Metropolitan Police


article 15 October 2015 UK
Officers at the scene of the shooting (Reuters)
Policeman shot and wounded during east London operation

A Met Police officer is in a stable condition in hospital after being shot during an armed operation in the Hackney area of east London. A man was arrested at the scene.

post 06 August 2015
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Cherry Groce's family to sue Met police for damages

The family of Cherry Groce, shot and crippled by a firearms officer in her Brixton home in 1985, is to sue for damages.

article 05 August 2015 UK
Anjem Choudary charged
Anjem Choudary charged with terrorism offence

Radical preacher Anjem Choudray has been charged with inviting support for the so-called Islamic State group.

article 31 July 2015 UK
Simon Israel by Scotland Yard sergeant cleared of child sex charges

A retired police sergeant cleared of racially and sexually abusing a teenager 29 years ago has called on the Metropolitan Police to "stop targeting me and my family".

article 27 July 2015 UK
Gurpal Virdi
Simon Israel by Former Met officer on trial for alleged historic abuse

A former Metropolitan police sergeant has gone on trial for allegedly racially and sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy in the back of a police van 29 years ago.

article 16 July 2015 UK
Silhouette of police officers (Getty)
What can new undercover policing inquiry achieve?

A judge-led inquiry is to spend the next three years investigating how undercover policing has been used and abused. Victims of malpractice are calling for it to name and shame those involved.

article 02 June 2015 UK
Met chief: police 'overwhelmed' by surge in rape reports

Police will have to be taken off the streets unless there are more resources to cope with an "overwhelming" rise in reported cases of rape, the UK's most senior police officer warns.

article 19 May 2015 UK
Simon Israel by Policeman found guilty of tuition fee protest assault

As a fluke helps convict a PC of assault during the 2010 tuition fees protest, student William Horner, who broke a tooth during the demo, tells Channel 4 News it could be "the tip of an iceberg".

article 13 May 2015 UK
PC Andrew Ott (screengrab)
Simon Israel by Policeman accused of framing student at tuition fee riot

PC Andrew Ott, who hit student William Horner with his riot shield, was recorded saying after the incident "he's going to have to have done something, coz I've put his tooth out".