Michael Crick

Political Correspondent
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Working for Channel 4 News represents something of a homecoming for Michael, who was a founding member of the Channel 4 News team when the programme launched in 1982.Then, he was Washington correspondent. He joined the BBC in 1990, working first on Panorama and, from 1992, on Newsnight. Michael has won two RTS awards - one for his coverage of the 1988 US election, and one for a special Panorama programme on the life of Jeffrey Archer.

"I have always admired Gary Gibbon's journalism and it's fantastic to be returning to my ITN roots to join him and the rest of the Channel 4 News team," says Michael.

He has written several books - including biographies of Alex Ferguson, Jeffrey Archer and Michael Howard. Richard Nixon famously said that whilst visiting the Oxford Union in 1978, his toughest question came from Michael, then a student.


post 28 January 2015
Bangladeshi and Pakistani groups 'at risk of electoral fraud'

Some Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities are especially vulnerable to electoral fraud that is the conclusion of research published today by the Electoral Commission.

post 27 January 2015
Labour told to pick more BME candidates in winnable seats

So far, in the 36 seats where Labour MPs are retiring in May, the party has picked only one BME candidate. The Conservatives, in contrast, have chosen six BME candidates so far in their 34 "retiremen

video 23 January 2015 Politics

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Debates and empty chairs: who's in and who's out? - video

Are they calling David Cameron's bluff? Broadcasters say a series of TV debates will go ahead in April - whether or not party leaders agree to take part.

post 19 January 2015
How opinion polls under-estimated Tories and over-estimated Labour

Why the polls got their results wrong is not clear. It may be some people are unwilling to admit they are going to vote Conservative, or feel they ought to say they will vote Labour.

post 16 January 2015
The pivotal pre-election postal poll

Just 111 days to go. Media commentators love giving us the countdown to polling day on 7 May. But the reality is voting in the 2015 general election will really start a lot of earlier than that.

video 23 December 2014 UK

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Ukip's Roger Bird: 'unsavoury allegations unproven' - video

He has lost his job as Ukip's general secretary, but Roger Bird tells Channel 4 News he is "still an enthusiastic party member" and will say a prayer for Natasha Bolter.

post 23 December 2014
Roger Bird cleared of improper sexual behaviour - but Ukip still get rid of him

Roger Bird wanted to keep his job, but concluded that the allegations and subsequent inquiry left him in an impossible position.

video 19 December 2014 UK

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Migrants made '100 attempts a day' to enter UK - video

Figures released under the freedom of information act have revealed that border forces detected almost 12,000 attempts in the four months from the beginning of April to the end of July.

video 16 December 2014 UK, Scotland

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'English votes for English laws' plans unveiled - video

The Commons leader, William Hague, spells out to MPs a series of options for meeting the prime minister's pledge of "English votes for English laws".

post 10 December 2014
Explain your expenses: Ukip demands details from Neil Hamilton

Discord in the party? Ukip demands a full explanation from would-be candidate Neil Hamilton for expenses he has claimed.

post 05 December 2014
Thorpe dilemma for Liberal Democrats

Norman Scott, whom Jeremy Thorpe was accused of trying to murder, warns Thorpe's funeral will be an occasion for political bigwigs to gloss over the extraordinary events of the 1960s and 1970s.

post 21 November 2014
What next for Nigel Farage and his growing Ukip gang?

The three main parties are in tatters after Ukip's by-election win in Rochester - how far can the "protest vote" go?

article 19 November 2014 UK
Boris Johnson
London Assembly to investigate Boris's 1bn property deal

London Assembly members vote to investigate Boris Johnson's 1bn deal with a Chinese firm to redevelop London's historic Royal Albert Dock, after a Channel 4 News investigation.

article 13 November 2014 UK
Big questions for Boris over billion dollar property deal

Exclusive: Boris Johnson is under fire over his handling of a 1bn deal for a Chinese firm to redevelop a huge site on London's historic Royal Albert Dock.

post 31 October 2014
Labour's by-election - but all three main parties are in despair

Labour has won the South Yorkshire crime commissioner by-election - but all three main parties are gloomy about their general election prospects.

post 24 October 2014
Our whole relationship with Europe is now at stake

I hate journalistic hype and exaggeration but could the EU's sudden demand for Britain to pay an extra 1.7bn be a possible turning point in our political history?

post 21 October 2014
Judges could overturn a Tory victory in Rochester, lawyers say

Two of Britain's top election lawyers say the primary the Tories are holding to pick their candidate for the Rochester by-election could open the result to a legal challenge.

post 15 October 2014
Does Tory primary in Rochester breach spirit of legal spending limits?

The Conservatives are splashing tens of thousands on a 'primary' in Rochester. Good for democracy, or a wheeze for getting around spending rules?

post 10 October 2014
Ukip's breakthrough night in Clacton

Former Conservative MP Douglas Carswell captures Ukip's first parliamentary seat and marks an extraordinary breakthrough for Nigel Farage and his party.