Nelson Mandela (Reuters)

Nelson Mandela

article 05 December 2013 World, South Africa
Nelson Mandela: icon of reconciliation and forgiveness
Nelson Mandela obituary: The former South Africa President has died (Image: Reuters)

The world's most revered statesman, who became a symbol of hope and justice after leading South Africa out of the apartheid era, has died at the age of 95. Channel 4 News looks back at his life.

article 06 December 2013 UK, South Africa
What Nelson Mandela means to me
People tell Channel 4 News what Nelson Mandela means to them

Nelson Mandela meant many things to many different people around the world. Channel 4 News joined people paying their respects in London to ask what the "father of a nation" means to them.

article 06 December 2013 World, South Africa
Nelson Mandela and South Africa's journey to freedom
Nelson Mandela and South Africa's journey to freedom: Protestor in Soweto. (Getty images)

White South Africans once saw Nelson Mandela as the head of a terrorist sect bent on destroying their comfortable lives. Channel 4 News looks at the journey Mandela and his country have taken.


article 17 April 2015 World, South Africa
Jamal Osman by South Africa violence provokes anger of a continent

South Africa is not like any other country - it has a special place in the hearts of ordinary Africans. But that could change after the recent fatal attacks on immigrants.

article 05 December 2014 World
South Africa marks first anniversary of Mandela's death

Events across South Africa pay tribute to Nelson Mandela's anti-apartheid struggle one year on from his death.

article 04 November 2014 World, South Africa
by Should Ramaphosa face murder charges over Marikana massacre?

Lawyers investigating the 2012 Marikana massacre say Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa's deputy president, could face charges at the International Criminal Court following the killings of 34 miners.

article 22 April 2014 UK, South Africa
Tough acts to follow
by Six tougher acts to follow than Sir Alex Ferguson

As David Moyes licks his wounds, a victim of his predecessor's success, Channel 4 News would like him to take heart - there are many who have been forced to live in the shadow of "giants".

article 03 February 2014 World, South Africa
Mandela leaves 2.5m to family, staff and party in will

Family members of the late Nelson Mandela accept the division of his 2.5m estate. Mandela's will was read out in public on Monday.

article 31 December 2013 UK, Central African Republic
Best of blogs: Channel 4 News in 2013
Channel 4 News blogs: the best of 2013

From Syria to Sri Lanka, Nelson Mandela to Weinergate, Nigel Farage to Quentin Tarantino - this is a selection of some of our best blogs from from the past 12 months.

article 15 December 2013 World, South Africa
Nelson Mandela's funeral
Nelson Mandela: the final goodbye

Nelson Mandela is buried in his hometown of Qunu, following a funeral service attended by 4,500 people, at which he was praised for teaching the world the lessons of forgiveness and reconciliation.