article 15 July 2014 UK
In your 20s? Look away now: the two graphs that say it all

We knew young people were finding it hard to get a job, buy a house, and even move out of home. Now we know just how bad it has become, as a new IFS report highlights the gap between young and old.

article 01 June 2014 World, The Netherlands
Dutch-style collective pensions are reportedly due to be unveiled by the government
Going Dutch - should our pensions be modelled on Holland's?

Dutch-style collective pensions are reportedly due to be unveiled by the government in the Queen's Speech, but would they leave us better off?

video 05 January 2014 UK

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Umunna: 'We won't be a divide and rule government' - video

Labour Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna says his party backs the "triple-lock" principle on pensons, and promises a "fiscally responsible" package on the economy at the next election.

article 05 January 2014 UK
Cameron pledges to protect pension rise

In his first major pledge ahead of the 2015 general election, the prime minister appeals to older voters by promising a guaranteed rise in the state pension under a Conservative government.

article 17 December 2013 UK
Born in the 70s? You might be poorer than your parents

People born in the 1960s and 1970s are "worse off" than the post-war baby boomer generation, according to an Institute for Fiscal Studies report. But what makes the two generations so different?

article 10 December 2013 UK
Annuities market failing pensioners say watchdog (Image: Getty)
Pension annuities market needs 'urgent reform'

A financial watchdog is calling for the urgent reform of the annuities market to prevent "millions of pensioners from losing out".

article 05 December 2013 UK
Bright ideas to bring light to the economy
Autumn statement 2013: you be the chancellor

What bright ideas would light up the UK economy for you? George Osborne has set out his plan for economic recovery, but Channel 4 News wanted to find out what people on the street would like to see.

article 30 October 2013 UK
Cap on pension charges proposed to help savers

The government is proposing a cap on "excessive" pension charges, which would put tens of thousands of pounds back into retirement savings pots.

article 15 October 2013 Business
Inflation: the good and bad news for pensioners

In post-recession Britain, pensions are rising faster than earnings. But older people would be better off if RPI was still used to calculate pensions, writes Economics Producer Neil Macdonald.