article 21 January 2015 World, Israel
Bus attack in Tel Aviv, Israel
Palestinian 'stabs 10' in Israel bus attack

A Palestinian man injures 13 people in a knife-attack on a commuter bus in central Tel Aviv before being shot in the leg, Israeli police say.

article 20 December 2014 World, Israel
Israel launches first Gaza attack since August

Israeli aircraft bomb a Hamas militant base in the Gaza strip, in their first strike in Gaza since a ceasefire was declared four months ago.

article 10 December 2014 World, Israel
Palestinian minister Abu Ein in a confrontation with Israeli soldiers (Reuters)
Palestinian minister dies after scuffle with Israeli troops

Palestinian authorities declare three days of national mourning after the death of minister Ziad Abu Ein shortly after a scuffle with Israeli troops during a protest in the occupied West Bank.

article 18 November 2014 World, Israel
Jerusalem unrest plays out on social media with cartoons

Twitter and Facebook is playing a key role in contributing to the volatile atmosphere in Israel following today's killings, with everything from cartoons to Kit-Kats being used in the propaganda war.

article 18 November 2014 Israel
Briton among four dead in Jerusalem synagogue attack

A rabbi with dual British-Israeli nationality is among the dead after two suspected Palestinian men entered a Jerusalem synagogue armed with axes, knives and a pistol.

post 15 November 2014
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Why Khaled Abu Ghali won the Martin Adler prize

Khaled is a big man in every way: big beard, big heart, big laugh. His sixth sense has kicked in and saved us on numerous occasions.

article 05 November 2014 World, Israel
Driver shot dead after ramming into pedestrians in Jerusalem

A Palestinian man is shot dead by police after he rams his car into pedestrians in central Jerusalem, killing one and injuring 14.

article 30 October 2014 World, Israel
Palestinians during clashes with Israeli police in the Abu Tor neighbourhood of east Jerusalem (Reuters)
Jerusalem mosque closure is 'declaration of war'

Amid growing tension in east Jerusalem, PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the closure of the revered al-Aqsa mosque. Meanwhile, Egypt's demolition programme in the border town of Rafah continues.

article 15 October 2014 World, Israel
Mosab Hassan Yousuf
My father was a Hamas leader. I was an Israeli spy

It's not surprising that Mosab Hassan Yousef's life has been turned into a film. He is the son of a Hamas founder who became a key informer for the Israelis and later converted to Christianity.

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