following the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. Of the 11 animals on the reserve, only three monkeys and a handful of birds survived.