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video 17 September 2014 UK, Scotland

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#indyref: could some voters still be swayed? - video

Final polls put the percentage of undecided voters in Scotland at between 6 and 14 per cent. With hours to spare, Channel 4 News went on a hunt to find them - and to see what would make up their mind.

article 25 August 2014 World, Guinea
by The deadly spread of Ebola - clickable map

The first Briton to get Ebola is flown into London for treatment, as the death toll rises to 1,427 people. Channel 4 News speaks to the man who discovered Ebola and charts the spread of the disease.

article 20 August 2014 World, United States
by Ferguson and the post-TV protest: 'The media abandoned us'

We have had social media revolutions. Now it's the turn of the so-called "post-TV" protest, with clashes in Ferguson being live-streamed by demonstrators - and racking up millions of views.

article 15 August 2014 World
by Watch out London: the geeks are coming

This year's Worldcon is the biggest ever, with 10,000 sci-fi fans coming to London. But with shows like Game of Thrones getting cult status (and investment to match) geeks are coming in from the cold.

article 09 August 2014 World, Sweden
by Spotify: how Tom Waits is like Disney & why it's the future

Not content with 10 million active users, Spotify has set its sights on being able to tell you what music you like. And the small matter of world domination, says the MD of Spotify Nordics.

article 05 August 2014 UK
Why did the RAF scramble jets for a bomb hoax?

An airline passenger is arrested at Manchester Airport after the pilot received information that a "device" may be on board - but why did the RAF scramble fighter jets to escort the plane?

article 29 July 2014 UK
by 'Perhaps no greater turn-off to the British female'

Long commutes, leaving parties early and being a turn-off to potential dates: young people reveal all about the highs and lows of being forced back to their family home.

article 29 July 2014 UK
by Nearly 2m living with their parents - despite having a job

Getting a job is hard enough. But one in four working 20 to 34-year-olds are forced to live with their parents because of rising costs. How does your area compare? Check out our clickable heatmap.

article 04 July 2014 World, Sri Lanka
by Tamil woman raped by Sri Lankan soldiers to be deported

Weeks after William Hague's summit on sexual violence in conflict, the British government is to deport a Tamil woman back to Sri Lanka, despite claims she was repeatedly raped by Sri Lankan soldiers.