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article 18 April 2014 World, Ireland
Irish dancers in London
by 'It's not all wigs & make-up': Irish dancers descend on UK

One week after the Irish president's visit, London is hosting the World Irish Dancing Championships. Channel 4 News delves into the world of wigs and jigs - and gets a few tips from the dancers.

article 14 April 2014 UK
by Doctors on Skype: 'People show me all sorts of things'

The doctor will Skype you now: One GP explains (via Skype) how a Skype consultation works, and says some people prefer it to meeting face to face - especially for those more embarrassing ailments...

article 10 April 2014 UK
by Challenging the flaws of physics: howlers in GCSE syllabus

"Sir Isaac Newton would be turning in his grave": physicists are appalled at the gravity of equation errors in the government's new GCSE combined science syllabus.

article 09 April 2014 World, South Africa
The chief prosecutor pulls no punches, forcing Oscar Pistorius to look at photos of Reeva Steenkamps bloodied head, as the cross-examination begins.
by 'You killed Reeva Steenkamp': Pistorius grilled in court

The chief prosecutor pulls no punches, forcing Oscar Pistorius to take responsibility for killing Reeva Steenkamp and to look at photos of her bloodied head, as the feisty cross-examination begins.

article 27 March 2014 World
by Thought you knew the solar system? Think again

The discovery of a new dwarf planet is just the latest revelation causing astronomers to think again about our entire solar system. Experts tell Channel 4 News how the new cosmic order is shaping up.

article 25 March 2014 World
by Stairs or sexism? Why men served lunch at the Hague

The catering company accused of sexism for banning women from serving lunch to world leaders hits back, telling Channel 4 News using male waiters was "practical" because they could "navigate stairs".

article 24 March 2014 World, South Africa
by Reeva to Pistorius: 'I'm scared of you snap at me'

Private text messages between Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp are read out in court, revealing that the athlete could be jealous and short-tempered.

article 24 March 2014 World, South Africa
by Pistorius v his neighbours - clickable graphic

Three weeks in, the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has already heard key evidence from prosecution witnesses. Check out our interactive graphic to compare Pistorius's account with his neighbours'.

article 21 March 2014 Culture
Kate Bush (Getty Images)
by Kate Bush comeback: why there's thunder in our hearts

News that Kate Bush is returning to the stage sent social media into meltdown. But this ain't just the internet in overdrive: a fan who saw her last 1979 tour tells us what the fuss is all about.