The first total solar eclipse for two years is set to happen in Australia early on 14 November local time, but thanks to the large time difference will be taking place this evening UK time.

Live video feeds of the eclipse are being jointly provided by Nasa, the Astronomical Association of Queensland and Tourism Queensland from three locations - Mareeba, Port Douglas and Fitzroy Island.

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As the moon moves between the earth and sun, blocking out the sunlight, darkness will fall across the northern tips of Queensland and Northern Territory.

In these areas, there will be two minutes of totality, where the sun is completely obscured. The path of eclipse head will then head eastwards over the Pacific Ocean, not passing over any more land for the rest of its duration.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting that there is likely to be some cloud around at the time of the eclipse, but are hopeful that it will be broken, allowing it to be viewed by the thousands of people who have travelled to see it.