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post 15 December 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog It is not 'enhanced interrogation'. It is torture

Most people don't know what "rendition" means - but they do understand the word kidnapping. The same applies for "enhanced interrogation". Such words convey a false reality.

article 11 December 2014 UK, India
Unmasked: the man behind top Islamic State Twitter account

The most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account to be followed by foreign jihadis - Shami Witness - is shut down after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovers the identity of the man behind it

article 10 December 2014 World, Israel
Palestinian minister Abu Ein in a confrontation with Israeli soldiers (Reuters)
Palestinian minister dies after scuffle with Israeli troops

Palestinian authorities declare three days of national mourning after the death of minister Ziad Abu Ein shortly after a scuffle with Israeli troops during a protest in the occupied West Bank.

post 05 November 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Libyan army training fiasco - UK government complacency to blame?

Why did the UK government ever think that the vetting of participants in a scheme to train Libyan soldiers in the UK could be left to the Libyans, when that country was in a state of collapse?

post 04 November 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Serena Shim's death: why conclusions without evidence are stupid

The need for proper investigation of Serena's death is obvious and pressing and should happen at once. Conclusions without evidence are wrong, stupid and distasteful.

video 29 October 2014 UK, Qatar

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When will Qatar be held to account? - video

David Cameron met the Emir of Qatar on Wednesday - a country that's invested tens of billions of pounds in London - but a country that's also accused of funding extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.

article 15 October 2014 World, Israel
Mosab Hassan Yousuf
My father was a Hamas leader. I was an Israeli spy

It's not surprising that Mosab Hassan Yousef's life has been turned into a film. He is the son of a Hamas founder who became a key informer for the Israelis and later converted to Christianity.

post 30 September 2014
Read more from Jonathan Rugman his blog British strikes on Islamic State group begin: the view from Iraq

As RAF Tornados carry out their first strikes against Islamic State militants, I report on what this means on the ground from Dohuk, northern Iraq.

post 26 September 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog A wing, a prayer and a US president spouting cliches

The simple and obvious question to ask today is this: would parliament be discussing bombing Iraq for a third war if the USA were not already doing so?