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article 19 April 2016 UK
EU referendum: Gove attacks Remain's 'bogeymen' tactics

Justice Secretary Michael Gove accuses the Remain campaign of treating voters like children and trying to scare them into voting to stay in the EU in June's referendum.

post 01 March 2016
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The scale of prison violence has emerged from new figures which show riot squads were called into jails on a daily basis last year.

article 24 February 2016 UK
Michael Gove (Reuters)
Cameron's EU deal challenged by Gove

The renegotiation deal David Cameron struck with other EU leaders is not legally binding, according to his cabinet colleague and friend Michael Gove.

post 08 February 2016
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Michael Gove defends the prison reforms on Channel 4 News tonight and tries to sell them to inmates at The Mount prison outside Hemel Hempstead.

post 17 July 2015
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Gove to focus on prison education as way of reducing reoffending

In his first speech on prisons as justice secretary, Michael Gove will today promote education as a way of cutting reoffending rates. But there will be no mention of overcrowding.

article 15 July 2015 UK
Probation officers picket line
Barristers vote to back legal aid protest

The Criminal Bar Association in England and Wales votes to support solicitors who are on strike over Government cuts to legal aid.

article 15 May 2015 UK
Justice Secretary Michael Gove (Reuters)
Can Gove push through plan to scrap human rights act?

Justice Secretary Michael Gove could face opposition from Conservative MP David Davis to government plans to scrap the human rights act. And the SNP's Alex Salmond has described the plan as "insane".

article 14 April 2015 UK
Michael Gove
Jon Snow by Michael Gove: Tories' 'win-win-win' policy on housing

On the day the Conservatives launch their manifesto, the Tory chief whip tells Channel 4 News that money from council house sales will be used to build more homes and transform brownfield land.

post 17 March 2015
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What David Cameron said would happen before the last election - and what really happened.