North Korea


article 08 November 2014 World, North Korea
Kenneth Bae in custody in North Korea (Getty)
US 'very grateful' for return of men held by North Korea

President Obama calls it a 'wonderful day' for the families of two US citizens being held for crimes against the reclusive communist state.

post 04 November 2014
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Take a rare glimpse at North Korea's brushstroke diplomacy

North Korea springs a creative ambush on suburban London, opening its embassy for an art show that might represent a crack in the country's heavily lacquered veneer.

article 10 October 2014 World, North Korea
North Korea celebrates - but where is Kim Jong-un?

North Korea's president has missed a key political anniversary celebration, adding to speculation over his general health and grip on power.

article 04 October 2014 World, North Korea
North Korean delegates
North Korea surprises South with a visit. But where's Kim?

North Korea sends a senior delegation to South Korea as the two countries agree to reopen a dialogue. But where is Kim Jong-un? The North Korean leader has not been seen in public for weeks.

article 12 August 2014 World, North Korea
North Korea hopes surf tour leads to tourism boom

Thinking of a late summer holiday? Thousands want out of the gulag, but tourists want in. Here are some postcards from North Korea's nascent tourism boom.

video 08 July 2014 World, North Korea

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North Korea TV shows Kim Jong-un limping - video

A rare sight in a country that avoids showing signs of weakness in its leader - North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is seen on state television limping on the anniversary of his grandfather's death.

article 22 June 2014 World, North Korea
South Korean conscript kills five fellow soldiers on border

The parents of a South Korean soldier who killed five comrades on the border with North Korea have pleaded with him to surrender.

post 13 May 2014
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog North Korean defector: 'I saw people dead on the street'

A mother and son, who face execution in North Korea, say they fled the country because they were always hungry.

post 12 May 2014
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Risking near-certain death to escape from North Korea

North Koreans caught trying to flee their country face execution. But for one mother and her son, the risk was worth it.

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