Michael Crick

Political Correspondent
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Working for Channel 4 News represents something of a homecoming for Michael, who was a founding member of the Channel 4 News team when the programme launched in 1982.Then, he was Washington correspondent. He joined the BBC in 1990, working first on Panorama and, from 1992, on Newsnight. Michael has won two RTS awards - one for his coverage of the 1988 US election, and one for a special Panorama programme on the life of Jeffrey Archer.

"I have always admired Gary Gibbon's journalism and it's fantastic to be returning to my ITN roots to join him and the rest of the Channel 4 News team," says Michael.

He has written several books - including biographies of Alex Ferguson, Jeffrey Archer and Michael Howard. Richard Nixon famously said that whilst visiting the Oxford Union in 1978, his toughest question came from Michael, then a student.


video 15 April 2014 UK

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Election watchdog to contact Ukip over expenses - video

The UK's election watchdog is writing to Ukip asking for "clarification" about the rent-free office at the centre of a row over the party leader Nigel Farage's use of Brussels' allowances.

post 10 April 2014
What will the future hold for Nigel Evans?

The former Deputy Speaker could not hide his emotions as he was cleared of rape and charges of sexual or indecent assault.

post 27 March 2014
MP takes to the witness stand to deny all charges

This, the 13th day of this trial, was the day when Nigel Evans MP got the chance to start giving evidence in his own defence. He confirmed to the court that he had no previous convictions; had never

post 14 March 2014
Ten things you may not have known about Tony Benn

Tony Benn was for decades the most independent-minded and passionate voice of the hard left at Westminster - but how much did we really know about him?

post 12 March 2014
Nigel Evans trial: witness describes 'irritation' of Patrick McLoughlin

A court hears that the former chief whip refused to act on allegations that the former deputy speaker Nigel Evans committed a sexual assault.

post 10 March 2014
Nigel Evans trial: nine MPs may appear as witnesses

The jury, sworn in this morning, were given a list of people who may be appearing as possible witnesses for the prosecution. This list includes nine current MPs.

post 07 March 2014
Could backbench campaign lead to end of TV licence?

One MP's proposal to stop it being a criminal offence if you don't pay your TV licence could have worrying implications for the BBC.

post 06 March 2014
If coalition relations are bad now, what will they be like when the general election comes round?

Never before do I recall a minister publicly attacking another in such stark, vituperative terms as in today's spat between Vince Cable and James Brokenshire over immigration.

post 05 March 2014
EU voting records: how do Ukip and Lib Dems compare?

Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage have given us a taste of their forthcoming radio and TV debates by crossing swords today over their relative voting records.

post 28 February 2014
Ukip conference: Farage , Torquay and Fawlty Towers

Torquay, with its many palm trees, is the most continental of English resorts. Yet this weekend it hosts the most uncontinental of British political parties: Ukip.

video 25 February 2014 UK

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Clegg tries to woo students (again) - video

Deputy PM Nick Clegg is not exactly popular with students after his party's U-turn on tuition fees. But he has been trying to win them back with a speech at an east London school.

post 12 February 2014
Ukip is the big by-election issue between now and May 2015

Labour is likely to win this week's Wythenshawe by-election. But the big question is how well Ukip fares - while all the Lib Dems can expect is another lost deposit.

video 31 January 2014 UK

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Cameron restates EU referendum pledge - video

Mr Cameron has again promised a referendum on Britains EU membership after the next election. But he could not hide his disappointment that a bill to enshrine it in law fell in the Lords today.

post 27 January 2014
Video: Bloom compares student to Richard III

The Oxford Union releases a video clip of the MEP Godfrey Bloom asking a physically disabled student, David Browne: "Are you Richard III, or not?"

post 24 January 2014
Godfrey Bloom does it again

In an Oxford Union debate last night, Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom appears to have topped his Bongbongoland comment, and his talk of "sluts", and rapping me over the head with a Ukip brochure.

article 17 January 2014 UK
Lord Rennard Nick Clegg Liberal Democrats
Lib Dems in disarray over Lord Rennard refusal to apologise

Nick Clegg is considering whether Lord Rennard should be kicked out of the Liberal Democrats - because his refusal to apologise over his inappropriate behaviour brings the party into disrepute.

post 17 January 2014
Hearing Guy Burgess's plummy, upper-class voice for the first time

It is astonishing that no other audio recording of Guy Burgess seems to exist anywhere else in the world, even though Burgess worked for the BBC for more than five years.

post 10 January 2014
'Plebgate' officer convicted - but big questions remain

So Keith Wallis has admitted his guilt and faces the prospect of several months in jail. But is still doesn't clear Andrew Mitchell's name, as another policeman stands by his account of "plebgate".

post 11 December 2013
Has Dominic Grieve misled parliament over CPS libel deal?

Dominic Grieve tells David Davis in House of Commons he is looking into whether his Parliamentary Answer on CPS libel settlements was accurate.