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article 19 February 2015 UK
Brustholm Ziamani (Metropolitan Police)
Simon Israel by London teenager Ziamani guilty of plot to behead soldier

A radicalised teenage son of Jehovah Witnesses is found guilty of planning to behead a young British soldier.

post 03 February 2015
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Have we really lost the equivalent of nine police forces since 2010? And can crime really be falling at the same time? FactCheck investigates

article 29 January 2015 UK
MoJ: sensitive files about police shootings go missing

Files relating to three judge-led inquiries, including the police shooting of Mark Duggan, have gone missing in the post, the Ministry of Justice says.

article 18 December 2014 UK
'Third world' bail system slammed by former Murdoch lawyer

Police will lose the power to bail people indefinitely under plans announced by the home secretary, lawyer Tom Crone says the system is "grotesque".

post 18 November 2014
Read more on Simon Israel's blog 800,000 crimes 'unrecorded every year'

An inquiry finds nearly one in five crimes in England and Wales goes unrecorded every year - and nearly 200 rape offences were dropped between November 2012 and October 2013.

article 06 November 2014 UK
Exclusive: police arrest targets do exist, despite denials

Despite repeated denials from the Metropolitan police, a Channel 4 News investigation finds officers have been set individual monthly arrest targets. Critics warn it could create perverse incentives.

article 17 October 2014 UK
Alleged terror plot in London: four men charged

Four men who allegedly planned a terror attack in London carried out "hostile reconnaissance" of a police station and army barracks, Scotland Yard says.

article 14 October 2014 UK
Simon Israel by Controls on undercover policing 'ineffective'

A group of senior police officers in charge of keeping undercover policing in check lacks "teeth" and should be overhauled immediately, a damning report by inspectors has said.

video 05 October 2014 UK

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Questions mount over Alice Gross murder inquiry

A body, thought to be Arnis Zalkalns, prime suspect in the Alice Gross murder inquiry, is moved from a London park. But why did police take so long to find it in an area they had already searched?