Metropolitan Police


article 02 June 2015 UK
Met chief: police 'overwhelmed' by surge in rape reports

Police will have to be taken off the streets unless there are more resources to cope with an "overwhelming" rise in reported cases of rape, the UK's most senior police officer warns.

article 19 May 2015 UK
Simon Israel by Policeman found guilty of tuition fee protest assault

As a fluke helps convict a PC of assault during the 2010 tuition fees protest, student William Horner, who broke a tooth during the demo, tells Channel 4 News it could be "the tip of an iceberg".

article 13 May 2015 UK
PC Andrew Ott (screengrab)
Simon Israel by Policeman accused of framing student at tuition fee riot

PC Andrew Ott, who hit student William Horner with his riot shield, was recorded saying after the incident "he's going to have to have done something, coz I've put his tooth out".

article 09 April 2015 UK
Simon Israel by Stephen Lawrence: Lord Stevens investigated by IPCC

EXCLUSIVE: former Metropolitan Police commissioner Lord Stevens is being investigated over allegations of a cover-up of police corruption in the Stephen Lawrence murder probe in the 1990s.

article 12 March 2015 UK
Bob Lambert
Undercover policing: Judge to lead public inquiry

Home Secretary Theresa May establishes a judge-led inquiry into past and present undercover policing in England and Wales, with powers to compel witnesses to give evidence.

article 19 February 2015 UK
Brustholm Ziamani (Metropolitan Police)
Simon Israel by London teenager Ziamani guilty of plot to behead soldier

A radicalised teenage son of Jehovah Witnesses is found guilty of planning to behead a young British soldier.

post 03 February 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: are police cuts putting the public at risk?

Have we really lost the equivalent of nine police forces since 2010? And can crime really be falling at the same time? FactCheck investigates

article 29 January 2015 UK
MoJ: sensitive files about police shootings go missing

Files relating to three judge-led inquiries, including the police shooting of Mark Duggan, have gone missing in the post, the Ministry of Justice says.

article 18 December 2014 UK
'Third world' bail system slammed by former Murdoch lawyer

Police will lose the power to bail people indefinitely under plans announced by the home secretary, lawyer Tom Crone says the system is "grotesque".