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video 12 September 2014 UK

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'Did you ever target Ian Paisley?' - McGuinness interview

Channel 4 News asks Martin McGuinness if, as a former senior commander in the IRA, he could remember ever targeting Ian Paisley - the unionist leader he went on to work with in government.

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Read more from Jon on Snowblog Ian Paisley, one bride, and four political enemies

It was the mid-1970s. In my taxi, alongside Ian Paisley, I'd got a clean sweep of some of Northern Ireland's most hostile political rivals.

post 12 September 2014
Read more on Liam's blog Northern lights may be visible tonight

Northern parts of the UK could be in for a showing of the aurora borealis, or northern lights as they are also known, on Friday night.

article 12 September 2014 Politics, Ireland
Reverend Ian Paisley Democratic Unionists DUP Northern Ireland (Reuters)
Revd Ian Paisley: from defiance to compromise

A dominant presence in British politics for half a century, the Reverend Ian Paisley has died aged 88. He was a party leader, an MP and an MEP, and went on to become NI's first minister in 2007.

post 11 September 2014
Read more on Liam's blog High pressure set to lose its grip next week

Fortunes look set to change next week, as high pressure looses its grip on our weather and low pressure tries to nudge its way across us.

post 08 September 2014
Read more on Liam's blog A hurricane-force storm in September?

As I looked at the longer term trend for our weather this morning, one weather computer model threw up a particularly interesting theme for the fourth week in September - a hurricane-force storm.

post 01 September 2014
Read more on Liam's blog September weather: what would we normally expect?

The first part of September looks like it will see a return to summer-like warmth and sunshine, but what would we expect to see in a typical September?

post 29 August 2014
Read more on Liam's blog Summer 2014 weather: a great start but August falters

As August draws to a close, so does meteorological summer (June, July and August), which means that provisional statistics are now available for how summer shaped up this year.

post 28 August 2014
Read more on Liam's blog Earth from space: August 2014

During August, there have been some particularly good images of our planet taken by Nasa satellites from space.