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article 12 November 2014 World, India
by An op every four minutes: inside the sterilisation factories

The death toll rises to 13 after a mass sterilisation in India, including a women who had just given birth. But health experts tell Channel 4 News the real shock is that it doesn't happen more often.

article 11 November 2014 World, India
by Mass sterilisation kills 10 - but it's happened before

Ten are dead in India and dozens in hospital after a mass sterilisation. But in a country where people are paid to be sterilised, deaths from this sort of surgery are nothing new.

article 06 November 2014 UK
by The secret diary of an alcoholic

Adrian Kelly has been sober for nearly two years after battling an alcohol addiction that nearly killed him. Memories are hazy, but his drinking diaries reveal the extent of his illness at its worst.

article 20 October 2014 UK
by Do what your council says - or pay 100 fine

Public space botherers beware: from today, councils have new powers to crack down on anti-social behaviour - and police can enforce it with 100 fines. Here's how it works.

article 10 October 2014 UK
by What next for Scotland's Yes voters?

They became the symbol of the yes campaign's defeat, photographed in a deserted George Square the morning after the referendum. What happened next to Eva and Nina?

article 30 September 2014 UK
by Never mind your child: wi-fi can expose passwords, emails

An experiment revealed Londoners signed away their eldest child in the terms and conditions of free wi-fi. But there's more: here's what unprotected wi-fi can expose on you - and what to do about it.

article 29 September 2014 World, Kenya
by How did Dennis Kimetto smash the world marathon record?

It is the question everyone wants to know, after he sailed through a marathon in under two hours, three minutes. Channel 4 News speaks to the author of Running with the Kenyans about his secret.

article 29 September 2014 UK
by Turner Prize 2014 reveals 'fundamental shift' in art - video

Now it its 30th year, the annual Turner Prize exhibition opens on Tuesday and features a wealth of multi-media material from four shortlisted artists. Here's a sneak peek at what is on offer.

article 24 September 2014 UK, Scotland
by Rise of Nicola Sturgeon: from 'nippy sweetie' to SNP leader?

She was the public face of the Yes campaign and is now running for SNP leader - just as her party becomes the UK's third biggest. Meet the woman who used to be known as "scary".