Michael Crick

Political Correspondent
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Working for Channel 4 News represents something of a homecoming for Michael, who was a founding member of the Channel 4 News team when the programme launched in 1982.Then, he was Washington correspondent. He joined the BBC in 1990, working first on Panorama and, from 1992, on Newsnight. Michael has won two RTS awards - one for his coverage of the 1988 US election, and one for a special Panorama programme on the life of Jeffrey Archer.

"I have always admired Gary Gibbon's journalism and it's fantastic to be returning to my ITN roots to join him and the rest of the Channel 4 News team," says Michael.

He has written several books - including biographies of Alex Ferguson, Jeffrey Archer and Michael Howard. Richard Nixon famously said that whilst visiting the Oxford Union in 1978, his toughest question came from Michael, then a student.


video 16 September 2014 UK, Scotland

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#indyref: the word on the street - video

From the Statue of Liberty to lobster catchers - Political Editor Michael Crick heads to the east coast of Scotland to hear how people are planning to vote in Scotland's independence referendum.

post 01 September 2014
New plebgate CCTV corroborates footage broadcast by C4

Scotland Yard today finally published their report into the plebgate affair, providing new information about how the leaks occurred and what happened.

post 22 August 2014
La Trashiata: satirising celebrity culture the Alison Jackson way

When I was back stage and complimented "David Beckham" on his realistic nasal tones, the actor, to my embarrassment, admitted it was his real voice.

post 21 August 2014
How 'nuclear-free' would an independent Scotland really be?

Alex Salmond has privately told the boss of the energy firm EDF not to worry about future of its nuclear power stations, despite SNP pledge to phase them out.

post 20 August 2014
Is the Lord Rennard affair really over for the Lib Dems?

It's hard to believe that at some point in the next year or two, Lord Rennard won't try to slip back into at least one of his old roles, despite the assurances of the top brass.

post 18 August 2014
Why next week's Salmond-Darling debate is so important

As SNP leader Alex Salmond visits the home of the declaration of Arbroath, he needs urgently to narrow the gap in polls between the yes and no voters on Scottish independence.

video 12 August 2014 UK, Iraq

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Will UK intervene in Iraq crisis? - video

British Chinook helicopters could soon join RAF transport planes and Tornado jets operating in Iraq as the UK rapidly escalates its aid mission. Michael Crick explains.

post 11 August 2014
Is Skegness bracing itself for Neil Hamilton?

Neil Hamilton wouldn't respond when Channel 4 News asked him today whether the hoped to be Ukip's candidate in Boston, but he did confirm he does hope to fight some seat at the election.

post 22 July 2014
Salmond's Scottish sporting surge? Perhaps not

Is Alex Salmond hoping to ride a wave of patriotic fervour flowing for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games? If history tells us anything, he may be disappointed.

post 21 July 2014
Why Gaza has always been tricky for Middle East envoy Tony Blair

Tony Blair was in London today, addressing the Progress think tank 20 years after he became Labour leader. But weren't there more pressing concerns in the Middle East?

article 21 July 2014 UK
Tony Blair
'Why are you in London, Mr Blair?' - video

As Tony Blair prepares to deliver a speech marking the 20th anniversary of his becoming Labour leader, Michael Crick asks him why he is in London and not in the Middle East.

post 15 July 2014
Reshuffle leaves Cameron with dangerous lack of legal experience

David Cameron's reshuffle exposes a lack of legal experience in the upper ranks of government - not to mention a growing pool of unhappy men in their 50s on the backbenches.

post 14 July 2014
Conservatives: Newark spending 4,000 within legal limit

The Conservatives claim to have spent 96,191 on winning last month's by-election in Newark, that's 3,809 below the official spending limit in by-elections of 100,000 per party.

video 01 July 2014 UK

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Ed Miliband rejects 'dead hand' criticism - video

Labour leader Ed Miliband denies wiedling a dead hand over policy, telling Michael Crick: "Jon Cruddas thinks that we need a radical bold offer... the devolution of power to city and county regions."

post 23 June 2014
Would elected mayors 'put the rockets' on northern cities?

George Osborne has returned to that old favourite - elected mayors. A Heseltine old favourite, to be precise, developed during his period in the political wilderness.

video 20 June 2014 UK

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Is Gove in hot water over traditional education? - video

Education Secretary Michael Gove attends a debate on his reforms at the historic Wellington college in Berkshire as he comes under fire on all fronts.

post 06 June 2014
Conservative car crash in Newark

After my brief car park conversation with former Newark MP Patrick Mercer, he scraped an adjacent car as he drove away. A witness to the incident said he'd voted Ukip after voting Tory for 30 years.

post 06 June 2014
Newark, the Tories, and a gentle rap on the head

Later today, in the town square in Newark, I have an appointment with a gentleman who has promised me that I can rap him over the head with a rolled-up newspaper (a la Godfrey Bloom).

article 27 May 2014 UK
Newark by-election Ukip posters
After Europe, Farage's Ukip sets sights on Newark

Following success in the EU elections, Nigel Farage is setting his sights on Westminster - and on next week's Newark by-election. Are the parties pulling their weight?