Michael Crick

Political Correspondent
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News
Michael Crick is Political Correspondent for Channel 4 News

Working for Channel 4 News represents something of a homecoming for Michael, who was a founding member of the Channel 4 News team when the programme launched in 1982.Then, he was Washington correspondent. He joined the BBC in 1990, working first on Panorama and, from 1992, on Newsnight. Michael has won two RTS awards - one for his coverage of the 1988 US election, and one for a special Panorama programme on the life of Jeffrey Archer.

"I have always admired Gary Gibbon's journalism and it's fantastic to be returning to my ITN roots to join him and the rest of the Channel 4 News team," says Michael.

He has written several books - including biographies of Alex Ferguson, Jeffrey Archer and Michael Howard. Richard Nixon famously said that whilst visiting the Oxford Union in 1978, his toughest question came from Michael, then a student.


post 21 June 2016
Could referendum 'push-polling' influence the result?

The EU referendum campaign has been a relentless battle of facts. Surveys and polling tells us which claims are resonating with voters. But are partial surveys influencing public opinion?

post 13 June 2016
Did Labour's Battlebus operation break the rules?

Did Labour candidates cheat or break election expenses rules? Our analysis indicates Labour buses appear to have been a more ramshackle affair than thee Tory Battlebuses. But questions remain.

video 18 May 2016 UK

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Labour's expenses from the general election are questioned

Questions are asked about whether Labour properly declared its expenses in last year's general election. Labour says its spending was within the law and the rules set out by the Electoral Commission.

post 22 January 2016
Ramsgate 'sleazebuster' refers Tory 14,000 hotel bills to Kent police

A Ramsgate resident today wrote to Kent police about the Conservatives spending 14,000 at the Royal Harbour Hotel.

post 21 January 2016
Electoral Commission asks Tories to explain 14,000 Ramsgate hotel bills

The Electoral Commission has asked the Conservative Party to explain four bills for stays at a Ramsgate hotel during the general election.

post 20 January 2016
Will the Electoral Commission act over Tory Thanet expenses?

Did the Tories spent twice as much in defeating Nigel Farage in Thanet South last year as they were legally allowed under the rules?

post 15 January 2016
Ken Livingstone claims arms deal with Emily Thornberry

After 90 minutes, says Ken Livingstone, it was clear he and Labour's new defence spokesman didn't disagree on anything, they both thought it would be wrong for Britain to renew Trident.

post 20 December 2015
Why it's time for Louis Van Gaal to go

I don't know a United fan who thinks he should stay. Frankly, almost anyone right now would do a better job than Louis Van Gaal.

post 21 October 2015
Andrew Fisher's tweets anger senior Labour MPs

The morning papers are full of all sorts of embarrassing and highly vituperative tweets from Jeremy Corbyn's new head of policy, Andrew Fisher.

post 15 October 2015
Jeremy Corbyn to meet Chinese President one-to-one

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to get a one-on-one meeting next week with the Chinese President Xi Jinping - his first official meeting with any head-of-state as Labour leader.

post 11 September 2015
When Tony Blair nearly ended Jeremy Corbyn's career

Had Blair withdrawn the whip from Jeremy Corbyn, it would probably have been the end of his political career. And ended any chance of taking the leadership himself 19 years later.

post 02 September 2015
Far-left preparing purge of 'careerist' Labour MPs if Corbyn wins

A supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that the far-left is preparing to oust several Labour MPs - who the activist condemned as "careerists" and right-wingers.

post 11 August 2015
Why entrism is such a small part of Jeremy Corbyn's rise

Labour may be the victim of entrism - infiltration by members and supporters of other parties - but it's only a very small explanation of Jeremy Corbyn's extraordinary success.

post 05 August 2015
Cameron 'personally ordered' payments to Kids Company

Former Michael Gove adviser Dominic Cummings tells Channel 4 News that David Dameron overruled Mr Gove and officials more than once to order continued funding of Kids Company.

post 16 July 2015
Government attacked for 'rigging' of electoral system

The Conservatives have been criticised for a change in voting law that could see hundreds of thousands of people drop off the electoral roll.

post 18 June 2015
Results in for some of the most powerful jobs in UK politics

The agony is over for many MPs. Elections for the select committee chairs were announced by the Commons speaker today.

post 18 June 2015
Sue Lloyd-Roberts - can you help?

Sue Lloyd-Roberts is one most of the most extraordinary reporters in TV history - fearless, dogged and ground-breaking.

post 12 June 2015
Grant Shapps: no hard evidence he edited entries, Wikipedia decides

A Wikipedia committee has decided there was no conclusive evidence Grant Shapps or any of his associates were involved in editing entries.

post 21 May 2015
After the big election, lots of smaller ones at Westminster

The next three weeks will see huge jockeying for chairmanships of the increasingly powerful select committees, all of which are up for grabs. Campaigning is already well underway.