article 13 February 2015 Pakistan
At least 19 dead in Pakistan Taliban mosque attack

The Pakistan Taliban claim a suicide attack inside a Shia mosque in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, which has killed 19 people and injured dozens more.

article 30 January 2015 World, Iraq
Islamic State's new global tactics
by Islamic State's 'exceedingly dangerous' new tactics

The killing of at least 30 security personnel in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula could be more than just jihadist violence - but an indication of new and dangerous tactics from the Islamic State group.

video 11 January 2015 World, Pakistan

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Scores killed in Pakistan bus collision - video

Distraught relatives await to receive news, after a crash between a passenger bus and a petrol tanker near Karachi, in southern Pakistan, killed at least 57 people.

post 30 December 2014
How 2014 unfolded - in tweets

In Britain, 2014 was the year of the floods, Ukraine saw a revolution, Scotland almost went indy and the deadly Ebola struck west Africa.

article 17 December 2014 World, Central African Republic
Children in arms of man
Jonathan Miller by Children: victims of war

The deliberate targeting of so many children has caused outrage across the world. And it's part of an increasing - and horrifying - trend.

article 17 December 2014 World, Pakistan
Grieving relatives beside a coffin of a victim of the Peshawar school massacre (Reuters)
'Does Islam allow this?' Peshawar massacre: a father's story

We spent much of yesterday at Channel 4 News trying to get hold of our friend and former colleague Mushtaq Yusufzai in Peshawar. Late last night he finally posted the following on Facebook:

article 17 December 2014 World, Pakistan
Taliban threatens more attacks as Peshawar funerals begin

Pakistan lifts its moratorium on the death penalty for terrorists as the funerals of the 141 people killed in the Taliban's attack on a Peshawar school begin.

article 16 December 2014 World, Pakistan
Malala Yousafzai condemns Peshawar school massacre

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot by the Taliban, has attacked the "atrocious and cowardly" killing of more than 100 schoolchildren in Pakistan by the Islamist extremists.

article 16 December 2014 World, Pakistan
Taliban Peshawar school massacre: 132 children dead

A Taliban attack on a Pakistani school leaves scores of children dead, 121 more injured and several staff killed, according to estimates from the Pakistan army.

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'This is like a cancer. It just keeps spreading.'